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Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

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Dallas Week - Monday Night Football


It's Dallas Week. No description just Dallas Sucks 

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Bella good evening and welcome to another episode of the Sanda boot first podcast, coming to you live from beautiful downtown will of Grove, the lovely crack belt production studios, on this rainy Thursday evening in the northeast region of the United States of America. To my left this is Jim Marcus. To My left we've got deek no to his left, Dj you to his left. Smitty, what's up to his left? Andrew so and his laft. We got the guests in the studio with it tonight. A Be Flan. What's going off? Lant cheers. You guys canceled be a couple of seasons ago. Then put me back. That's not we're bringing it back. You know, we need fresh faces, so we're going to see if this lifts a certain demographic for us. There you go. Id Shave today, so that's good. I like the rest of you mugs. And behind the glass we got nate keeping his live and are what's going on night? What's up, Bro all right, let's get into it. It is doubts week first, I can guess. You guys got to keep me on the ball with this. Yame sure in sure phillycom thanks to our Spencer, our sponsor, Matt Maloney. Wow, was that a MPM and slip the ESPM agency up to ten quotes and about ten minutes. I've got to record that new commercial. So we do, and thank you to Jason Foggin. POPs, fine whiskey, keeping US hydrated. All right, this pops having a mobile unit now available. He is. He's got it that online. Very cool. He's got a unit, he's got a painted I think he's going out on its maiden voyage too. I think it's a golf outing or something. Maybe he's going to take it to nice. Yeah, so we'll get him, we'll get J back in here, beautiful to chat with us and maybe I see why I got rid of you talking to the mic Bro slided. Well, if you don't, don't be a novice in here. I'm not beating that. Listen, listen. If you weren't so Ada compliant with all these Mitches in here and have a microphone, I wouldn't have these issues. It's horizontally challenge perfectly. Now we know how we're pretty good at first saw my God, and intellectually, apparently, if I just realize it's the first time I've met Smithy live. Oh yeah, I was wondering that in Personal Ya wondering did you not expect this guy all geared out as pain staate gear? Happy to see it. He's the leader of the Colt. He is. That's not that big a got the shoes to match. They are big win this week state they go in last weekend. Big Game this weekend. That's right, vill know, vill know, a huge game. That's tough one. FCS, FBS nat'll give us as his prop. Bet On that. Yeah, because there any way you can tease that up or down to make it matter the absolutely and win money. You can bet on everything. Let's Bet on deek finishing this bottle POPs tonight. That'll be easy. That's easy. That's yeah, thank you. Over all right, our boot are eagles. I don't want to say boys on this weekend. Can't say boys when the when we're going out to Dallas. But the Eagles had a rough game this past weekend. You know, we were in here the week before. Everybody say it was Atlanta. You don't know what it was. You can't take too much from it. Lane is not a good team, all right. We all said say Fran would be a test. In was a test. I think the coach failed the test for sure. That's who failed the test. Play calling was bad, hurts didn't have a great game. Defense played well, BG got injured, Brooks got injured. So there's a lot that happened in that game and we came out with a loss. But San Frand looks like they're going to be a decent team to know. There are Bassoppi know, SAM friend. I'm wondering why the hell ore dumb ass coach is trying to run the PHILLY special. We're geting goal at the crowd that I don't care. It's fourth and goal. First of all, you, you, Quz Watkins. Gets the ball down to the five or three yard line and the first thing you do is you roll out hurts and throw the arts. Why not run the ball two or three times before and then you do the Damn Philly special? And not even that. It was a A. There's a one man route. Yeah, it was only one option. It was one greatest words. Didn't look like a former quarterball. He didn't look like that was a week toss. Well, very weak. Sailed it through like a dart. Right and chance. We're watching quiz streaked down in the field and my dad says the Brodie this is what I tell you all the time. Quiz turns and books behind. Yeah, don't look behind, God be keep running straight. When I when he first called it, he was running at right at mean it, and thanks again. Shout out to gym for this. Seats, great seats. But he was running right at me and an angel where we were sitting right and I was and I thought for sure as a touch he was going and then he got caught. I'm like AH, dude, but yeah, turning around. That killed him. Watch who's chasing you down. Don't do it. Just look at the video board. Yeah, they show it. Yeah, it's amazing how that players do that when they run down the field at I'm still not used to that. It's like looking at the board watching yourself run. If you're doing it for forty five years, I mean when it no, it hasn't been that long for...

I also think they had people doing interpretive every plays back in his day because they didn't have they have the screens, they didn't run the ball. I remember. I remember the vet before Fan of vision touchdown, send up the smoke signal. If you didn't watch the play live. You didn't see the play. Well, that's still the case of Citizens Bank Park, to be honest with you. Yeah, yeah, they're very mud never know it's a start replay there are you know, they don't. It's very annoying, actually it's very it's awful that, because we were just there, that I don't remember seeing a whole lot of read. They don't show to read. They don't show the replay. That I don't know if that's the rights thing or whatever it is, mights very odd. Yeah, so I agree that it's a pronoun thing maybe that I thought we were staying away from that day. There are so many things that coach didn't like wrong on Sunday. I don't think they tried to establish a run game enough. I don't think they got the ball to God it enough. Well, that was the problem. They did it says, the wrong game and then they went away from it. Right, or that's what consistently you're yeah, it was instantly for they totally abandon than the game plan from week one, which worked for them so well. Right, and I guess Sirianni just was overthinking it, thinking, I was saying friends going to take away what we did in week one, but it wasn't really the case necessarily. And Yeah, the game plan for week one would have been just fine for week too, I think. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Well, you had a broken down secondary. There you have an old Josh Norman, you have a fifth round cornerback on the other side and you didn't throw it to your wide receivers in the second half. Right and what? Norman was getting flag left and right. You're remembering the beginning. So obviously couldn't stay with them. You Know Ball. Does that speak to the coachers? That speak to what the coach is hiding? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that's right. I think it's more of what he's hotting, because I didn't go where it came back. They didn't go across the middle of the field at all. No, that was that was we're down on the sideline or what. That's we were swort and then regular rider makes a night's catches. Dumb ass can't stay bounce. That was tough. That's a rule that should be changed. Now. He got he got little. He got bumped out. That's that. Rules should be chaving. He didn't get bumped out. Yes, he did. I don't know he could have kept himself and thank you. That was minimal connate. Maybe he was like a Lebron foul that he went out about. He brought it up. Not was. It was minimal contact, but it was at not going to make up for missing times in the corners. There the corners, are they? That's what they taught that the press put around. Yeah, and if you don't know exactly where you are in the field, which is what you should know, as why you should it's kind of a you don't I know. But if you don't know where you are, catch the ball and run fast. That's pretty much it, right. But he did all that was a foot literally. Yeah, it's play. It wasn't. It was if he could was closed. Such a stupid rule to a different game. Why is it a stupid roll? If you get back and bound your back and bounds, it's not basketball, okay, but if you pushed out it like it's such a do I don't think you like watch you got. You got fifty yards of with to work with. If you can't work with that, there's something. That's a dumb rule. I just feel like if you work your way back in bounds, it's fine. Does everybody agree? If that touchdown stands, it's probably totally different. It's a definitely totally they if they score on quite your Usen's and then if they score on that other drive, you up seventeen, nothing going in the half. And they they lost that game in the first quarter when they left so many points on the field because they didn't capitalize when they were into in position to score. He go for it them? Fourth down was just one time? Or do you go step fourth and all? Yeah, and but and and to and I to feel go elliot. We are talking. We were talking on the way up about abandoning the run. When? When? And they weren't that far behind right that late to abandon the run when they did. There was no reason to abandon the run. And when you have weapons like you do to run the ball in Aligne. Like. You have to run the ball. That should be that should definitely be in your arsenal and you should be using that frequently. Do they really have weapons, though, like, yeah, you're running backs gainwell is I don't know why he's my say, like them so far, smiles, saying Er's light, like you don't have a big bruising running lot. It's gonna. Well, it's lady showered. It certain how it's bust. He's there's even active. But that's the yeah, but that's hit. That's his role. Is the big buzzing back. Practic, okay, but lack parody. At running back. You've got a lot of the same guys. Right, yeah, yeah, and I don't think that helps either. Like, I think you need to change up there. Right, it's rust in this NFL, especially. Why is Boston Scott on the team? Then it no, it's not used at all because, yeah, gainwell is taking a use for two games a year against the giant's fine, but the hundred fourteen and the niners houred Fris well, and the niners are good up front. Like that's got a hard part. Yeah, it's. It was. It was a game that was there for the taking early on and they they, you know, to use a football phrase, they followed the ball. Oh Man, to say it, they fought in the room to say they took a shit. But yeah, this, this offensive line vers is more than a lot of the adults here. That is the offensive line is getting all this praise about how we're one of the best offensive lines. It, at least in the NFC, if not the league.

But yet you're down there and you don't run the ball like we. We keep getting back to it, we keep getting but that's I think that was a turning point of game series on it serial these explanation needs like, oh, we were too far to run a qb sneak that. Don't do a qb sneak. Yeah, that doesn't mean to get throw the ball. Hurts can get that all day. Like he can. He would get in the end zone. I guarantee you what it well, he hesitated on the one play. Looked he was gonna want to one where he's gonna be. Yeah, because it was a read, the one to throw the earth. Yeah, we could have scored the same. I would quiz. You know that. They're the only second team NFL history dnots have any points on that drive, on a one Thousan nine hundred and ninety one yard drive, any plus yard play. They're the only second team in Nflo Street. They got it was a rich coatight light eagles isn't the second one. And yeah, maybe you don't have a running back because they're all on a small side to bust it through the tackles or two guards but then use what you have to your advantage and go around the get the edge, string it out, let him pick all over. Run through that drive. You're down and inside the five. You would hope that your offenseve line, can get enough of a pool. Yeah, but if you're in Alve them, if in the back of your mind you're thinking I got smallish backs, I don't know if they can bust it through, but let's then, then then go get the edge, but let's use to speed and get the all what house we see it. They didn't even try. And Right, I didn't even try. Exactly. We don't exactly. That's what I'm saying. That isn't they gotta try off first down, run the ball, if you if second down, run the ball. Third Down, consider you're the one. It was to be sneak with her. It was such a frustrating game to watch from start to fresh. Sure, they go up three in the first drive. They dominant. Think it was just at the first tribe grew up. It look like Shit. They yeah, we get a going, he sayss he does stay and we were. We were passing the ball well and we just we couldn't say cold. They dominate the first half. The guy next to us was bringing it up at the game. He's he's like they got seventy seven total yards of offense, but they're up seventy three and a half time. Yeah, and the Eagles had I think it was one hundred and forty four two hundred at that time. Yep, it was like the those dominate the game the first but they were only they were down seventy three. But you take out a couple plays, that that ninety yard pass, whatever it was, you take out a couple plays and it's you know, they didn't do a whole lot. Hurts. Hurts was their leading rusher, right. was they ran the ball more than yeah, it was. He had ten for eighty two sanders at third round, thirteen one THOUSD threteen fo hundred and fifty five. Yeah, so they they ran the ball, even though they got away from it. He only threw the ball twenty three times. The only completed twelve passes. HMM, and one of those passes was nine. Was it nine? So he was under we have. He had ninety nine passing yards and if you take that, if you take that place, that's so your franchise, Smitty. Yeah, but where we're going to get to the hurtsometer and see where everybody is after this week. But yeah, he's, he's. It wasn't a good week for hurts. Wasn't a good week for him. Defend your boy. Don't let him talk to him like first listen, it wasn't. It was my agree. I called out to you on it to be the last of all its own seriality. Don't know. Then in a ball or two games got no turner. What? It's a precarious situation, right, like you brought in a rookie court, rookie coach with a not a high profile quarterback. Right. The last time we did it, we did it with Andy and you have all and we had wide received well, but we did it with Andy. We had Donovan. Right, Donovan was at. What was he six in the draft? A second he was. Yeah, he was suck at. Was He second? Yeah, I thought could pepper was the Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams called me. I thought it was Ricky Williams, colpepper, couple other guys, Ricky Williams, Pul pepperd and for mcnabb. Did he know? But think it was. Wasn't that couch? It was cow step down in then the Kiwi Smith, I think I forgot. I forget the I don't think any of those quarterbacks did anything other than Donovan. But that's that dom don't need to go down at pat had a half decent career. He did when he had Randy Moss. Yeah, yeah, and Chris Carter and Jake Long. But but my point is, though, it's a tough spot to have a rookie coach with a, I don't know, not a prime quarterback. We don't know what he is yet. If you had a rookie coach and a, you know, the number one pick or a top ten pick at the quarterback, I think you got. I like your odds a little bit. Here's a poke Jacksonville. It's well, you got urban Meyer already talking about you know, I want to count Nick Sabin every week. I mean that as s jobs probably looking pretty freaking good. It's just a frustrating you know, they look stay. They've run so many like even the option. They that was a nice play to get those ards. Yeah, run that then down the gold line, like do something. But they always say that a team that Serialio isn't confident in themselves and they use too many gadget plays. He's trying to so he doesn't have confidence in his players yet. That's why they're doing these gadget but they don't have it. They I mean they got a rookie bide receiver. Don't get me wrong, he's a heisman trop you want. Everybody's still rookie. They out Gregor who and do shit in it last year. And who's our third biders to right, I got too. We got two good tight ends, though, that they're not using. That's what's bothered. Going to these titans has security blanket for the young. Well, that's sort of they're...

...there your experienced players on offense and they should be well involved more than they are. I think part of the problem is Earth's is just lost a step. I agree. You just you just can tell. He just isn't more. He just doesn't what he used to be. Maybe, but, but, but for him he was all pro. So for a guy that loses his step, he could still be a serviceable, if tight end. He's looking Jimmy, Jimmy, granted, Jimmy Graham in Chicago got to be more than serviceable. No, but I'm saying like the dropoff shouldn't be that a big like like Brent SELLC loses a step. Brand celex done. Yeah, for you know, hurts. Hurts. losed breaking news when we got some breaking news top of a second ending knowles already given up five runs, five nothings, just the SEC good thing. Wow, lost right. I thought you're going to say Ben Simmons got traded. That's what I was hoping. You're sad that said that within a week. I'm sure we'll get to that later in the show. All right, well, that there's your phillies up there. We're getting them online here too. Now what's the what's the elimination number? Nine, I believe number for the braveses. Nine. Right, so the phillies elimination numbers. Twelve left. There ten now, because there's only now. We have this homestand so then they're on the road against the brain. No, it needs know. It's been awful. Yeah, we have ten. Four against Pittsburgh, three, gets at landed, three against Miami. No, no, that's been terrible. They paid him as an ace and it's I don't know, I fired. Well, it's weird that you you bring in another you bring in wheeler, who's been fantastic, right. You think that would make him step up his game, if anything? And he's just yeah, I think, yeah, it's not's all mental with him to it's it is nothing really. Everybody in Philly seems to be all these guys from it, from New Orleans area. I mean no, thanks, man. Whatever's in the water down? Listen, I don't like Marty Gorod, like the baby in the cake. F them all. We don't need it. We got the mummers like, Whoa, that's right, you do, mom, don't you damn right, I do. One thousand nine hundred and eighty six baby for eld over we went. We were born in that time. About you, guys a little younger than us? What do you do for the mummers? Are you? You're a comic or COP? Yes, comic. So what does that entail like? Did you actually we do parodies of current pop culture, pop culture or current events? What did you guys? I was canceled leicster year. What did you guys do the year before? Who Drank? WHO's current events? WHO's all? First, we did the that's current. You Forbidden. You did. I've been having Costello. Oh Wow, I gotta Google that. That's current. DD that, Andrew. That connects with you, doesn't it? Wow, you got to come in here a full mommed up or have a mummers addition a boo. You know what, I know what, nate, you're on. I will do I will do that. That was a uniform. You're gonna wear your tight. I have some things left it. You know, that's a lot of costumes from one thousand nine hundred and eighty six I've gotten rid of but you use them every weekend. Don't yet dress in. Halloween's every weekend for him. I'll probably in that alone. I've never understood the cross dressing plumbers and roofers in this town. It's just a weird thing. I actually still have my costume from from two thousand and twenty, which was I played. I forget if I played Abertar Costello, but I have that costume. Still use a girl. And what do you guys? You guys just didn't you just it was it. We were city strut right, we weren't speaking. We had it on tape. Can you get up? And we just we we were animated. We should have him get up into it real quick for us can do to comber straight. But here I can't. We don't have to do that. Or if we get everything ready for Halloween. Person Hey, if there is a parade this year, I will definitely come in my costumes. Make Wall okay, I like to make sure you were luck with that, and I'll even come and face show your faceband. So yeah, I like it. Does make sure we have ubers. He did say what type of parade. I'll start scheduling a pro you did. You know what? I think you're referring to a championship parade. You're referring to a mummer's parade. There should be a mummer's parade this year. There should be. Yeah, I mean we've gotten to a point that college football is now open and we haven't seen a covid spread. I'm not going to get too far into this, but if they can do that, MMM, the city of philosophy, Yah, be rab to run your VACs card in your and yeah, Ted, I'll probably be a right it. And I have one club. You have to be double mass. I have one. All right, we get back to football. Were still sure we want to get back to football? I could keep we were talk. While I wanted to make the point. You guys were talking about arts and Goddard, but I think we were talking about it before the show. If you look at some of the plots of hurts where he's throwing the ball, he's got no interest in throwing in the middle of the field. Yepe, I don't know anything arms. That's that. It's arm strength, right. Is that arm strength? Is that visions? That site? Is that? He's only comfortable rolling out, so he's throwing to the sides. I don't know if the arm strength is a an issue. I still I'll still stay on the side of maybe...

...his accuracy isn't as tight as you'd like it to be, but it's weird. You see these plots and rate, there's nothing between the Hash marks. There's a little bit maybe on the side, but that's where you expect arts and got it to be working. Yep Or ranker if he's on the slot, but they're not doing it. We guys having a show here. We just didn't want to hog all this face has are you know? I was catching up on the comments. I'm sorry, wait, what are you talking about? What did I miss? I think we were giving you the opportunity to shine in so I thought I have a theory I think I'm trying to let the guest get his I don't want to hog it all. Yes, I think they're trying to get got her a little bit on the cheaper. So don't show Keisk routing the ball. And you think you're buying into that theory. Yeah, why don't give them to give them any targets. Say, don't get him tall, he has no production. I don't think that's the case. Stupid share with hurts that you just paid keith sweat. You just paid key jobs. But when did? When did we get Kitty? I thought be sure to kick next week get so. You said that seriously. Old Purpose to know, I didn't. You just blew our guest. Guest. Next week forty, you brings back in with a Keith Sweat Yate. Let's go after the break. I hope so. Yeah, I don't know. It's possible. I don't. I don't think it's from Howie. No, they've got plenty of caps. They got plenty of cap space and he's not going to getly. He's not going to get that much money. It's just I just don't think the quarter plan. I don't know. I mean because the big thing hurt set in the beginning the years. I'll I have these two veteran tight ends like it's safety plank. He's not used them as see. Not Find it again. They opened up with Quiz Wat can. It's like the one guy you like, you don't. Well, because defenses aren't expecting them to. I guess. Yes, well, let's see what he does against the cowboys, because you've got a different team. Parsons having to play Defensive End. You don't have him Roman. That's a linebacker ourselves. The secondary looks pretty good. They did so really well last weekends and chargers they did to the one out seventeen points of that or offense. It's the one side. The one guy you can trave on digs. No, not digs. Yeah, the other dude, you can pick on him all day long. Yeah, if you're good, how Ford Smith, if you're good, if your quarterbacks good, making leave in some pops. All right, so we may. I thought we said someth new offendom no, no, but I'm sort so I gotta. Now he lives with me. It takes a lot more of us. Weren't giving good geanes of heights. We got it. Oh listen, I'm pissed about that. I'm actually short for my family, so I got ripped off. You know what, blow down your six Moors, bro Root, six, six, so you don't know. Only six more. He could have been the Cherokee parks. He could have been the next Cherokee parks. I'm played. If one basketball, sure keep. You just had to settle for d three, right, that's right, that's right. One year, one year, a lowly dthree. That's all I got given Calvin booth right next to each other. Look good on that the Penn State Twin Towers. Would it lookten? Listen, Calma booth was a good basketball player, like people. People dog on. He made them. He played it like ten years in the lay exactly. Made a lot of money. Come on, I'm you dogging. No, we went at women temple when temple was ranked and crisp. We were at the Crispin. He wasn't with Crisp and he was with the Earth. He was with the younger, all right, the older he was out girl. He was with Danny Earl, but one of the Christians was on that team too. Yeah, he was young, he wasn't playing as much, but yeah, he was temple one. When temple with double rank. We got it while and we beat you guys. Yeah, you he saw your Kempele tag on your car. Yeah, you threw temple out there. Enough. That was and seeing. I know what are the one of the greatest. What immediately supports, sorry, sports experiences is rushing court or rushing the field. That's true. When we rush it once, we rush the courts, when we beat temple. Yeah, when Penn State Be Temple, we rush the court. Yep, and I remember Cawda was just in the middle. Yeah, that is it's actually like may my buddies. We're all looking at each other and getting the Gamer, like we go, we got we're gonna. Yeah, let's go. That is go. I did that at Temple. But does that the Walls Fargo Center? Well, when they who? They beat? The beat Kansas. Harry Elise was in his twelve year there. So it's a case this wind noo. It's good for temples. was like six, I think, and temple wasn't ranked. It's pretty cool. Nice. It was roll S Farger centers. I was like yeah, yeah, but back with Temple and St Jos had basketball programs. Yeah, yeah, I heard you. Oh, that's right. He's a Nova Fan, isn't he? Who He likes? The non Friday schools and non Fou. You are an over guy, like nos philly school, non philly school. I've always liked no, it's just a ludicrous argument. The Philadelphia Union are and a Philadelphia team either. Right, they're not. They're not even a team.

Or really considering I don't want soccer. EA, nobody watch soccer in this town. But he's getting a fed the sorry, swetty, sorry, sorry, you mess it up. His guest for had next week. So that yes, the FIFA thing. Yeah, yeah, coming in. What does that mean? We're going to get soccer here? Yeah, they're trying to get the FIFA two thousand and twenty six World Cup in Philly. So a bunch of pills, bunch of people are coming off here that we get a whole boy city which probably will have tenzero people from Philly that will actually go to again, exactly. I wouldn't go to a game. I I'd rather go to a tailor swift concert. Oh God, who I think? I'm with you? Yeah, I'm well, swiftly. Yeah, tell or swift there were a soccer yeah, I think so, daughters, that tell us bangs orders. So like that's cheating. But I'm not saying teller has bangers either. I'm just saying I don't really like soccer that much. I don't think it's that. I don't think it's I'm gonna delete my ipod playlist now. But you we gotta getting shot. You go to soccer game overing. I would choose over tell. So now I've heard that. I did hear that the tailgates at the Union or front do you have to watch the game? You, that's who DJ. If you shave, you can pat, you can put your ellen hair out and you know there's a good lesbian contingent at the tailor swift contract, then you can did you can switch the it's quitch gears on them and try to convert them back. That'll be awesome. Shi Shim, I'm back, back, all right, let's do the let's do the hurts, the hurts armor to the hurt to meeter. Let's see what your confidence is. Well, we already known this week. We already known nates where he's gonna Change needs a trash. I took off to right knee. I took off two of the way. You can because apparently last week was too difficult. A La. Wait, what? Yeah, wasn't that hard. It wasn't already had a tough time, because by get, if they get blown out and they lose another game, you will be seeing people call them for FLACCO or minishing minute three weeks in. For sure. No, you're not sure, NA. Do they call for flock O or they call for minshew men? I would think min should reported. Or they order. They call for Deshaul, Watson, don't call for something and the quarterback, I think I heard sever order. They call for you know who and she go. He didn't come back on the end. Do we have a jar for that, for Nick falls or when you know that it's whence a good sements had to we add the folds and because, because Simmons and Wentz are bad folds, is a good swear jar? Yeah, why would you? Why would you upset with false that's like a distance. Tired of the bring folds. I'm tired of a quarterback. To want is super bowl. I don't we only have one many get shit. You really want falls back here now? I'm not saying I want them back, but I'm not what that's what I'm saying that's actually, you know what, actually a rookie quarter with a rookie coach and you got some weapons and you've got a decent line. Actually, yes, I would want it back because I don't believe. I don't believe it hurts. I'll just say it like I'm all. I'm off the hurt. It took me one game and one game to be off. Did he impress you that much in Atlanta or is the Landa just that inapt? Atlanta is really bad. Um, yeah, YEP, not. I said. He caught my eye after lanigy could eat d did to my stay good please. But he did something. He showed some ball placement that I didn't think you had. Yeah, and I'd looked and he left a lot of plays out there. Yep, I don't think they're. Paul. It hurts. I think hurts has this whole season because him and Syrianni are learning together. Come the end of the season, if they're two and fifteen. Yeah, there's all their drafting a Quarterbas I was good. Yeah, listen, I had that every quick I think hurts is what how he drafted him to be, and that's a backup quarterback. I'S A leader. Dressed it back. I'm gonna say sweeky. She told you why he was drafted. So yeah, he's he's a weight room freak, he's a leader, he's a guy that's going to be good. The community smokes. Blazing Smart Guy. It's just the talents not there. I just I don't see. Listen, we're gonna have a really good draft picked probably too. It's three happy drapp no, but to to his her don dude, your this is your boy, and now you're going into the draft. Six. Indianapolis sucks too. Don't give up talking about I'm not I'm saying you're gonna have a NAT, but you're saying if hurts his bead, no, I'm trading them for hots. Oh my God, already to the trade. Yeah, right, but I'm not getting rid of hurts. Might just do the herd to tell you how. You can't do it now, because now the text and see what hurts is. There was some intry before. I mean I did here and I read it. Baby Dallas, we're going to be all over hurt now. Sure we was gonna be like that's four touchdowns, and then they'll be like, oh, he's still sucks, and then all be like he's great. Listen, there was a Mentu, there were some intrigue and hurts. That's why he didn't play in the preseason. I'm convinced of him, because he was trade bait and they didn't want Oh yeah, I think so. And now that you know, I don't know if it was the exposure as much as it was injury. Ok, but I think you both. Let's not give up on them yet. All right, it's... guy and I buddies. I agree with Jim. They they're going to give him the year. Yeah, they're not going to. They're not going to bail on and they're not going to show wins Overkin Joe ASS FLACCO SMOKING Joe. Yeah, and it elite. I think. I think they could, maybe not not not win another game, but they could come close to not winning another game and they're going to stay with them TEC's they're gonna be. Just see what they got gonna be. They have to see what they have DEC if you, if they lose on Monday night, they're gone. Tuesday morning at thirty, you're going to be on cheap Chinese JERSEYSCOM looking for a guard. New minshoe Eagles are so all thirty yes, no, thirty a in the morning. Yeah, how bad they lose? I don't think they lose. They ain't lose them Monday if they live. If they lose, and it's because he throws like three picks. All Right, that Dad, he's gonna get blasted. Don't you put it in put. But see, that's kind of the issue I have. Like, yeah, he missed some throws on Sunday, but he's still not turning the ball over and he hasn't put the balls. Not that he missed throws, he left a lot of plays out there, yeah, but there were other options that he just didn't but again, that's that speaks to second that speaks the backup court and at all guy that's not going to make mistakes, but he's not going to win games. Developing too fast for he. Also, it also speaks to the fact that, like, like you said, do we really have that much talent as wide receivers, like what hope? So? I think so. Look a quick they got. They they are on the outside. The problem ising Gregor's quick. He can't keep his damn feeding bounds. Will you stop it with that? Well, the problem is they got these young guys like you're done. Since he's been here is a first round pick. Tell him a couple touchdowns. He got up tea and nothing up until this year. But at least give them a shot. This shit, you name, is hurt last year. Those arets. I mean, I gotta. He's not. He's not white. He's not white. He's not first round talent record on the state. Yeah, then, why do you get picked? Because it was Hollie picking them. You got, but give the dude a shot. I'll give it shosh. Wait, you can't have it both ways. Now he was picking them, but you gotta give him a shot. Well, you gotta give them a shot. Hers. We are we have no choice, but they are come a shot and we got to give hurt the shot. Give hurts a shot. That's who we're talking about. Giving it a shot. We're not giving auds. I'm not giving Howe any more shot here, up on here, how's how is. I'm out on Howey. No matter what, if they if he throws four touchdowns right and they win our group chat or whatever. Group chat. Now you can say text right, text dract, group Chat, DJ's book. Oh, I think I'm starting to believe a little bit Goddamn right. Hey, hey, nate, if they if he throws four touchdowns, I'M gonna put a hot tub in the freaking waiting room out there. Don't touchdown. That is all the video and audio got it on. We can eat our mom and is in the hot actually, nate will do the poker table. There you yeah, I'll take the poker table. I don't know if I want to sit in the hot tell with U scumbags. Yeah, I was going to set up. I'll wear my mask. I swear pants. It's all I'm worried about. I have my fax car. I nowhere pants. Well, Dick does have his zoobos bathing suit that he's got to bring that out through. Yeah, Kelly Green, and in the one where your care uniform in the hot your Eagles Banana, hammock. I won't go to fings banana. have it. Hey, Jim, I got some break music if you need it. Yes, we do. You say we need a break, I like to do the the hurts one will do the hurtsometer. Dem will take a break. All right. So it's he stinks. He's got my attention. He's good. He's a franchise quarterback where he's elite. I know we're not going to that end of the scale, but I didn't you want to go first night just to get it off. said that again. He stinks. He's got my attention. He's good. He's a franchise quarterback. He's elite, I figure. But I want to give you the opportunity where you act flying. He's got my attention because I don't have a choice in the matter, but you do. I'm leaning towards he stinks like if it's a pedometer, it's going this way. That thinks the dial. Yep, where you at? Andrew's got my attention. He still has my attention. I still think he's good. You dropped from last week. You know on Huh. He needs to he needs to win me back. I'll go. He still has my attention, but it's leaning towards the bad end, dude, after one game. I know, I know you letter last week. I said he's got my attention, but I'm leaning towards. What was the next one up? He's the next one up is good. Good, leaning towards good. It's fallen back to just he's got my attention. All right, the man's got your attention. As I I had he's got my attention. Last week I did. I knocked out the woman between. He stinks and got my attention with was men. Maybe men would have been good for this week, but he still got my attention. Right, I'm still gonna pay like I'm not. I'm not out. Nobody should. This is gonna be every week's going to be a test for this team. Is it could be another big test going out the Dallas. Let's see how they play. He said.

He said all the right things. This week they taught us about the rivalry. We know this is the one of the biggest games of the season and and, like you, says flying. He gets it. there. He's in the locker room, first guy in. They don't question the leader. The only deposed question his head. Yep, daily deposits a Bay stop it. He said Ranch Stew, which right, is not. Randy's not do every day. It's do on the first of the last of the month. If you're staying at the hub motel, you got to pay hourly. So you don't know that. The hell's a hub motel? The Hub Motel Down Roosebelt Boulevard, the Bens Motelje Big One. Dj's pay an hourly. Tell did it just spit out your drink? No, DJ's an hourly. It hotell him all would have been hourly Moote. You know, the room with the fridge in the Jacqusi cast a little sure, but they'll take four hour. Yeah, so does the PENICILLANA afterwards. Oh, this is great. Hi, do we do? We want to be got to bring a break? Yeah, we got a break. You take a break on that. All right, we'll take our pedicilla shot. We'll take your protest. Those two take a quick break. We'll be back. Thanks for hanging out with his other sand the boot. First podcast. All Right, beer. You don't needs cast repeats for anybody listening on the FT. So a little bit of keep sweat, a little bit of keep sweat and the backs keeps ears. By the way, did you guys do in Truth Philly this one? Yeah, did you guys do insure Philly? Now go into the sweet sound from the commercial. I don't keep sweat for young we're gonna get Michael Wade insures. They're coming to just gave you one. You want a house in Javison. We do need another one for response, Michael, I think we're still a live dude, you still live? Yeah, we're still but we'll bring it we'll bring it down a little, but thank you for joining the sweet sounds of sentiple. First, keep swell in a radio. You got that. Let me talky spoon. Are you guys? Are Back Alive? We are backlive to Sanda boot first podcast. Thanks again, through our sponsor in sure phillycom up to ten quotes and about ten minutes. Give our Guy Matt Maloney a call and he will hook you up. We got you covered. And thanks to POPs McCain's I got to cut out the Irish becau's got more, just the Irish pop Ricans, fine whiskies keeping US hydrated, powered by POPs. All right. So Dallas Week this week, boys, also. Now sucks. It's not at the alae week's Dal ass out as week. All Right, where do you get that one? He came say the thing like the tornadoes, the tornado als. Right, it's inspiration coming from the whiskey tornado alley. Ne Dame please, was comed. So, by the way, that's right. Yes, I could know that. Awful quarterbacks. Going ahead, it go ahead, Jim. Sorry, you Notre Dame at Ed weds at websters on here and he did say let's talk about Irish weekend. Ed We talked a little bit about Irish week when before we came in here. You don't need your vague card, did you? was worried they were going to be looking for a vaxed card and and my friends right. And I told him there's not a single bar and while what they cares about any type of vact card, or ID for that matter? One Irish weekend BROODY'S gonna go down there and drinking at the keenans. I'll see mckeana. Yeah, you know, I've only been Irish weekend once, so I've never put been a while. I've never been a wildwood guy, but we went to Donna who's house many okay, it was. I never went back, so that good. Back in the day you never went back where you were asked not to come back. Maybe it's probably a little bit of bout. I know it's this. I don't want it to come off snooty because I'm from rocksborough, but I'll wood was just never my now I'm with one of my here thing. Maybe I was north the's wally and I don't write why. Why Wood or north wild or a crest or. The whole fresh used to be money back in it. That I don't go. Don't go south here. I don't go south the stone harbor. You guys, you guys, you know he's one of these. You guys know what the A it's a prep. Guys. You that he goes and drinks at the Princeton. You guys know what the am, my white AB, stands for. Right the what the AAB? You know what that stays for. Right, AV Al Bridna. Of course he's calling in the guard the cause. I might give him a call to mar it's been a while. I'm him because on fanfest he's a nice guy. These are right, I'm sure. I'm sure at that Judas. Junas was really cool. I'm sure at that sausage.

But it's got to be hard because everybody's probably grabbing as all. Yeah, they're all there. I can understand why he was kind of just yeah, given it, but Judas was Judas was really cool. Okay, that was James. To me, Jamie, Jamie was cool to Jamie wants to come on. He's been on with this before. I was talking about it and he said he remembered us well and studio were on the own phone. Phone call is really a corner. Yeah, he's all. He lives in Ambler. Yeah, he's not down on the city anyone. He's a cool dude though. He's he remembered us. I told them. I was like, yeah, we'll reach out to you. He said the brow out the line. That's the broad. Cool. Soo, it the BRO. HMM, it's his name. It's just nickname. The Bro. You didn't know that. Who? Jie Lynch, the Bro? I thought it was just I just always heard him called as Jamie. Is that the call? One Gargano, he's the BRO. We're trying to get kinkaid on. will say kinkaid is really cool. We should be talking about our show. We're talking about a state. What are we doing? We got it. I don't know. Schmidy knows the story behind the kinkaide show. We could. We can feel him in on that after off off the air. So when kincaide was coming back to Philly, somebody's right. Somebody. Somebody play with his wikipedia page. He certainly was. Was Right. We ever tell the story on the podcast? I don't think we did. So John kincaid coming back out here. He was originally a Philly guy went down to Atlanta for however many years, come back up here and like it was g I don't know if it was known yet, like it was all rumors that he was coming back, and then it starts coming out and flag GOOS in. Wow Low. Allegedly it was flat. We we're not going to put it on him. It's somebody changes the wikipedia page to say that he's coming up here and Julian in teens with deeck Martin and the Sanda Bood. First crew it yes, and then they kept correcting it and I kept correct we all we were it was in a while. I wondered that was efforted by me. That was three or four times that I kept putting it back, but it was getting noticed that. Yeah, we were getting questions from people, like we're getting like side of the text, like I can probably like who the freeze seek more. What the Hell is that? He remembered you. Oh yeah, that was funny. He is a horribleoy. He's a don't go guy. Yeah, Brumaal. All Right, Dallas, back to Dallas. SAW HIS DELKO Phillydiqus. I just took it. Here we go. It's an extension of southwest. Philis well, we guess it. Not, guess what county. Villanova's in there, my man, don't where. Let County. Let me clarify. Eastern part of Delaware, county design. Thanks. I thought you believes. Not a city school. It's not right. He's on an island in the yeah, he's all. He's all. I'm on the correct island. Here's a question for you. Here's a question I flame graduates with their called go as somebody from Villa Nova, if they consider themselves a Philadelphia. No, they'll tell you and they'll tell you. No, I'm not mainline. I'm from Phil I'm from Villa Nova and I'm a mainliner from us. I kind of disagree. I never I don't. I don't. Depends on who you're talking in to and it pends on contey. All wear their powers up, so you'll know. Damn no, but they all all pop their collars. Oh my God, pop collars have not been reading. It's not been a thing for like so long. So it says the guy with the trendy beard tread pens. They jump suit on. It's there's a tail attached to her short through this. Yeah, yeah, do this for me sitting so Dallas. So that that was a fun with so Dallas. It no shot. I don't hear here here no shot. I don't know that. You got other people saying I'm that it's no shot, but I think it's people are giving them a little too the eagles a little too much hope. I think too much hopen. Yeah, I just think on paper Dallas is far more the superior team. Till deck is far more you look at their offense. Is for matters to come on and in the day. Their offense is very look at their quarterback. They've a forty million dollar quarterback. It's really good, and we have a quarterback earnning a staples manager. Shout, I meant you. Whose defense is better? Get the cowboys defense is better. No, no, they're not. Cowboys defense is not better, and they're not. That's the one thing that we got on the look what they did against the chargers. We have pulse, ventor and studio. Look at it. I agree. I think this side of the table. I think eagles are better on de okay, but it's slight. It's not. No, it's it's it's correctly. Eagles are better running back to no, do there have Zeke and Poper, the Tan. I don't like Ezekiel Elliott, but you can't tell me he's better than miles and know that I would came to them all. That's who. Who's our tyler now, polers,...

...who would you go? I think I know him. I don't know. I'd go a miles. Right now, looks like he's lost the stepics. Don't. Have you watched? I'm not not as with zeke anymore. Okay, I got the numbers. If we want to go through this, the run off, you wanted your receiving corps. I take CD. Yeah, yeah, CD, Amory Cooper already are better than current one. I heard severs. I would. I would go CD and dvant C CD would be better than anyone of us. Cooper and be out Monday with that. Change your mind? He's got a ribbon jury. Well, of course, like yeah, changed my mind, but I don't think he's gonna be out. But you got a quarterback. You can't hit our guys of rope and anyways, what difference? We're gonna be tall. And what about? What about line? If Zack Martin's healthy, that's true. I mean Jack Martinon's the best football player on that team. He'll probably get covid again. He just had it. That's all right, he can't get another three months or whatever. What, who knows? The changes that every week to and early comment on our show from John Leeb had the eagles winning thirty four to ten and he said lock it. Oh my God, John Johnson, notorious cowboys hater. Not that any of us in this room love the cowboys. He's got it Wus drug role. She's as you pick the wrong choice of words. It's there's no such thing as that notorious cowboys hater. There's listen, there's able, and now boys hater, and I'm just saying, Let our evaluate. No, a little boy lover, right, it's a notorious cowboy haters. Well, Dj doesn't hate the cowboys that much, it seems like. Dude, I hate if he lives at my house. He does. Well, Yourso advocate coming home with a Boston Celtic. Yeah, to us at the time and correct and you and he got. He got t shirt he got here, dude, I popped it in front of that was from my parents. Don't even try that Shit. Dude, Kennedy's t shirt, after what Chris Chellio's did to Brian Pot propped one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. You're wearing a cell the MONTREALITY. Wear it. Gives a shit. They brought me back a t shirt from Dutch wonderland. I don't wear that. That's your watch cloth. I can't get your parents got it. I can't get on you still you shouldn't bear it's a t shirt. You don't get sentimental. Listen, if they brought you back something nice for my well bed, probably a back in the Nice Montreal Canadians, they said, take selfies and puts it in our group chat. But where to shirt? Just a PISS. He's all off. Go havebs, just a rattle. Your cage is tones on, tones on, tone his own right. All right. Well, we'll pause. We'll get our guy tone on to get some some gambling Intel for this week. Some and and I know some of us are degenerates, yesterday, and I know nates eight years are going to perk up some specifically, I'm responsible. I like to vote the gable responsibly. All right, we got tone. What's yeah, he's coming on. We go through what we did last week, get some picture for this week. These are tone. What's a tone? What's going on there? He is tongue, there's that smiling face. What's going on? Tone? We're doing all right, we're tone. Did you where? You're listening to the keep sweating pause? Yeah, yeah, I like it too. Yeah, we saw fit fits the show. We signed Keith sweat to a multi year expense the show. Yeah, we've been all over the place tonight, like like every other night, but we're going to focus here tone, because this is the money making portion of the show. Right. So we're focus in here, right. Last week we went to for two. Yeah, put a couple were really close. And this is this is DJ. This is why they put that half on there. I know that Hook on there to get killed me the last couple weeks. Well, the first week of college football killing me and last week picking against pens. All right, good luck paying off their student loans, kid. What's a couple hundred more in the let in the death? Yeah, why not? All right, so last Yep, yeah, Yep, that's why they call it gambly. Damn.

Yeah, Jones seems to really have his eye on him. Like you said, like Kenny Gala, day has been nothing in apparelling. He's got some some he's hurt. Yeah, some random ribb injury or something. He's not playing this week. The rookie that they drafted that day claim to be better than Davante Smith, Kadarius Tony. Has He even I don't even know if he's gotten on the field for even any targets. And then Evianingram, we know he got hurt. So it's it's either stirling or it's Darius. Somebody bust ass. So I gotta Chuck out a these just abies back in studios. So it's just cause them, because of a Ruckus a food about say. I heard a snicker in like somebody busted ass and y'all breathe it in, huffing and puff and sorry, we'd be open it that we were throwing anger out at a studio. That happened, all right, when you got for your third pick here tone, I like the other two plays you got. I'm standing away from that one. there. You staying away from Dallas and Eagles. Yeah, that's that's also true. Yeah, that's I was. That's what I was going to say. I was going to go towards the cowboys offense just because the Eagles Secondary. I just feel like down there always just seems to get burnt. I don't know, it's just a weird thing. I just feel like it's just cowboys. Yeah, that's I took that. I took that last week. Yeah, HMM. Did the game start yet tonight? Now we're five minutes away. I really like the McCaffrey combination. Tod's start it. It Start Eight hundred and twenty yet I like I like to see MC Combo receiving an and rushing yards for a bought over one. Think I got over one hundred and thirty one. I think that would be all right. We are one with that. That's a go. That's the goinge. That helped my fantasy. I like that. Yeah, he had a big week last week. Then the yeah, because Robbie Anderson's just been like absent. Yes, it's the first. He's there. Darnel looks like you play to yeah, I don't know. He's there. I mean you got to think about it. It's a lot of passes. Yeah, yeah, weak one. HMM. Yeah, and he had three or four cats. See Mc though, you when you can drop. Yeah, it's like he's just the's are whole alls. Yeah, he's a hog Ma. Anybody think that the panther to start the season. Three No, not with Sam Donald. Matt rules. Matt rules a legit coach. Yeah, yet coach. Yeah, Matt Rules are great coach. Yes, he is. Their schedule hasn't been that bad either so far. Now, haven't they been home for the first two games? It's not. There's not much of any. There's not much that's that's in away team stadium. that. It's not much of it. Yeah, but I mean being then were two weeks straight. Yes, helps, I guess. Yeah, and now they're in Houston when? Yeah, maybe it's a little challenging. I don't know. Yeah, rookie quarterback playing tonight. Don't win that game easy. Davis,...

Davis, David as knows anything. Anyone know anything about him? He's got nice hair, Nice than yours. All. That's hard to do. SET The bar high. I told you want to give us a prediction for the EAGELS. Cowboys, are you ready to do that? You can go out on the line. I think there's many in the room that agree with you there, unfortunately. Yes, yeah, the defense has a limit. The big pleas. What's what's the receptions for demntee meth yards? And you know what that better. Is they out? Yeah, I don't think there are. there. Yeah, still too. I think they usually do that two days, two days before is or the day before. Yeah, yeah, right, it's still minus for yeah, that yeah, it's taken up. I think it should. I would think it should go up to a touchdown by kickoff. Now, what's up? You don't think so? No, not. That's a lot of money. That was hasn't like there one in one. They didn't convincingly beat loss the the chargers, like chargers, are good team. Dude. They want because the cash checker, you can say the effort were on a podcast, Bro. So he's in the educator Dj. I know that's got. Hi, tone, thanks for giving us some time. We got to get you in here in studio drinking a little whiskey and a little bourbon. What it' said? I I might have told these guys that you make some home made lemon cello that is to die for. So I'm just putting that out there that we'll get you in here to write. That's your entry fee. Okay, nice, we'll get you in here. You're go hang out with it for the night and see the shenanigans. All Right, thanks, tone, good luck this weekend. See Its O. Yep, all right. So back to our that'll be riveting. Eagles. Cowboys, no, I like. I like a Gambler in the house. It's good. Do you ever gamble? I do. Do you give Ale? But yeah, you dabble, I dabble. I don't put as much chatter on the usual. You know, were parlor. Most I've ever ever was fifty bucks. Yeah, did you win? Yeah, it was a spread the love from the given, given ones little stock to your little pink stock. there. You Know Jim knows when talking about yeah, so back to our even get together, cowboys, I try to be professional. I'm like like you guys. I try. I used to not drink on this show, but thanks, broke, happy here press. Oh wait, I'm sorry, when you were twenty. Yeah, keep it up and nate's going to drop the morals claws on all of us. Look, yeah, all right with degenerate Bro I. I'm just quiet with it. Those are the ones who got to worry about. It's a quiet one. Always the quiet ones. You gotta Watch winning, though, but I'm yeah, I typically window. I mean some of them boys in there made some mine. Jim's Mason money. I've guessed it. Well, I like to see people with real money. You know, you meage. You guys mentioned that Spencer Guy who crosses off his stuff and post it on. You know, we see a lot of that crap. I actually want to see if people are saying they make it money. I want to see you want to see the actual yeah, I want to see the proof. Yeah, because I think a lot of people, there's a lot of posers in that world. What are you what are you talking about with the numbers over? I don't know what you mean. Can you explain a little bit more? The numbers over? No, you're talking about the Spencer Guy. You're saying he does well. You know, he claims to win these big tickets, but where the money shows what he has in his account or what the wind was, or if there's an actual bet, it gets crossed out and he puts it over. You guys follow. It's interesting for money. That's what we gotta follow. They you gotta follow. Seems to be doing pretty good with his bets, allegedly, smithie Stern. You just you want to follow the guys with the transparency and it's easy to write over something and I'll tell you. I drop five dollar bets. That's all? You Right? Well, that's all. You're right now. Better where, don't you? Yeah, that's me, the eighteen leg parley. Let's go. We were good with the MBA for a little bit. We are. We on a h street this that I am. I am taking a lesson from from my Stagel olders, and I'm older than both mate and tone, I know that. But I'm going to start stepping away from the parlays. I'll do the ones. That's users. I'll do the free ones that they offer. You know that where they're guaranteed, but straight bets for me. All these are straight cash home me, straight cash, straight cash. Now do you delve into like the over under and you know the receiver on that Issoda? What it like? Yeah, that's what tones talk about. I like to do the props, do... okay? Yeah, I'll do the those are tough, though, because I mean props are brutal. Yeah, I can. I feel like white prop. See, I feel like I'm better just from watching the league and watching the players and playing in fantasy. I feel I'm better equipped to say. I think that, you know, McCaffrey's going to have easy eighty rushing yards and fifty receiving yards tonight. That's why gets a Houston's defense. So if his plus receiving and rushing is one hundred and thirty, I'm taking it. It's easy and I think it was only like one hundred and fifteen, which Vegas thinks the same thing, right. So it's not easy money, but I'm more confident laying in on that. Then you know, is it a close game? Are they going to win by eight? That's what I'm the I'm the jokes there. That goes after the spreads of the money line. Yeah, now I'll go money line. I'll take money line, the spreads. I'm not good with spreads. I don't know why, but I usually take the dog for the spread. I don't know why they rise to do that. Now you do realize all these companies, their stock prices have gone up? Oh yeah, I tremendously, because of idiots like us to think we hey, you've got absolutely caesars took a great jump after JB' sweeve came on with it. Buck sold it after forty I'm still sitting on that fucking any good for you. I'm happy for you. I'm just mad at myself. All right, but again I'm not playing a big, big ticket. I got a little share here and there. Yeah, we don't have father. Artist jumped on the chat. We don't have father. saw that. What's Damn? Joe Tucci just says now six, five. Yeah, phillies are it was six. Not to come back. Don't worry. The Bull Pedal blowd hi. Let's let's do what we're do our e like. I wanted to get more into Eagles Dallas, but we got phillies coming on, so let's just give our predictions for the Moll's Dallas game and summarize it. All Right, Fuck Dallas. Oh, if we want to get into hate, the DJ's going to I'm just I'm tired. You're tired, so I've had a little bit of alcohol sets to liquid courage. All right, don't let your eagles cab. It's sorry, I just thow. You're summarizing our hate Dallas. I just now we got a game into play and I was looking for some intelligent input into gave me. How was it? I was looking so actually get this podcast going. We were professional and then I just ruined. Yeah, you off the track. Don't thank you. Guys. Ever started off professional today. That's Ay. This is a big one for the books. Or I bad, my bad, my bad. We try. Gotta give us a for effort. Right, show it off the rails. All my fault. Fourteen cowboys. I hate to say it, I don't see us going down there and winning. I think that dack picks them apart, but I don't Kurtch doesn much. I think we're going to be disappointed. What do you got, D Andrew? Just push my toe. Decide. He doesn't. What's all? One thousand seven hundred and ten eagles? Oh, keeping that offense to ten points. Wow, when somebody's getting hurt, then twenty five. To write these down. Two Thousand Four hundred and twenty two eagles. Twenty two too. What the Hell Scores Twenty Two? Yeah, it's that even pot that it's possible. Missed extra point, two point conversion. They went for it last week. Twenty two is not a prime number either, by the way. All right, all right, nerd, no, I was doing sixth grade math. Ways is, don't have you up all my yeah, I don't think it's that low scoring. That these three think is. I think it's more like I'm gonna go it's gonna kill me. Thirty seven twenty's ass woman. Yeah, I don't. I just scares me. I just do this Monday night in Dallas. Just it's just worrying me. Actually, I think Dallas is going to come in like two over hiked and I think the eagles are going to win. All right, well, I'm going thirty seven twenty. You also thought Jameen herds was our franchise. Got It back. Yeah, you got the he's still waiting on that Iliot Brazal Brascalov statue to its. I do. I do not see you win either. It it ro honest. It really bothers me to say wow, now I'm a realistic fan. I don't. I don't. I don't wear green colored shades. You were the I mean it's goggles in here. He's just wear you speak in terms of we when you speak of the Eagle with the greenish goggles in here. Yeah, yes, yes, I want to go. I want to go three, twenty, four or yea birds say say cal day. Cow Girls, Jim, don't let me down here. That's massagyanistic or sex sister Jim. So not when it comes to the cow. Lot of call them cow girls. I don't care. Care People got shirt on. He does. He's so good at pandering to the crowd in the fans. It's making us want to like it. I know. No, no, no, no, it's three two.

Sorry, three two, cow Syrian. He's very good at trying to get us to like him. You know, tried to run the Philly Philly and he wore the shirt today were pe shots. He's yeah. Next, so we need to wear a Santa bood first teashirt. I'm trying to get those tshirts made. That's right. Apparently inventories an issue. That's that would seems to wear a schwedium. That would require people going back to work. All right, I am. I'm on the Dallas side till. Unfortunately, I think it's a little bit I think it's gonna be a little higher scoring. I don't think it's gonna be a blow I don't think it's gonna be an ass whooping. I'm going three thousand, five hundred and twenty. That's an ass whooping, that's an asshole and that's an ass. I said high no, I said high score. Yeah, I thought it was. Yeah, it's an asshe and it's only two points. Afteen points is an ASS whooping. Yeah, fifteen, and the NFL is when the lines three fifteen s and Asswhoopan we're I think that's like a end of the game. They'll bullshit touchdown, garbage touchdown. Yeah, listen, I want the we all want them to. We are not right ans the eagles. I know you're not, but here's the thing I'mbout to say. Like it's a division game. We're not getting our ASS beat down there. I'm telling you right now, down there, and God they lost. They got their ass beating the home opener. We're not getting got their ass beat last week. We're not getting raised beat. Okay, I don't think the eagles got their seventeen. Eleven. We that was a close game all the whole day. Couldn't do anything on offense. Yeah, they didn't do much on offense either. Our defense. But they get Wen okay, eventually not the way defense play. Pretty Stout. What a stout? Even me. I don't even understand that. Scouts good out here. Innis Flier Right, nice dark beer, because you're from Apalon. Right, rocks Burro. Dude, nate, you got a prediction? Pain, pain, y'all they go because I can't. I don't like saying Dallas is going to win it, just as it don't say it hurts to say it does. I don't think any of us like saying it, you know, but I'm I've said it. I don't think they I really don't think that a shot. I think it's going to be actually, no, I think they'll move the ball a little bit. But I think that, as we seen in the other weeks, the end game adjustments that they make at half, he's got to figure something now south to get hurts going on the second half. They have to figure something now. So, but if they don't, I mean I could I could see a ten points game here. I could see two thousand and eight and seventeen. Dude, anybody has a chance. Eleven. Anybody has a chance from McCarthy's coaching. I can do that. Dude, sucks at like a ten point. I had a super bowl ring. So does Barrianni. Sorry, Barry Twitter. Serriani has a Dakoda ring. All right, come on, Dude. Now McCarthy lucked into Super Bowl Ring. Well, why did he look into one though? So it's the players. He had a good quarterbackers. What he had was his bad. What is? He had one quarterback luckier super bowl. Doug Peter Sooner McCarthy. McCarthy. Yeah, I'm like, Gil McCarthy really, yeah, really, you're mine. No, I'm taking doug all that. That beat dog. Dog Got a backup quarterback. They beat the Patriot. Him and dude central Bux south, because coach get kick du Ass. Come on, ter back will beat the Patriots. The Eagles, Nick Foles beat the Patriots. He had a backup quarterback. How's it not? Lucky, luckier than McCarthy. McCarthy had a full carthy's a BOOB. McCarthy's a BOOB. That's all right. You just don't like anybody from Green Bay, a green base. Our Green Bay viewership is just just lamed it. Yeah, we're not number one in green bird of cheese. What are we good to eat? Sweet and Sweeden is sweet. We moved up, nate. I don't know if you saw that, but we did move back to four spots. Were a hundred and forty five. Our in a hundred and Sweden and Sweden, that Carolina Chool for basket bact to one hundred and fifty. Dude. I like it for bears to Sweden whatever. Thank you. In Swedish than you know. How do you see Santa? Sweetish? That's more. That's more. What it is one year of Peter. No, I don't think it is. Wow, Sam with a touchdown. I heard Oslo is it? Who would have had that same Donald Russian? That's Norway. Nice is Aslo, Norway. You want to be like a geography teacher or something, or history professor, so you go Oslo right home. Sweden's not home. His great his grandmother, made maps for a World War II also. He should know his geography. Sorry, I don't know that northern. I mean my grandfather made plumbing equipment for Westinghouse and I can't plumb worth a shit, so I don't know. So shout out to tone takes, who came on earlier. I always want to Gi him a shout out right now. More has sixty one yards in the first quarter, so that profits one. There you go, Damn Nice. What's Christian have? Oh, he I think he has a catch, just one catch for like nine yards. I think are yet one catch for one year. But d more has three catches for sixty one yards, and I think tone takes came on here and he said sixty seven and a half. Yeah, sixty seven, sixty seven and a half in the game. He's all got sixty one. Dj Moore just went down. He's out for the game. Ha Ha,...

...ha, all, sorry, toad tape, no be. I do think the jets are going to live to regret that decision trading Donald. Yes, yeah, rojets are the dumbest. I think he'll miss friends. You had a franchise quarterback. You didn't need a draft. Wilson, I don't have a friends. That's right. there. Team stinks right. Keep drifting cubis thinking, Oh, this guy will change it. And they don't have an offensive line. That's the problem. And they change back to the hideous uniforms. So they had the Swedish uniform and really they are too no weapons on offense. And of course, your quarterback. So you got you got Robert Salise, you're good, and Joe Douglass. Yeah, Joe Douglas, Joe Douglass. All Right, two minute warning here, boys killed. Two minute bills, no, nothing. Six L six, five, six, five, no, sixers. Yes, I'M gonna sixers. I'M gonna make a prediction right now. Here comes as does play a game this year. For the sixers. No Shit, charlock. Now's HE gonna play a game? If he's not what he said, I don't never gonna know. I don't see it anywhere. Listen, he's not playing here. You think. Do you think docs, doc rivers? Honest question. Do you think his strategy of going out doing the Maya Culpa on TV? Do not think that helping. I know. I think Ben has made my think. If you're messing with any I think more he's the type of GM that's not going to back down. If remember more, a couple years ago he was the one that made that comment about what was it? China, or so I got back from. Yeah, for the League. I'm telling you right now, Mari is not going to give into a shit. If anything, if he doesn't want to play, let him sit for four years and ruining three. That's what they do have the hand. Gonna do that. But what does that do? Back and play? The money's guaranteed right now. No, they're gonna find his ASS. No, no, the money is guaranteed. No, they can know they can find him, but his SEMANTI's guaranteed. The money is there. Can only find them so much. It's amazing. It's such a small it's such a small amount of agreement. Doesn't allow them till find them. They were saying. He gets a sixty, he gets a sixteen million dollar payment, I believe, in October first, whether or not he shows up or not. So there's not they are can't touch and show up that they might not be. Can't touch it. The only way that works as if silver steps and the I think, the only saving grads for the Sixers, silver steps, and they gotta get it. They gotta get him. Bead okay, to do what Jordan did with Rodman in Vegas, the guy out of wherever he is, pull candle or whatever other Bimbo he's got a hanging on. Whoever am I pulled them off him, put him on a plane and bring him back to Phil it's ways, I think, and that's what he's I think Ben's mind is made up. He's apparently told beads mind is made up and he's told everybody. If you want to talk to you thinking beads, domino, Ya, dude, and beads worried about one thing. This whole city is done with them. Yeah, exactly. I think that's that's the truth. Yeah, like it back like everybody the sea. Here's the thing. I'm and I've been killing Ben Simmons for as probably as long as I've been alive. So as long as I've been alive. Yeah, Oh my God, man, I've been there, been simmers hater since day lsu one. Have you been? No, I've been saying the same thing that everybody he's always taught about Ben Simmons. I've said that he's soft, he's a like all the words that we say. You know, everybody said. You know, you know. Can we don't have the thing to beep every curse word. I want to say that you've heard be beep. Go ahead, I'll just do that, BP Pussy Baby. But one thing that nobody wanted about him is that he's a quitter. He is completely that's quitter. To wait. He quit on Lsu, quit on the city, he quit on us, he quit on the respect of the game, he quit on his teammates, he quit on shooting the basketball. He's a complete candle quitter. quit on him. He is a complete quitter. That's in. But he's the most hated. He will go down as most made. Ye, that's what I was gonna say. Can you imagine when he comes back, he gonna not going to play. It's gonna be intent time the first team back. You Guy. It's gonna get see where you all if you rewind too, if you rewind us back two months, we were all and he doesn't make any of these comments, if he just keeps his mouth shut, we're all for on them. Yeah, he's gonna get cheered what he comes back. Hundred percent. It's couldn't be look bad. We get it, do better. He should quit on that. We better to. But now that he starts running his mouth and saying bitch, if you guys want to talk to me, you come out here. I'm not coming out there to talk to and I don't want to be there anymore. Coasts, plus the trolling, the non stop trolling into the picture, Picture Jot, picture John Wall, all the stuff, like dude, really as who you are. He's digging his own great, but it's brand. You know a lot of him. A lot of people said to me like he you know, when he got drafted, that he would eventually get his way and get out. Part of me wonders he took that Max deal and he's like, I don't want to be in Philly I don't know if I but I don't know if I believe that, because that doesn't really make sense. Yeah, if you wanted out here, he wanted out, he would have. He would have, you would say. I think that he hit because, according to Doc rivers, and again, you know, we don't know what. I didn't want doc here either, to be honest, but that's a whole different story. DOC said yesterday that it's not the reason why he wants out of Philly. Is Not what everybody thinks. And everybody thinks it's because they threw him under the bus. So what's the reason been? I...

...know you're listening to Santa Bude. First. What's the reason? Bad? Listen the sixers out of give newlands. No, well, two million bucks under the table or three million whatever to call out, call out clutch sports and rich Paul really don't tell him what it really is. Yep, there's snake. Yep, that's it's the NBA. It's out. There's sports is ruining the NBA. And then Adam silver and edgar boy, by a minute, who's that? Who's the thought that your boy? I don't Yell Defend Lebron the player. I won't. I don't have to defend them, the person or the or but him is a player is while this, yeah, this whole player movement. They've got to fix it. I don't know what's fixing the NBA. Way You fix it the way you fix a pin as them six for four years now. That's the way your stopped, but seem. But the problem there, though, is it? They are guaranteed current. I don't give a shit about the NFL's the only one to get to anything works for the players, because saying the NFL's you can your knee out and you're done. But SMID, honeybody, here's you're any bonus in the NFL is guarantee. EAT The deciding body. Yes, but he get a ton of miny he hit. No, here's your make him sit out for four years. You will. You will ruin any relationship you have. That's with other potential free agents, trade targets. Listen, listen. Yes, you talk about that for Clutch Sports, clients or clients in the other way. I think you because if you look at the clients the clutch sports has, there's not a lot of big names people. Could they have these great big names? Why? I know, but but, but listen Ben, but Ben Simmons is also a Nike Guy. There's all there's so many tie ins. I think a lot of you gotta be careful. I know where you were going and I understand here and I got it careful, but I'm just saying I think people are looking into the clutch sports and their clients to know. I know what you say, get free, but that's crap because they don't really have that many big names in the NBA. They have anthy, Davis Lebria, but rich polls. Look at baseball teams that Burn Scott Barris, it burnt them for a while. We got Broyce. It took a long to get a cat. I get your Dadi, drew is that. I get what you're saying, but I'm not giving them away for pennies on the dollar. I'm not even what I yeah, that's that's not giving for CJ and COPINGTON. I'm not doing it. No, I don't want that either. I'm not damn dame or beal. I Want Damn. I want feel. Now they're talking about Denver. Give me Michael Porter Jr and younger guys. I here's here's my chamel. Here's my question. Though. What does that do to the franchise? Right, if he sits and he gets paid, like, does that mean anything against our cap? Does it count against this? Is that puts still count I'm that everything it's still counts. Yeah, so he said. I hear you. She's just like I'm taking a DNP on ZAC. That's all. You want to bing him what he wants. I hear you. I hear you out here. Know if you trade them. I'm saying. So, why would you give him what he wants? No, if you, I'm at that's what I'm asking. Like if you make him sit, all right, thank God you're not negotiating the Teacher's Union contacts. Jesus Christ, I make them sit. I totally understand that mentality of make him to sit and stick at the silver, stick at the the players and say, look, you signed this contracts ample, you gotta play. I get that. Fine. What does that mean for the sixers if they can't go out and get another player and we're shorthanded because of that? You will you, but what do you want to seeing thibal's jump? All right, do you think the Amba is gonna let that happen at some point? They might, because they NBA doesn't like. They don't like what we did with the tanking. They don't like the process, real thing, that's real. So they I was going to say the same NBA that imposed Jerry Colangelo and Brian Colangelo on you. They're not going to let you sit a superstar. Why? I know that. Okay, that's how is that anything yet? Why wouldn't they like those are waiting until we actually show seasons right already? Yet he's right. Now it's still many camps. Literally next week. Season hasn't stay. Haven't said anything yet because right now it's good for the NBA. It's drama, it's a reasonless. I mean into the jump and yes, on, yeah, ny it is. But once ill talking about it, trade banks just starts right, YEP, Yep, becomes a different still. Next week is why isn't they saying? You're gonna know that the game one particular rainy kid. There's a fact the games, preseason game nobody plays, and nobody gives a shit about that either. You know what? I can once to see it. Once the season starts. He something's gonna there's gonna be right. Yeah, I can't wait's not gonna be his when the season start. But the thing is, if you okay, if some slim margin, some crazy thing happens where he does suit up for the Sixers, he's gonna he's gonna be horrible. You know what I if they win, it won't matter. That's what. They're not gonna win. Why not? Do you think that's gonna work with Ben Back Awkward out that? Maybe it, maybe it gets a whole. Maybe he starts shooting him's like fuck you. That's how be awesome. Wonder what that's what you had too much to try. I know he I know he wouldn't drunk here on drugs. It's time, ton Michelle. Yeah, I was just going to say that. It says anything to Media Day like you didn't anither. I think you will, but I'm saying like, do you think here he did. He already needed it. I think. I mean now, if Simmons does it. If Simmons does not show up, I think him, unless they tell him be specifically to shut up so we can three shortly. Yeah, tell him the shut up, but he can train him.

Maybe we can reach out to him beat and let him get his actual Danny Green to my Harris. You think some of them throw them under the bus. Now, I think everybody, you're too smart for it. They're all. They're all, that's bad business. The glips are locked until something actually happened. Then once he gets traded him be goes. Yeah, all right, maybe where we at next? We heard the fills. I got this is a quick one, lighting around, because we're done. We're gone. We're done. We got think they're done. Think they're done. The final nail, cough, if they can keep it. Three Games are less going into a lant. I think they so. You're saying they got to sweep Atlanta. They gotta sweep at lant all right, they're out. On they're out. Thursday next week. There one game out going into the series against Floria Miami. One game and they lose the series against Miami, they're done. They clinch on Saturday nate, they're out. They're out. Yeah, all right, that say they're out there and with that we are out. Thanks for hanging out with again on that another episode. The Santa Boot first podcast will be back here next week, hopefully celebrating a bird's win. It would be nice, but most likely will be talking about on leave, roll birds, roll birds, stop you our pain state go mo, suck game against no this weekend. Be Excellent to each other. See it next week. Are you go? I was on there and I don't maybe I like your parts. Sucks, dude, I don't like it. I'm sorry, I don't like Hey, Gus.

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