Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast
Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

Season 1, Episode 168 · 1 month ago

Doug Pederson Not Surprised by Jalen Hurts | NFC Offense Player of the Month


During a conference call, Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson stated he was not surprised by Jalen Hurts success. He stated that Jalen Hurts will defy the odds and we are seeing that in real time with Jalen being name NFC Offense Player of the Month and the 3-0 start by the Philadelphia Eagles. Contract talks are the talk of the town as Jalen Hurts looks to be the franchise QB we all hoped he be. We also will continue our podcast tour as we welcome Men in Teal Podcast from Jacksonville, Florida talking Jacksonville Jaguars football and how Doug Pederson has changed that culture in Jacksonville.   

Showtime Thursday Night 7:30 PM EST 

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