Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast
Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

Season 1, Episode 162 · 5 months ago

Eagles vs Browns Joint Practice Highlights | Deshaun Watson Reactions


Rumor mill is the Philadelphia Eagles vs Cleveland Browns joint practice ended up being a one side affair. Jim and the guys go through the Eagles practice highlights and how Davonta Smith and AJ Brown might be the best 1 - 2 punch in the league. Cleveland was with out their starting QB as the NFL banned Deshaun Watson for 11 games and fined him 5 million dollars. Did the NFL really win and get it right? The guys react to the Deshaun Watson news

The Phillies have a huge series with the New York Mets in Philadelphia and looking at some pay back from losing the series just a few weeks ago.

The Sixers 2023 schedule was released and the last half of the year is very very tough slate but the Sixers have over 30 nationally televised games. Alot of excitement for the upcoming season.

There are Philadelphia sport topics galore and the guys from Santa Booed First Podcast cant wait to dive in.

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Boom, boom, boom. That from eight you are looking period eight, period you are looking live at the Santa Boud first crew here at the cracked belt studios in beautiful downtown Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I'm your fill in host, your scab for the evening, Brian Flannery. I'm gonna Start on the left side with the youngest buck of the crew, Dj the Don Martin. Good evening, DJ, how are you? What's up? That wasn't too bad. It's Nice of you to grace our presence and thank you for the yeah, absolutely, it's good to see you. On my immediate left, Ryan Smith, Smitty, good to see you. It looks like you're wearing training up here from it's a good look for you. How are you tonight, my friends? I'm good. I'm good. Definitely did a better insur than our buddy DJ over there. Nice. I'll take that. Like I said, I'm Brian Flannery. Into my immediate right rocking the seven Era Christopher walking wolf and haircut the elder Statesman's Dick Martin, how are you good, a b how are you doing? I am blessed to be here. Yesss is the word of the evening. Yes, it is. You blessed us some Cherrys tonight's the word of the year. I think it might be. It might be. So, speaking of blessed me with some sponsors, that we've got to mention tonight. Yes, you do. They bless us with some food this evening. Mama Mes Pizza, delicious. Is Always when I'm not in, I do miss it. Tonight we had the Santa Upside Down Pie, right, some wings, Santa Bou First Pie Ye with Bacon, nice, delicious, delicious, Parmesan wings and the Sweet Chili Wings, Beautiful Crescent. Uh, you don't like that. You like the rold ones right. No, no, I like that one. Listen, we like the sponsors. I know, yeah, but he's he's picky. He is picky. On your ride home, in case you have an issue in the car, make sure you talk to Matt Maloney and inshore Philly Dot com give you ten quotes an under ten minutes. That was good. This was actually like that. Give that. Malonia called one of our standard uh sponsors for a long time here intore PHILLY DOT COM. And finally, we are powered by POPs mccanns Irish whiskey. What's a better. What's better than the empires whissy on these these nippy end of August, end of summer nights? I gotta be honest with you, they're not nippy that. It was a little nippy last night down the shore, maybe sixty degrees on my deck class. I had to sweat came. Yeah, I'm in central box. I'm not an upper box. Your upper box. It gets a little weird up by those mountains. A very good intro, man. Now I'm an education. I gotta give me an a plus for that. I get a plus. That was a good intro. I don't know about a plus. I'm giving him a plus, Marcus. It's a strong, strong B plus. Yeah, I'll give it a pause. You gotta give him an I'd say those are big shoes to fill, but JIM wears about a size seven. About that? We're firing tonight. Oh God, it's gonna hurt. So let's let's before we go any further. We go any further, we're doing a Chari in case, I in case you don't know people, pure pressure. These are these are Maraschino Cherry soaked in ever clear. For the better part of two weeks. Ever clear is a hundred ninety proof. I've been doing this now since uh DJ eighth grade, because I brought a big jar of Cheri's down to the shore after his eighth grade graduation and got several parents blasted on these things. Oh Nice. Yeah, so grab Cherry one of the Avington Police Department isn't one, won't one. Won't do it to you, but like three or four will. I will grab grab on smooth. You want one? Absolutely. This remind me. Grabbed them first. This kind of reminds me about my my bartending days. I used to eat the fruit at the bar, but it wasn't. It wasn't. I mean I would, I would cut, I would cut the fruit and I sit there and have like a fruit sound serving drinks. Uh No, it's been a while since I made him. I probably haven't made him for a year, year and a half. What made you decide to bless us with I just I've been thinking about it for a while and I finally got around to it. Um Actually, someone who lives a couple of people live in my neighborhood asked me about them recently. I was at my niece's Eighth Grade Graduation Party earlier this summer and uh, somebody was there. One of their neighbors was there, and he asked me if I had any and I said, Um, no, I don't, and he was disappointed. So I decided to make them for him and another guy that asked me about them at our parish carnival back in May. It always had the absolutely push no. Now, aren't you...

...supposed to? Actually, you know who took some and liked them? carmine. You got it all the carmine. Enjoy it. It's Cherry's when when I was able to get him so, it was actually pretty good. Are You doing it ready? Here's your health, or shipping it out tomorrow? That's right, cheers. Enjoy they're not even bad. relaxed. Really, that's it. You gotta get once on the bottom. It's actually still soaking in it. Geez, weak. I don't know who. I don't know's week, but aren't you supposed to mellow with age? I thought once you get older and to move away from the ever clear, maybe put some bourbon or something. Put some next week, Jellous, I know you should do some pops. Yeah, that's a good idea. I think I might do a batch of next party days and they're very easy to make. You just pour out the cherry juice and fill it back up with it. You here out I was you were. What fraternity were you in there at? I did not know you were Frat Boys. I was a frat boy as well. So where are you? Wait, yeah, you've sent. I was a signify epsalon. Yes, which one is that? Sigat the biggest in the nation and Penn state the whole country. So that's the Douche bag one. A bunch of Brents and brads and Chad's and there travis. We did have a lot of kids from Connecticut and like Long Island at my fraternity. They're probably partying in new hamptons and so well, you know what, they didn't get into Villaneova, so they went to Penn Stad. Damn. You know, it's interesting you bring that up and I'm not I'm not purposely trying to side tractice, but as soon as you said Villanova is something triggered in my mind. I heard recently on the rail, and I think it was the concaide show, that there is a don't tap, don't tap the table. Strong, strong contingents of mets fans at Villanova. That's correct. That there's also because there's also a New York bar at in Villanova for mets fans. Up With that? Well, I mean, if you there's a lot of New Yorkers, that school has got to be sixty or seventy out of state up. Thanks. I really don't and they really attract that many New Yorkers? Yeah, they attract trash. Yeah, well, the I mean St John's with you there. Villanova up there right? No, not a really good school. It's a good school, but do you want to Queens? You want to go in school like close to really the city of New York, or do you want to go to the outskirts on on a level with Vollanova, but it's in the city. You would have to go n Y. do you want to go to the outskirts of Philadelphia? Were in one of the bar yeah, you're gonna go to like LaSalle temples. You want to go to the Hamptons or pen or? It's not that. It's nowhere near the Hamptons. Were breaking your balls, Dude. Dude, I'm not a Hamptons guy. I've only been there once. I didn't like Count Villa Nova, but not being a city school. You're at the White Party with Michael Rubin. You aren't there. I don't really like these white parties. Dinner and blont those heads. That's still because if you spill your slop, I'm coming. I never like dude. I see people like fried food. Stupid Dude. They probably got catering, Italian food. Would Surf in her like five, five changes from Louis Baton. They just go up and change when they get a spot or they have somebody who treats it on this. Was it? White? Doesn't. White doesn't look good on me. Like just was it Ruben's house? If you're a Pale White Guy, rented out or that's house? It rents out a bigger house in the hamptons every year. It's a huge oh, he doesn't own one. He does own it for the one because me and my friends were like just bullshit in the one day, like Oh, let's go up to the Hamptons for a weekend. We looked it up during the season and it's like thirty seven hundred per person for like a weekend. Yeah, alright, we were Jock Jock mansions or what? What are we doing here now? We're talking eagles, because we are talking in Philadelphia, CLEVELAND, Ohio, Cleveland Ohio. So First Impressions Dj the game last week. I know you said You you're not going to get too hyped. What did you think about the game? I liked what I saw from the first team offensive defense. The special teams needs a lot of work, especially in the UH coverage, kick coverage game. But you know, I mean, I'll point out the obvious. I think hurts looked really good. I liked his athleticism. He still has that. His legs looked really good and his arm looked good. was aroused right now. It was the table. Did actually know what the table did? Rise a little. The linebackers. Linebackers, finally having linebackers here. And then also, Dude, Jordan Davis is a freaking mom. Well, you can't.

Nobody, I don't think anybody in the NFL can block Jordan Davis one on one. I don't know you can do it. Um. Yeah, I mean obviously preseason they look good on one drive. Hard to tell. Um, like we talked about it, it's gonna come down to hurts getting the ball out quick and accuracy. That was problem last week. But I will say I don't I don't think hurts plays this week. I don't know if you see I mean you saw it last week. He took that big hit and then Zach Wilson got hurt. You know, you're thinking like I don't know, you don't think the league said something about that to everybody. Does that change anything about Adam memo? Now they also send out memos about, you know, soliciting. Uh messusses too. I'm sure exactly. Nobody seems too. I'd love to get a clear shot and show him Watson like Jordan David. You just went Boston. Real quick shot. He's not playing the show. I think he's, because we're about two thirties. So I think her clear. No, no, you said you'd like to. You said You'd like you said you said first person. Dude, he would brush you off like a mosquito. That's like to somebody from the crew team to get him. We had some big boys in the crew team back in the day, back to the eagles, back to the eagles. So, Dick, what did you like about the first preseason? I liked the way the offense moved the ball down the field. Um, hurts did get rid of the ball quickly because of past protection breakdown. He had to scramble a little bit. I want to see him trying hang in the pocket a little longer, go through some reads. Get rid of the ball quickly, you know, First Open Guy, get rid of the ball. The defense looked aggressive. They had that one pick. You know, they were in there for one series, like we were saying. I thought they looked good. I think having at a solid linebacking crew is really going to make a big difference with this team. Um, you know, the defensive line. I think Jordan Dave is just going to be blowing up offensive one place. Uh. You know, he reminded me of Jerome Brown getting that push off the middle. What little? Who Do we have? Who Do we have in here chiming in, already relaxed? Give us a read there, Dick, I can't see it. Where are you hiding, folks? Devante Smith talking that S H and backing it up. I love this kid. Okay, that was to that Yo. Whoever this dude is, what's his name? Where you're hiding? Oh, where are you hide? And first of all, I ain't hide and I'm at the crack Bell Studio. Where are you hiding? Behind A computer screen? Who That is? That is that is that is that papernard? I don't know. But here's the thing. I'll tell you, Vante Smith, that's a loyal listener. That happens today. So, I mean, we're not gonna worry about I like, where you hiding chiming in? Absolutely where you hiding when you're on a computer screen. The one thing they did did uh upset or not upset me. I was a little concerned about was was the special teams were not good. They kick coverage and kick and a punt return. They didn't do anything. No, they did nothing. And you know, people, people overlook special teams, but they can make a big difference in the game. They can, you know, they turned field position over for you, SIP boss. Yeah, but they're they're, they're they're kickoff coverage. Who you want to bring in? Literally, you can bring in, you want to bring sure, I mean if she can, if she can inside the game. I don't thinks was that bad. I don't know. Pun It what three times, four times? It was really bad. I think they average thirty five yards. They have they have got if if it's it's, you know, a kin to the bottom of the order in a baseball lineup being productive. If you want to go far, if you want good chances to win games, your your special teams have to contribute. You can't over and they are overlooked. They're overlooked by a lot of people, but they can't be overlooked. They playing an important part of the in the course of a game. And you know, how many times have you seen a team give up a big play on on a coverage team, on a coverage opportunity and that team that just got that big return takes advantage and goes ahead and wins the game or they tie it late and and go on to win the game, whatever it happens, they you know, they have to get that under control. They got to start tightening that up and make sure that's on, on point by the time the season starts. Back to you. How excited are you, man, that you hear that they're hitting? Look at all these guys get. Very much, very much so, because you gotta be in football shape to play for up to three concussions. Sanders heard. I mean, I was just gonna bring up the off sense of line. I mean, Cam Jergens looked good.

Obviously, Kelsey being out landon dickerson being out. Um, you have concussions on boats with Dillard and yeah, I don't understand that. And they still got hurt. So you know, it's just it makes it's it's kind of contradictory of what they're trying to prevent. Yes, but they're there. You know, you want to get that swordness out of the way before. I'm talking about with the helmet protection on the yeah, you're trying to prevent concussions, but it hasn't. Hasn't. I don't know if those guys were wearing them when they got the concussions. You have to wear have to wear them. It's the skill position players that are not wearing understand a concussion. But then he was in protocal Thursday and yeah, I don't get that either. I think the sensitivity for concussion, what is what is in the concussion has gone down. Understand that. Playing it. You just get them some reps. listen, it's a strange world. My son just did hit. My son and daughter both are going back to school playing their sports and they both did their concussion baselines this week. They do yes, and she's playing, she's playing field hockey, and he's playing a basketball and football, if nothing. Yeah, that position, quarterback. Really, we'll see. Yeah, he's trying for quarterback. Does he run first? He's got a gun for an arm. What did he play last year? UH, tight end, safety, cornerback. What position do you want him to play? I don't want him to play football. He's my he's my point guard for basketball. So I really don't want to play in football. Then he wants to play. I mean, what am I gonna do? Tell him that he's going to be thirteen to Mars. Happy Birthday Buddy, but happy he's not watching. They did, I play anywhere near Parkwin, anywhere near Um? So No, so this. So last year they played Pop Warner. So he did play over in like Ben Salem. We played a couple of different we played bristol, if you're anywhere now. He played the schools around us. So we'll like he's a let it be. So he'll play to Jake plaine. Still didn't he play one year? I think Jake's plain eighth grade football. Yeah, so Jake's a great above him. I'm actually shocked by that because he's a big baseball guy, the hell of an athlete. Well, he plays baseball that he's a huge. I mean I know he loves baseball, so when he played basketball he was one of the tougher kids out there. He would put his head down and try to go through the big bag. Watching your games, he showed no fear, no, not at all. He he didn't care who was in the he enjoyed coaching him and here he drove the lane regardless of who was our viewers might not know enough about. Get back. Get back to the concussion. Future Baseball Star at CB sound. So what else on the Eagles? You know, I just I'm so worried about the secondary. I'll say that safety. I watched safety play. I know you said you can get away with the if the front seven gets and the corners are doing their job, you really have to worry. But look at the super bowl run. Your defensive line was really good and it helped with a poor second and you've got your best linebacking corps probably since the night good bowl. Yeah, but and the linebackers super bowl. I'm saying this is any chance they get like this guy from Cincinnati's not going to sign there. If they get the chances to treat for him, they need to do it. Well, you don't got a position right now to go far. I think this year, well, I think it's wide open, especially with a Brady like who the hell knows what's going on. Is His head out of it? I don't know. I heard he might be doing a duo with a bit a b rap and he might go in the round its person. It's personal reasons, they said, who's this Tom Brady? What could his personal reason to be? Maybe he's having troubles at home? What? I don't know now. That's what it is I heard. I heard on defense that is that she's given him grief for not spending enough time with the kids. Well, what's he going to do? And he because then he works on one and and I forget what show it was. That it's two days, three days, and they were they were the show that I can't remember what show was. They were six show prep. Dude, you just, you just had six months off. You couldn't have spent more time with your kids over to six months? And now he's taking a break from he's back now, back now, yes, he's back now. He took a couple of dames like the other, not the one with CT. He said. You see how different it is. They treat me Tampa and how they treat Tom all, no, ship. Tom's the best quarterback of all time. Yeah, well, he gets a pass. I wouldn't it wouldn't be surprising really. In a minute. How is that reliable? Is that BALSACK SPORTS DOT COM? I was gonna say that the rumor is... home. Oh, I mean Gizelle came out flat out and said I don't want him to play last year when he was thinking about no, but she flat outside I don't want him to go back. And you know what? She could tell him to go pound saying because she makes bodles more more than he retired. And then he came out of retirement. Yeah, that's pretty that's I mean, if you're yeah, if you're gonna say that you're going to be more of a father. It's father time now and you know you want to help build your family up. And then you got right back to football and two months and another thing they were talking about on that program that I can't remember which one it was. They have staff that helps take care of the family. They have that. I think they said they had a five, a total of five and three. When they travel as a family, three go with them. Yeah, so, yeah, they've got a Danny and I'm sure they've got a chef and the personal whatever. Yeah, of course, but it's not like Gizelle sitting there, you know, but losing sleep over Karene of them are there, Dad. None of them are children. They're also not kids anymore. They're around. They're probably around your kids. I agree, they either way. He's honestly, if I was Tom Brady's kid, I'd be like ahead, Dad, like you're Tom Brady, your sixty, I'm I'm Brady Song, like yeah, go ahead, you're living in that shadow for the rest of your life and embracing it. Well, regardless. Doesn't that lead to the question? Is the is the NFC wide open? Right, you've got a Tom Brady whose head is out of it. You've got Green Bay, which got what's going on there with Aaron Rodgers fighting honors. Can't get rid of their quarterback, but think about his stafford. It's an issue, right, and where Seattle stand? Terrible? Stop, Wow, I'm just asking. Well, they traded Russell. This is their quarterback room, right. I was gonna say locks their quarterbacks. So I think. I think. And Gino Smith. Yeah, Gino Smith is like at five years old. What about the Falcons? Are you going to be this year? I do think Mariota can play. He's got stop. No, I do. He's got some weapons. CHARIOTA and Kyle Pitts. That's it. They drafted a receiver. He's already done. Jake Loman's already done. Yeah, he towards htl like the first week, O t s or something. Yeah, but keep hitting those guys. That was it wasn't contact. No, I I agree. Maybe the NFC's wide open. It is kind of. Is already a top seven, is he though? Yeah, because the NFC is at bed at quarterback. To seven. Remember we went through the NFC quarterback rankings. Hurts was freaking five. Well, here's the problem, right. I'm not a hurt tater. I say I say top seven, I won't say top five. Here's here's the problem with hurts. Did you hear what Dallas God said about hurts this week? No, he talked about how good of a man he was and how good of a leader he was, and I'll follow him anywhere that sort off. He didn't say Shit about its ability. He didn't say ead arm, he didn't say this is what I'm talking about. I'm just telling you when, when usually a receiver or a tight end, they're praising those types of things and he yeah, like he doesn't Smith, dude, he throws. When Michael Vick was here, he throws pillows. Deshawn Watson was, Jackson was going nuts every night dog fights in south film. No, dude, but you can say bless him. Michael Vick had the best, probably arm in franchise history. You remember, it was like macklin and Jackson who looked up to this and right, but they but they they're going to kiss me, but they adgted. No, they would because they just dumped mcnabb. And they're young. They were young for cop, they weren't. They both in their first three years to when Vick was here. So they're young trying to make a name for themselves. To what I'm saying. My point be. My point being, do you hear anybody that's coming out screaming about hurts his arm, his arm strength side a side player? Yes, aside from Dave spiderow spitting his who? Have you heard? Raven? And that's my concerns. Of people who name on. There's a whole NFL report when they went nuts about him. Some guys said he's got an MVP year. Which player? What? What I was gonna say earlier is a a B roots not against. A B roots hard for his team. Ergo. He's rooting hard for hurts, does he? Does he have a lot of faith in his ability to get the job done? No, but he's rooting hard for her. I'm rooting hard for hurts and the team also. I have a more faith than a B does, but not as much as you do. That okay, sorry again. It's those four D seventy six autographed pieces of memorabilia down there. That's his kids college education. Should have bought bitcoin. was going to get a star for Simmons. Did He? That was pretty...

...simple, though. No, it wasn't simple. It was gonna happen, and that's what I have to do. Everything they couldn't gonna happen regardless. It was gonna happen. The net's tried everything. They couldn't get anything. happened. Candy boy, Ben Simmons. They should their teammates, but he's saying they're not gonna bash them. But he makes it. He makes an inch same point. You're not hearing what I'm saying. Because usually guys will talk about their athletic ability. I'm excited that. I think Kelsey said. Kelsey said similar to God. or He's always in there. He wants to win. Yeah, he put some time in the film in this room, but nobody really I agree. I think ABS right here. Nobody really ever says his arm looked really good today, or can't can't wait to catch balls. Yeah, well, don't they don't want to use those words, but it passes. This is a better word, but you got it. I'm excited, though. I think they looked good Thursday night. So on the paper this roster's loaded. So I'm excited. Yeah, I I think they're good for ten, eleven wins. I don't see why we can't get at least ten with the schedule, with the upgrades we made up and down the roster. I don't you know, my three question marks are Gannon, Cherrianni and hurts. There are my three question marks, because I want to see you know what. I don't want to say I'm rutting him, him off, but out of sight, out of mind, do you? I don't even, I don't even think about him being on the team. You need a successful running they're sound. They don't sound like they love game. You're only gonna carry three. I hope they bring Jordan Howard back. Come on, look at his numbers, Dude. He's like he's been numbers. They're not great. He's been ran into the ground every going down. He was a productive back last year. R I don't know, about three and a half yards. They do need to make a move and running back. I said, I said weeks ago when we were previewing the schedule, I said one of the things that concerns me is the running game. Now, I shouldn't have use those words because they were the number one rushing offense, but I meant more towards the running backs in the running game, because you're kind of with with sanders being hurt every other day. It seems like you're a by committee backfield. Aren't you doing never interests me. Aren't you doing it? Aren't you doing the offensive line a little bit of a disservice? You have the best offensive line in football. You don't put a stud running back behind there. Like I I sit there and I wonder sometimes, yes, d really, raising your hand? Yeah, yeah, his his average last year was four point seven yards. Okay, that's pretty good. Jordan Howard, how many carries? What's eight? Six divided by four and a half, four hundred and six yards? How many carries? Is that a game? I don't know. I mean it's it's not in Krn. It's not the he's not the premier running back. No, Buddy. I mean I'm not going to let him wear number thirty one. He's at Harold Carmichael. I mean relax a little bit over the thirty one with Wilburt or will. That's what I meant. W Car Michael, seventeen, I know, but I know what I mean. But you're not. If you're trying to upgrade this backfield, you're not bringing in an old like you're bringing in Kareem Hunt or you're bringing in he's got a lot of he's got a lot of dude. He's played in since years old. He's got a lot of trade on the tires. He's been the league for a while. Yeah, I get it, but he's still productive, let's put it. I think they made the play. He's so productive that he's not he's so productive that he's in a restrictive for nobody's picked him up. What does that tell you. I think what I think. The agency is not there, but I'm they're they're talking about trades. They've brought up Kareem Hunt has been mentioned. Josh Jacobs has been mentioned. Those are two guys. I don't think that. I don't think. I don't think Vegas is interested in trading anybody. They they're looking good. I mean, yes, Derek cars look good. You stop. Every year I hear about Derek Carr. Well, he's got a toy now. I mean he's got Adams down. Yeah, and they got a game. US to leave it. Just let them. Didn't choking away that game in the playoffs. Toy. I'm just I think the raiders. I think the raiders might win that division. That already put it down. I want to make I'll take the chargers. I'll take the chargers three or four in that division. I think raiders are one. I think. I think the chiefs, the chargers. Chiefs. They who's he throwing to? Travis got the broncos are supposed to this. Ye, not buying in on the broncos. Don't buy in on the broncos. No, no, no, I'm not buying in on them. I'm not. I'm sorry, I mean I think the Broncos could finish fourth, but they might get they might get a wild card spot, but they're not winning that division. You can't have all four that division. All right, we'll see. I'll take the charges. I think it's chargers, chiefs, raiders, Bronco Raiders, chargers chiefs.

We'll see. It's gonna be the best division in football. Yes, I think clearly it's going to be the best. Over under the raiders it's probably eight and a half, nine and a half. What's that? Nate? Right? What are the chiefs probably saying? Right, no, I think the Chiefer might be ten and then and then the chargers are ten and a half. Two aren't? I look up the charges. Uh, if they won, if they side right, if the chargers tied last year, they won. Smith, that was his name, Lynn, Mike, Mike, Anthony Lynn, I knew it. He's not. He's char now. He's gone now. But the defensive coordinator of the Rams, stokely. Yeah, yeah, it's stokely. So what did you guys ask for? You said the over under. All right, so what's the over under? Let's start with the NF, the a c West, and then I want to go to the NFC. So Denver is nine and a half. The raiders would are eight and a half. Oh wait, hold on, say that again. Okay, keep going. What are the chargers? Ten? Okay, I'm what are the chiefs? So, therefore, do the Mat at the readers in the division. I just think there's there's always one of those screwy things that I'm gonna make a major prediction for. You stopped touching my wire down with car because Davante, because Derek Carr is not a better quarterback than Rogers, those numbers are going down for don't you say that to you. You have touching the wire. I'm like, I'm not touching down. We'll see. We'll see. Let's get off of let's get back to the eagles, which I like to do. I mean, you were having a hardened for no, I just I just think Derek Car's gonna have a big year. Maybe he's a good fantasy pickup. Maybe the team that doesn't translate. I've had him a couple of times. He's been pretty speaking of fantasy, real quick plug for next week's show, we might have a special guest coming back who was on before big time, Eric Carrabell big time. He's one of one of my favorite non food yeah, he was. He's really good and he knows his fantasy. So he does. He plays in like eight leaks. I mean, do we want to? It's a cliffhanger. Oh, we're not. We we gave we gave away all the clues. If if there's loyal listeners out there, they know who it is. Got Two first names and drop it. But it's a cliffhanger. We got two first names. M G. that's his initials. We're not saying nothing else. I mean he's been on the show before. He's already he's a really cool dude. Listener, you would know who we had on last year. If you're not a loyal listener, he works for NFL network. Stop. Okay, so it's not the it's not the Franklin Tony Sala or Tony Sala, James Franklin Robert Sala. No, not tones takes. We do. We will have tones. Jim's gotta work. When him he's getting back down there. You Go. He's basically making his lemon shall of. So what I was going to ask you about the eagles or everybody, everybody in general, does anybody else here? That what what I what I was did say that arm strength is underrated. What I'm concerned about Meryl's. I Love Meryl. Meryl's at Homer Dawkins doesn't even watch football anymore and I'll tell you he doesn't watch football, which I've heard in his interviews. He doesn't Sunday he's busy. That's God's Day, the Lord's Day. Anyway. Are they going to read into all that's being said about them? They're young team. You Herod A J Brown saying I've never seen thirty thou people show up at a practice. I feel like this is a young team. I think young. Well, some of the some of the key position players, are young. You've got a young head coach. Are they going to start kind of reading their own press a little bit now? You don't worry about that? Yes, I don't. I think there's a difference between the scene. I think they're confident, but I don't think they're cocky. You Got, I think you got lady Johnson, you got Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cocks, okay, Derek Park stop with dark born. He almost said he's a veteran slight. Yeah, there's I think you have enough guys on both sides of the ball that will keep that on the wraps. You got a lot of but you've got a lot of young guys. J Brown, you have them all. Four. But he's he's a sport are you not calling me young's the same age as made. His point is he's been in the in the League for a while. Like some of the like Aj Brown's played in playoff games. Dude, I don't think they're young. Right. But but he also played in a market where they're an afterthought. University of Tennessee, it's vols football down there. Seven right. Well, we can vouch for that too. Correct. They do. They were good, they were okay. There was more Eagles Fan. I did not see a Titans Jersey down there until game day. That was you don't know. You don't know where the cowboy girl...

...anyway, you don't always see Eagles Jersey Zone and you see here, you will see or eagles here. Yeah, we didn't even see any Tennessee unless you unless you're the John and you wear them to work. Yeah, you will see eagles gear twenty four hours a day in the Delaware Valley. It's okay. It's not cool, man. There wasn't a shot. It's an observation. It's an observation. An your ugly hats to work. I like this hat, dude, that's ugly. I know, right. It's a classic. Yeah, I like that. How to start? Jacket like that, dude, the jacket, sure, and Ray roads a ward on the sidelines. I mean, where did you get it? The receipt Sp. Like the hat. It's a good hat. You're wearing a gas station Polo. I don't want to get like, come on, you can't get out fashion. Who advertises gas when it's five hours to gallon? D What's going on? was giving him five cents every Gal. We're getting it. We're got a discount on gas right now. Every lesson of mortgage payment. Awesome. For every like we get, we get a quarter off a gallon of gain. What are we up to? Three legs man, so like what? I know. We talked about it, but we gotta be on like predictions. Like where they at? I don't know that I'm ready to make predictions just yet. Oh God, you're one of those. No, I mean a lot can happen. You have three preseasons. You got three games, like, yeah, you've got three games based on what you've seen so far? What are you thinking? Forget what could happen? Well, we haven't seen much either, though we've seen, we've heard. You know they upgraded the roster. You know they have a schedule. Question. What do you think they can we've already kind of you've done it before previous I'm trying to somebody said I think they get ten wins. I think I'm right around ten, and the division. I'm right around ten. Maybe their division, maybe, but it depends on we haven't seen anything. It depends on how heart's place. We saw one drive the hype train. The hype train here is unbelievable. I want to hear nate, Nate Times Yours. What get this schedule? Come on, it's easy, it's it's cake. They're going to get at least double. You still got to play the Games. You can't just say it's easy and then this bad feeling when you look at the schedule. I have a bad get hype, I get it, but when you look at the schedule that they have right now, you have to give yourself losses. I have a yeah, I remember, remember when we were going through the schedule. We have to lose somewhere so that that sounds like this schedule is so soft. I have a bad feeling. But that Doug comes in and beats us that they could lose the Doug, but they could also lay an egg in Detroit. Are you guys? Are you hard knock? Are Use hard knocks fan? Watched this? This season of hard knocks is really I mean it's only been two episodes. Okay, I haven't seen it, but hard knocks is really good and if you look at what jared got, this is if Jamet said the man Tito things good. It was. Dude, the documentary, back to the back to the lover. So, dude, I hate Notre Dame. I you know I hate a good document he watched he did program well, then, I don't care. Shut up. I'm the host right now. So can we get back to the lions. So I do think it's possible. Right, Jared Goff played really good football the last five six games of the season. You can't talk it into playing. I'm not. I'm not saying I see it, but it's pot is there. I'll say it could be a close games at home, like it could be the Detroit lions. They do have a prep guy on the rosterit just saying what do I talk what are we like? Ten point favorites already? It's not. It's the safety lines. Will we beat six last year? But they're a gritty team. Did you hear what Nate said? It's only four and a half because the season has a start of four and a half. It dropped down the four. The lions are getting a lot of love right because they're on hard knocks too. The whole Hutcheson thing with him singing billy Jean. They're getting a lot of press. That was actually awesome about that. She's just a girl, you know, that has never seen and it's it's all high. Don't forget the prep guys. When may Lotta and Johnson Pancake Billy Jean, we'll see what happens. Who Cares? It's yeah, I can care less day. It's the Detroit Lions. They had the worst record last year. The only way they can go is up. They can't get worse than that. That dude was getting really emotional talking about last year. They all get emotion. WHO gives that? I don't care. I didn't see I want it back. Who are you worried...

...about? It wide receiver, DJ Chark Brown. Oh, yeah, like, like, whom I worry about? I'm worrying about Jamison Williams, was j Hawkins. I think they win the game, but it just might not be first. I think it's gonna be. I don't think it's gonna be a blowout. I think you guys all thought that Atlanta was gonna beat US last year too. They almost did. No, they didn't, but we, we usually usually stink in Atlanta. We smoked them. We did not pull away at the end. We're beating them the whole game. It didn't. It got it was I thought they scored first. A little bit. Atlanta scored first, scored a field goal, and then we scored right away with a touchdown. That was it. Blew him out. But I'm just saying, Detroit, I think that could be a gritty team. Yet, obviously I'm not saying. I'm not saying. I mean in this city. Look at your damn team, the flyers. He's the only flyer I know, to be honest with you. Gritty should be the captains trash. I could see, I can shot maybe being a little nervous for week one, but I'm not. It's still the lines to me confident that it's not gonna be a blow it could be a gritty, close game. I think that are so much better at the line of scrimmage both. I agree with that. Every lea agree with that. The best offensive it's the best offensive line with the best offensive line coach in football. It's not even quite come on, man like. It's not even the best. where's where's Wine Rivera these days? I think he's in case. I think he might be in Baltimore. I could be really still in the league. Is the best somewhere. Look at what Stland's done with everything. Almost lives. So here's somebody in Detroit by tie is. It's got paid. Look at what he's done now. The issue would be Detroit is that we won't be able to run the ball right. That's the why. Why? Dude? You guys are talking about a rookie running back will probably be out. Miles ain't gonna play, Dude. He's not playing for the rest of the preseason. Why do you think he's gonna play? He's gonna be out for the rest of pre why would you play him? Make it worse? I hopefully key Kelsey should be back right Kelsey will be back by miles. Why not? JERGENS is fine anyway. Jergens I liked. I liked what I saw at Jef Jergon's. They call him be he looked, I don't want to say he looked like a junior Kelsey. Well, that's why they that's why they draft. Downfield gave it his blessing. He's athletic, he's a downfield block. He's then enjoy some jergons. Definitely. Oh my God. All right, on that note, I think we might want to take a break, please. Yes, nate, hit the music. I can't believe insure philly dot com say comparison shop all the time. Can I get this cheap run amaz out? What will the store brand? Should get a second. I think it'll be. So why not do that for you? Why not have someone comparison shop for you? I'm sure PHILLY DOT G ten groups get out ten minutes with top insurance carriers. Like progress. But it wasn't that. It wasn't that liberty, mutual and compass, Kemperform half away owner, Matt Malonos hop local service to just go to inshore. PHILLY DOT COM. You put on my school or two on five, good, zero, zero nine, five, nine zero. I like for all your insurance needs, auto, home, business and medicare insurance plans. Make sure that you're insure PHILLY DOT COM or call two five, three zero, zero nine, five, nine zero. Matt Maloney gives you the national carriers. You recordly from a local company. You can truck inshore PHILLY DOT COM. You're black in your you're right here. Yeah, and we are back from a rambunctious break. Dick is trying to pawn off these cherries and he keeps hitting my mic chord and turning the MIC. You know what I thought? Stop Touching Your Cherries is a really good out of the box idea. I'm just saying. I think they should stay in the box. was happy with the shots, and then you do that and then he does that. Yes, at least I do it in you're blessed that you're we're blessed to have him. We're very blessed. So I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about what we were discussing earlier, and it had to do with the fan basis. Right, and I think there's been a bit of a shift from the most loyal fan base in the city and we were discussing this on text and we used to think it may have been the flyers, and now it's kind of change.

And I hate to say this, but I don't really like the hardcore flyers fans and we discussed why. Well, I don't mind the die hard flyer fans, it's the ones that don't see anything wrong with the team. Yes, every year I have I have a couple of friends that are diary die hard flyers fans, but they know that the team sucks, like they'll still go to probably twenty games this year and spend their money down there, which is absurd, but they know that the team stinks, like, at least they're willing to admit. I don't know any bigger flyer fan than your uncle Steve. Yeah, and that dude rips them to shreds them. Yeah, I mean, what is there to like about the team? Nothing. Not, seriously, there's nothing. Did you see that? Don't give me gritty and not. Did you see the Umdreau was working out at the flyers facility? Yeah, and how fired dude, how embarrassing is that? We, as a as a historic franchise as the flyers, are to have that on your home practice facility. That's so embarrassing. What's more embarrassing is the devil's thought they had him in the bad they were dropping hints on their social media. They put his birthday in there and his number and all this stuff where they thought they had him. I mean, I know what the rumor was. The rumor was the sentiment out of the family was he just couldn't put it on himself to go play for the devils. The flyers never even reached out to which is a disgrace. You know, they made it seem like him at the end of his career, like they always do. Why does chuck? As soon as I heard that, I'm thinking, why have a job here? Why do you know? Why do you make the move to for D'Angelo? That's my point. and take up cap space if you're not going to go in because and and you give up Limblom, who's an inspiration to the whole to what? No, no, no, like, I get it. He's not the play. I get it. But if you're gonna do that, you gotta make a big movie right and if and if and in a team that needs crowd and needs fans right now, you're gonna get rid of that inspirational story that your team could use for nothing? It's a terrible I thought they were in. I thought they were in make makeover mode. Right, they bring Indiangelo and I'm thinking, all right, bringing him in and yeah, goodrow, then you've got you know, you've got something that interests me. But the fact that they didn't and they were out, I'm not even I don't care. I could care. It's weird. I thought I didn't care and I'm pissed and I haven't watched the full flyers. Right, I haven't watched the flyers in three years, probably, like the only way that just stops is if people completely stopped showing up, but you won't because of the loyal fans. But a corporation owns them, so that's always have money. That's not going to be a hit to their wallets. Staying away is not going to be as big a hit to their wallet as you think, because it's a corporation. I think the bigger hit comes when the sixers move and they lose the tennants. Yes, and then they lose half their content revenue, and you gotta imagine wrestling and boxing will follow suit. And get around. That's on comcast, not the flyers, but comcast. Comcast Day will make a bigger move to keep the six like they can't. They're gonna say the flyers are are the Phillip The sixers are moving done. I think that's do you do know the six man? Son Is the guy behind all that? The sixth man is a big real estate guy. Allen is a big was he was. He invest his son is one of the Allen, one of the private investors. Yeah, probably, yea, because he owns all those colleges, university city dorms. Yeah, so, I mean the flyers are. It's weird, though, to my point earlier. They've been dead to me for a while and I was fired up. How could you not? We were all like Johnny Hockey, let's get big. You know, I was down this. You're on vacation. I actually packed. I had a flyer shirt with I'm gonna wear a Flyer Shirt on the board block if they got Johnny. Yeah, I actually think I think it's a gritty shirt from monkey's uncle, another friend of ours. Shout, but the shout out. But yeah, I was gonna rock a little flowers game and that didn't happen. I was like, you gotta embarrassment. They're the most I know that you guys hate soccer, but I'd rather go to a union. Yeah, Dude, I'm with you on that line. I'm actually with you. What the Union? At least they I don't know anybody that's on the SH I can't name you one guy, it doesn't matter. Jim Kurt is, Jim Kurt and the coach. Yeah, I knew that. Yeah, you know why you would like them. He's a pill guy. What they do? Know, what they do is what the phillies are now doing. They play soccer every but no, everybody that has been developed from their academy, like the dirt team, is what do you mean? What the Phillies are doing? The phillies have bought the phillies. Are the Yankees talking? Talking about painter and able and all these guys coming up. You see about these baby aces. Well, they haven't baby. You just trademark that. Santa Bud first trademarks baby as. That's really good. Dude. Painter is going to be a stunt. Have you watched him?...

Shirt? That's a shirt. You've watched him. I'm going to go up to reading that's no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, baby, yes, I have. I said, have you watched him pitch? And you said, I'm going to go up to that's like I'm going to go to church. When he pitched the other game it was back on okay, all right, Lakewood, and he looked good. I'm not doubting you. I only know what I hear and I know I've heard. I've heard good things. I think there's a good shot that him and able are both in the rotation next okay, next year. Yep, they're only in double a this year. They just got promoted. Yeah, you look at double a, they're both turning they were both turning it up short the guys that go to double a or usually. I mean that'd be great. That means it's to get ready back and if you look at Dombrowski's track record in Miami, Detroit and Boston, he's all brought up young. Yeah, yes, and I think that bodes well for them. And trede Turner's gonna be a Philly to. Well, we'll see. Do do we want to get back to what the original question was? We can get, we can get, we can get back to the loyal fans. What are you saying? No, I'm just going off the fans. I will say we heard this discussion on the concade show. I heard it at least. That's why I brought it up in our group chat. But I will say that in your lifetime, how old are you? You you you're forty, your thirty eight. Don't let the gray hairs I'm saying. I think in your lifetime, especially your lifetime, I will say there's more loyal fans. I was I was ten years old, my my uncle's that are close to me in age. Like Jim said, if I go to harder, if you want to see a product, Jim, if you want to keep going to the when somebody's got a quote here, if I go to the Union Games, you have to watch. That was Jim. When the when the flyers won their first up in seventy four, all these street hockey leagues sprung up and they created an entire generation, my generation, of fans, kids that were kids that were kids that were four or five, six, seven years old. I think they were still a little too young to really understand what was going on, but say like from eight on, that was the generation that the flyers gained with those two Stanley Cup wins. To what? To Deek's point there, I didn't play organized hockey like I was a basketball player and a baseball player, but I had a hockey net, I had goalie equipent, had I had multiple sticks, balls, we played, we used to, we had which, we had street. We played street. We played pickup street hockey on Trinity Street and then the public school schoolyard was where the street. Weird to me, like Philadelphia, I think, has a really good hockey is street. It does with the flyers and it goes it's way before the fly and I think, you know, the youth programs, like Edge Snider started a great youth program absolutely. So it's weird to me when people my age aren't, we aren't more into the flyers. You know what I mean? Like I think they lost you. I think they lost you guys. Know they lost a lot of my friends. But for for us it's the eagles and then the sixers and that's just been the best of us. And it's weird because the Phillies, phillies have been the best too, but baseball is just such a dying sport that it's hard to get into. When they're good it's it's better to get to. Like my son, like I said, it'll be thirteen tomorrow and it's definitely eagles here than six like the younger generation. He's he's gotten into the phillies because they've been good and red doctor taken to the game and I try to get into the flyers. He'd give a Ratsass. Yeah, and it's weird because his generation was so with the Stanley Cup runs. I thought it'd be passed down to your generation, of my generation when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I remember watching on Philly fifty seven. They always play on Saturday night. So I get them and that you know. That's what I was saying to I started the show, was that if you break it down by by age group, I'm probably the my generation is probably the last die hard generation. And no, he's not a diehard. I'm not. I used to be up up through probably into the nineties. I was. I was too young to remember the sixers championship in sixty seven. The Flyers is obviously the first championship that I remember and I was so, Huh, but the flyers were first. I know I know what I'm saying, but he gives about flyers. Well, it was a big deal. Let me up to you. Do you just show your ignorance of what it was happening then. They were tell them, they they there. There were two million people those parade. The city went. The city went absolutely bonkers for the...

...first one and Kate Smith was an icon next to Joe Paternos. But but what what I'm saying is I was so and all to buy what the flyers did because I never seen a professional championship before and I was like wow, this is really, really cool. I want to do this every year for every sport we have, because the city just went crazy and everybody was having a good time and everybody enjoyed each other and everybody was good with each other. There was no bullshit going on and that was the that's there. No Bullshit Philadelphia. I don't know about that. Not Now you're showing your no, I'm yes. Now. I'm talking about when the championship era and that that immediate time period. Rank about how great it was when the Eagles on the Super Bowl. It was the city, everybody, everybody was great with each other for months after the eagles more and it was like that. It was like that with the flyers and and now, and now they're pitiful. Right. Look, if you look at what happens, is the Colorado Avalanche, who have only existed for twenty five years, just one their third Stanley Cup. It's crazy. Have Three. The devils have devils have too. They have three. Three penguins have five. I mean perspective right, it's insane. Yeah, they're all teams that they hung on the whole. We've got two cups. It's a choke. We talked about the jokes of Franchises in sports. You talk about the Cleveland Browns Lions. The flyers are right there with fires. Are Right there. Now I think the flyers are the second longest coupless streaks sides the Toronto Maple leafs, if I'm not believes the beliefs. First year, six or so in each season as a contender, the flyers do well. It's been it's the flyers used to be. Yeah, I know, and it's just that's the one I miss. It's bad. It's really bad when half your league makes the playoffs to begin with and you're one of the predominant names in that league and you can't make the playoffs. And now they and now and now, instead of tanking. Right, there's two top prospects next year. Um, what's the one kid? Probably, well, they've got this kid is supposed to be the next Connor Batard or song yes jard on broad right. So he's he's the next guy, and there's also a Russian who's also supposed to be really good. Those are the top two prospects. But you have prospect got kidnapped. Um, he's still kidnapps. But yeah, but anyway. But you bring in a guy like Tortorello, where you should be in tank mode, and he's gonna whip them like racehorses and probably get the eighth spot and ruin it all. Watch them, watch them make squeaking to the playoffs in the eighth spot and ruin it all to lose in the first round. That's what's gonna Happen. Probably get swept, I'm sure. I mean the only bright spot of this team, the hurricanes have two cups. I mean, just think about the only bright spot on this team was Carter heart and now he's just a forgotten thought, like because he's got nothing in front of the target. But he was also really bad last year. Well, the defense doesn't help the defense suck, Dude. The defense does nothing to help him out. Something crazy, and this kind of reminds me of Carter Heart. When I was out at wheeling. We had a hockey team out there and they were brutal. They would lose games literally twenty two to one. Okay, but our goalie had the best goals against the average in the league because he was facing like a hundred shots. No, he would have the best saver percentage. Thank God you are a math major. His goals against average would still bend. He he minored in alcohol. Give him a peak. Yeah, right. by The way, that those cherries explain the Gargoy voice. That's that's the Gravelly Patois. So there you go. So we discussed the flyers and I think we move on and we talk phillies, right, because, well, are the flyers fans the most loyal in the city? Not Anymore. Not, not anymore. It's the it's the certain age, it's the eagles fans. You can feel that. It's palpable hype and excitement for the team. Everybody's talking about. The Eagles have always been the number one team in the city was rooted for going back decades and decades and decades, but there's probably before. The difference is the loyalty and I think right now, current day, it's eagles by far. I think the flyers have a more beloved I'm sorry, they love this team more than they used to, though winning the super bowl kind of got took the edge down a little bit. What was your distinction again for what flyers? Fans that know they stink? I was I was gonna say that that there's different some die hard flyers stands. There's the...

...diehards that won't accept that anything's wrong with the teams and then there's the diehards that, no, they sucked, curticized, they're still gonna go to the correct and go to the Games. And what did missing now like? A STEPFORD? Stepford wives who your boy, Mikey miss who he used to call him? Stepford. He's in the nursing he's in the nursing home now. Man, not a fans now anyway. I could kill. I'm sorry. I don't miss him. I'm sorry here. Thanks for pain, homed. It's all right in Philadelphia right. The bestest show ever. Forget about that. So don't give them any more free pub. So let's talk about the phillies. There, you got a big series coming up against the MASUGE. They got to win three out of four. But why do they have to win out of four? Maybe, maybe, are you? Are you not buying into this? Have to have to win? No, not buying. I think if they get two out of four it's fine. Yes, I would leave three out of four, but are beating up on the bad teams. The phillies are. Are You with me? You're avoiding the two as that you should take three. Yes, yes, against, and it's here. No one's is important. I don't think Nolan's pitch were no, he's pitching Friday night. I believe so. Yeah, and I was hoping going into this weekend that the phillies would be seven to seven and a half games out and if they were ten and a half out, the mets keep winning in the brace. No, I know, I know. Let me let me finish. And I was hoping going into this weekend that if they were able to get three out of four, they could bring the division within shouting distance a month in, with the month left, and then make a stretch run. Uh, you know, go for for the division, with the way they've been shut out. What is it, four out of the last seven games or something like that. It's it's insane. Five of their last seven games shot out. Yes, that's insane. With the lineup like this, forgetting now, Harper and no, no, shoreber. Forget that. This lineup should still be capable of scoring one run against the SNATTI. freaking right, they took but they took the first three. I don't care. You need to sweep against that team. They're brutal, they're freaking Tripoli. It's team out there. No, no, they're teams you need to sweep. You do really you. You do realize they're on pace to win a good job. So at this at this point in the season, they are now two games up on where the two thousand eight phillies were in one game too, and I like who say that was that was sixteen years ago. Okay, but my point is back then, years ago, back then it was harder to make the playoffs. Certainly was. Yeah, there's an extra one. Well, back then there was only two spots, right, you had the east and the West one. So they're in pretty good shape and they're on pace to win nine two games. How many times have you seen him, this late in the season, up and choke? Right, I don't think this team is the same. I'm not saying but here's bullpen. Now you want to talk about you want to talk about the fact that they're tending a half out from the mets. If they would have done what we said the first couple of weeks of the season, I guarantee you there within striking distance in the metsic where the brave, the braves are. Manage there where the braves are. Girardi's not the manager. They should have fucking fired Gerardi's as. Excuse me, the time that they blew that game. That was it. That should have been done for him. That fats game when they blew what that Frat should have been. Well, if he's gone, they are. They're right there. I don't know. If I don't know they're but they're better. They're in a better pro I think what Dj said is more realistic that there were the braves are right now. They're four and a half out and the metal choke. No, it's a valid point. GERARTI sucks. He's fired. No, unfortunately, he sucked. He doesn't suck anymore. He sucked. You don't know what goes on in that house. So and with that, I'm taking a all right. Well, alright, so he is gone and now you have to deal with it. Right. The mets are a good team and I'm not ready to jump off if they, you know, if they go too and two updates or down here. Please stop with this. The mets are a good team. They are. You've got to stack the like they keep losing. I mean, I keep winning. You. They don't even sniff winning the NL again. Why? Why would you say that? Because I don't think they're going to. They have the best one two pitchers in baseball. Yep, did you watch the ground pitch last one? Master, for Master, Dude, phillies couldn't touch the ground last week. No, I couldn't even touch him. And if, if you think about it, the mets couldn't touch except for I will get. The mets couldn't touch wheeler either. You, you know,... don't have to yell. There is a microphone. The mets, mets touched. Were tired of this, mets, Dude. The mets put up six runs against wheelers. Stop letting listen. None of us like the mets, but you have to face routed there. They're one of the two best teams for the mets do this a lot. The ten games up in little chokes, so we can see. I would say right that's a lot to choke away. Listen right now, with a month and a half left, that's a lot to like. Listen right now. They're probably one of the top them the Houston Astro. Houston Astros, the mets and the dodgers are the top three teams in baseball. The phillies are top six right. They're close. I think. I think it's it's well, here's the problems. Well, dodgers, Yankees, here's the problems. Phillies, here's the here's the problem. You do understand the playoffs set up right? What do you understand? Well, they're not supposed to be able to play right now. They would play. No, no, no, no. But do you understand what they play? The braves? Okay, but you know how that goes. Okay, but if you finished in the play if you finish in that wild card, you play three games away for your first round series. Okay, okay, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's best at first round. Is Best at three. So you have three away games. So it's critical that they get that second, that first spot. Otherwise you're playing and you you look at you look at what the what the phillies have done against the other top teams in the league. They played well. They've played well against him, but not the mets. If we got to play against the mets against me, is it gonna be healthy, though? Hartper swinging the bat. I mean he took so he'll be back back. Like is not hitting right now. The red series, he was brutal. Yeah, New York he had a good series. Of the reds he was brutal. Better, hoskins has been coming around and stots hot to Casciano has had a decent two series. Think about it. The mets series, like okay, it's a big series. I want to put it against put it that way, like blew it. We should. We couldn't beat the well, I mean even yesterday, but Sir Anthony Blew that one yesterday. It's a shame to see that. I know every game. I know one and couber going down doesn't help. But you do. You do have a stout bullpen. You've got a really good starting page. All right, we'll see. I hope. I hope come to take all four, but I'm not jumping off any bandwagon if they but I think if they lose one out of if they get if they go too and two, it's fine, but if they go one and three or four, there's a little bit of trouble. Okay, if they go one and three or if they get swept in four games, I'm concerned, but if they go there's still a lot of baseball, you know, and you're not going to I think you also have to accept they're not going to catch the match for the division. It's just not gonna happen. No, I'm not putting it out there. I'm not, I'm not. I'm not giving up on it. I just can't. Don't give up because smitty brought it up. The mets are notoriously choked before with huge division. WHO's chiming in there, Joe White? The mets and Braser tide? Excellent freaking well. I mean it's you've got the you've got the hate, the hate blinders on tonight. I don't like the mets either. No, no, no, you're stop. I can't stand the mets, none of us. I can't stand their fans. And how many mets fans do you know? All the ones on twitter to talk shit all the time. You should get off stie. We're all of that same boat with you. An educator like yourself, you should get off the twitter. Grow Up. You're on Facebook, ripping on other podcasts to get out of my face. Perform. That's okay. That's the Santa boot first facebook. That's not me. I don't know who operates that. I just can't. I think the charities are starting to kick in on that. I think I hate the mets. Are Right there with the colts, are right there with the cowboys. Calm down, I hate them. Oh, I hate the mets too. I hate hand. WHO's the most loyal hated fans? Yankees. I've no I think I hate the mets. Win The Yankees. I'd rather if it was guy getting haircut in Yankees. That's pretty amazing. That kid out and left field getting barber there. It's terrible because the Yankees have be getting blown out or castor a walker this week. Bassett, we know. We know that Bassett's pitched really good. He's picked twelve, yes, he has, Dude. I'll take three out of they should take three out of sweet. Well, here's the questions said. You can't just ignore the mets. They got. They gotta Win Three. Carrasco, they played Bassett and three. I am with you, Schmid. They gotta win three and ignore. They have to win three by this weekend. will be six and a half out of the vision. Alright, alright, I gotta do us a favorite. Next time you trimmed the beard, you gotta trim the nose hairs. They're connecting right that Cherry, that Cherry's kicking in, Ain't it? pist off? I don't like the mets moving your schedules.

You think he's right, because you know every clerk gets people mad. Yeah, I'm telling you, you get a little, you get. The eyes are too. I've eat the most so far out of everybody work. I don't think I'M gonna be. I'm annoyed with the praise and mets get. I'm annoyed. They're a good team during New York are very good. What do you think that's going to happen? Are they? So? Here's the thing. Are Do you mean? Are they? They got seventies, not second best team. Se are the team which hard championship and where all what are Harper, schober, castanos and Bay Roll in baseball? Okay, but then we resigned him to a monster deal. So if we buy a chip every year, I will gladly down seven times. That's fine. If I can do that twenty seven times. The dinosaur approach there. It chase my as you're talking, as it does yours to talk about the mets like that when the Graham walks from New York next year, hopefully it does. Hopefully I don't think that owner is gonna let that happen. You've got a different not the it's not the wilpons anymore. Cohen is very adamant. Yeah, they've got money, Steven, Steve Cohen has been very adamant about he doesn't care. He will pay. Yes, yes, he has. Like what he did with Lindoor. He traded for him and immediately signed him to a fat deal, which is what is he gonna here's the other thing is is gonna Walk Ed, lose, dazed, lose. We'll see. So the sixers released their schedule this week. You take a peer into it. Dj made an excellent point. What was the same amount of national TV Games? No, they've got an increase. So we checked. We check, we we did the math. What is it? So they had twenty seven national TV games last year, including NBA TV. This year they have thirty three, four, four. That's seven. That's a seven game. Quick Math. Hold on, Smitty, put that quote back on me. NY. You're good. Don't there was no quote like that. Yes, it was. It was Jim. I'm with Smitty. What do you say mets choke when the September wins come blowing in? James, I don't know about this year. That's that's two thousand. I don't know. I don't know. Like this, it starts pulling his elbow August and it's done. And then did you do that when they won the world series in Washington? To say Tom glavint that out there to fall apart? I think. I think all right. So, so the sixers released their schedule this week. National television schedule. It means? Is there some tea leaves that we should read into it's it means something. It doesn't mean anything. You talld jazz have four. Four. That means Donovan Mitchell's probably gone because you tall jazz. But could they've been? They've been five Western comference state the lists. The Utah Jazz. They've been a top they they're not the warriors, they're not the Lakers, they're not the spur the jazz, but deck four is an interestingly low number for a team that's been the caliber. It is a very low that means Donovan Mitchell's probably out of though. They're blowing up their whole team. So why put them on TV? It means something. NBA knows what goes on and it's bears going. Half of the role players are going. But I mean, but you still have a star, all right, you still have a star on that team that National People. I think Jim agrees with me. He says there's NO MARKET IN UTAH. All right, nonetheless, no market. There's no market. There's no market in Memphis. Yeah, and they're on national teams because they and a really good young corps does have two of the best, the most popular players in the NBA. That's why they're national TV. They've been beating hard as it's gonna come back. But you can't, you can't, you can't ignore that, Kevin Durant all, because it's real. It's not. The NBA schedule just proved that's real and I explained something to what. You know what, Brooklyn is not giving us two of the top ten players in the League in two years. We're not getting them boot yeah, my my betters. He stays there. If you're if you're Brooklyn, if you're Brooklyn, though, it's blowing up in your face. Why would you not try to get as much value? And it will not be here? Why not? Why? If it's it will because, well, in division. Why are you helping your division? They did last year. I don't think. I don't think basketball looks at that anything. It's a little bit division. Don't mean anything of that is a better trade chip. He is, but that's the only chip Boston has. They've already said they're not trading Robert Williams. Okay, they might. They could trade some of their bench players, dude, and they're not going to trade smart. That's the only piece they have. The sixers have more Harris do. Why not? Harris, if anything, would be a calming influence over pick exactly. And he plays. He plays when you're and and...

...he's kind of he's held on and his contract comes off the bucks in a year. There we go, philly. That's how confident Jim I'm not confident. I must be hammering. I don't Jim, Jim. Jim Has the day off tomorrow from work. Jim, I think you have a better chance of growing the mullet anymore. I've I've seen it back in Katie's head that's gonna Happen. I don't I don't think that it's I don't think that it's necessarily gonna Happen, but I think that it's very real. Get the Vegas odds. Put it. I put it about six. Did he comes here? He gets traded that he comes here. Hold on, somebody, I'll ask you a question there. Dj just parted up. Does he get traded? Yes, okay. So the places that he can get traded right? You've looked at like. He can't get traded to the heat because they're just saying they just signed bad contracts. Bam to the contract. You can't trade him to Phoenix because of Devin. Devin booker isn't going either. Devin booker is not going to trade to New Orleans right now for Brandon Ingram. Brandon Ingram is better to be. They would do it. They wouldn't. Why? Why? Brooklyn has Brooklyn would be stupid. To trade on to New Orleans. And not only that, because the first off the contracts have to match Brandon Ingram's a Max player, with Kevin Durand's contract. You think that's good value? Gea Brandon Ingram and a couple of the young piece? Dude, that's stupid. I love Max as much as everybody. So, Dude, I love them, but you can't play Brandon Anglan. You can't play Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons together. That's the same reason the sixers didn't go after him. It's the same reason the sixers in after they're both they're both stretched fours a hand hold on. They're both stretched fours that need the ball in their hand. And the reason why didn't go because they were in the sae draft. That's why. Uh Yes, they were. It was either. No, I know, they were Simmons, I know. That's why it was. It was an ingram, it was Deanzel Russell. It was wasn't it? I thought the sixers were in on Angel also. It was Ingram Simmons. All right, I'll believe you. I remember that. Lakers to spenn Simmons was regardless and it was ball. It wasn't sick. It wasn't clock yourself, Markl folks draft all, calm yourself down. But regardless, there's only so many destinations. There's only so many destinations that Kevin Garnett one could go to because Kevin Durant. Would you turn his you keep screaming over the host. There's only so many places that Kevin Durant can go and he's Alsto got to accept the trade. They're not going to trade him someplace that. You better believe. His his agency is gonna put out your trade me to New Orleans. I'm not going there. They know that you can't play chicken with a superstar like that. It doesn't work. It never works. For the trade. It's the biggest move in basketball history. It's pretty cool. I mean, what's bigger? Jordan pretty close. Jordan's Jordan's Jordan didn't get traded. Jordan's always said back the biggest trade. No. And then when he came back after being retired, Mike for saying that. What the durank getting traded with me get moved, Rade. I forgot. He unretired from the Bulls after two years and went to the wizard put a put a little on the cherries passed those errors there. So listen, like I I understand. It's not happening here. I want three. It's not happening. I think you can't say that. You gotta also record. It's very open, Dude. It's look open. Look at more's track record and book what he's been all about saying it getting superstoption. The Boston has jlen Brown, trump's everybody. The sixers can offer, not necessarily. They want Marcus smart and Robert Williams, and the Celtics have said comes to shove jylen Brown or maxe. We Love Jylen Brown. Right, yeah, but what else can they give exactly? You're not you're not getting jalen brown straight up for Kevin Durant. Okay, Getting Payton Richard, I think. I think you also have to realize, and here's the politics of it, you have a nets gm who has pushed his chips in on Ben Simmons. Who Does Ben Simmons want to come play with him if you're going to trade durant? Well, I mean these are guys that he knows, that he's familiar with. I would say there might be a push behind the scenes. He's been seen working at he's been seen working out with Maxie. Who Simmons and Maxie? Yes, they had worked out, not recently but last year, while Simmons is holding out. The lugging out there both sports. Yes, so if anything, Simmons might be pushing beyond the scenes. For Him. I'm just saying I think if if durant the east, even if they don't trade for kids, I think they are. I agree with that. Being back, I think he is too. I think he's not doing the late night thing anymore. He's up at six am working out that don't kid yourself. Did you ever see the interview with Kobe Bryant where he talked about getting up and working out four in the morning? Not Compare Bryant to James Harden worked,...

...but if you go work out at six in the morning you can get three workouts in in a day. If you're not working out till noon, maybe two. So he's dedicated. Listen the track records there, like the guy's been one of the best stuff. That dude's gonna still go out and do his thing. Like he's not doing his thing. He's over in Europe and he's getting up and working out at six and the more but he went out every night in London with K D. went to a concert and they went out to the club a different heart even look at each other, though they were sitting right next to each other. They didn't look. They had tables for the next day. They were working out together in the gym in London. Hey, five minutes. I was a five minute warning. So I know you're setting the workout videos. I agree with you. But if you look at hard en, he dude, he's slimmed down. Good job. I don't know what to say, because he can give you if he can start finishing at the rack again, which was a problem last year. Didn't finish the whole trying to draw content. He didn't shoot enough. Didn't shoot enough. But I mean, if he gives you a little bump of what he had, he's a twenty six, twenty six points. That's why I think twenty six, point six. You know he's gonna be on a on a load management schedule all he plays. Dude, he's a thirty eight minute a game kind of playing. He Ain't playing seventy eight games actually in shape. Absolutely. Yes, listen, he didn't have a hair because he was the only player and he was. Listen, he was. He was a malcontent and he had the hamstring. Also playing for Max contract. He opts out next year. He put up. Well, I don't think. I don't think he'll get it. I don't. I don't think that's what he's motivated by this. I think that the sixers will pay him handsomely. I think. I think he I think he comes back and think that two year deals. Prove it. Prove it to get your so you you already know him. Beads playing sixty five, seventy games. That's fine. So you need another star out there with hard and if he's gonna be playing eighty games, well, which ultimately let's is Maxie, I love. Is there yet, though, but it's Maxi closing games, or is durank? I don't exactly. I mean I agree, but I don't think Duran is happening at Smitty Smitty. He's one of the one of the ten bays, everything I love in a basketball player. Everything I love in a basketball player. I would give him up to get the rain. I hate to say in a second not even think he's a top ten player of all times. Yes, not strong enough to get Dan, in my opinion, no, but now sixers have coupled players. It's also the best of what they're doing. Harris Phoenix cannot just tried. They said no, book, No, they can't. They already tried. They already tried bridges. Bridges isn't gonna get done. And they think you don't want to give up Max because that's no, we don't want I don't sitty doesn't. I don't know, but nobody wants to give him up. What I'm saying talking about. I just don't think. I don't think they have enough to get a deal done that the sixers get table. Harris, five ble, Harris, maxilip and a pick. You'RE gonna give up like five picks? They can't give up five picks, up some when they're bad by league rule. Yeah, they can. Well, they can, they can give that gets it done? Absolutely not. If you're in Brooklyn, it's blowing up in your face as we speak. You have to get back value and then you get and you get back picks in. What would you not trade it for? Young and and you get picks in when the sixers are bad. I'm listen you and your rail roads hats fet of screaming to night there ray one cherry. Does it? Dude? It is the railroads inspiration. What did he say? What was it? What was the pregame speech? Uh, they came in and they're coming in the robber Robb Your House and take your women and children in the studio in two thousand that's joining US tonight. All right, you gonna say the ending? Well, I don't know if we're gonna do an ending yet, but we do should. We should thank our sponsors again. You got it. Thanks again, Mama mays, thanks again to POPs mccan's Irish whiskey and thanks again to insure PHILLY DOT com. Ten quotes in ten minutes. Matt Maloney, give him a call from the Cherry Yeah, Dee's Got Cherries in his eyes. When I look clear in his eye, I think those cherries. There's no imagine, officer will, we had some cherries tonight. Yeah, I'm picturing deep pouring these in the ash tray when he gets out of the car. Now you know what? You know? It's good. You get a big bowl of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream liquor and you put about four or five and on top with some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a little cherry juice. Didn't just say chocolate sauce? Yeah, it's Sarah. Huh, Sarah, that's a good bowl of ice creams. And I'm not a I don't sit in unless I'm down the shore or something.

I'm not an ice cream guy. I don't sit in there. All Right, I'll give you a few charities to take home next time you're down the shore. That's what I don't like chocolate either, so it's different. Oh my God, you're so difficult. I know, I know it's you're exhausting. All right, so let's take this home. Thoughts for the week. What are you looking for this weekend? What are you looking forward to? What's gonna be a fun thing, something you're watching on? I am really looking forward to this mets series, I think. I think, uh, I don't think. The Eagles game is going to be it's not going to be too much to write home about, I don't think. But you know, I would like to see these special teams trying to tighten things up a bit and I just want to see, you know, I want to see them make progress, you know, keep progressing forward. I want to see that Defense Day get one percent better every day. Right, that's right, that's many. What do you got? What are you looking forward to this weekend? And I don't want to say the next week of school, because you're going your ass is going back to work. Actually, I've been back. I know you're I know you're hanging a kiddies come back. Sweep of the mets back. Are you predicting to sweep or you'd like to see sweep of the mets? Alright, wow, that's a prediction, very strong, but I don't know. If it happens this weekend, you're gonna Piss in your pot. I do that every day. Eagles. Eagles make a move. Eagles are gonna make a trade within the next two weeks. Eagles and make a trade running back or extension running one of the others gonna running backs. Jesse Bates will be nice. It is Jesse Bates a move. Maybe not a running back, maybe Jesse the current player. To who do they need to extend? There's not really many people that contracts up. Yeah, I think they needs he's got two years. You know I'm talking about slice. Yeah, but his number next year's like thirty millions and they want to they're gonna what does hell he do with the cat? Yeah, but DJ, what are you looking forward to? Just said that Phillies mets is obviously, uh, hanging out with your dad. Yeah, Chers, look at him, he's still I think that's due. I think that's really all on TV besides Eagles preseason game. But I don't think the stars are gonna be in. Steak is gonna move to Cherry Hill article and driving under the influence of Cheris us all right, nate? I think it's time to take us home. I've been your host, Brian Flannery, thanks for joining US tonight on Santa Bou first for Smitty, DJ and Dick. Keep it be good. Be Good at be excellent, to be good, be excellent to each other. I don't know, be blessed. All right, we'll see you later. Yeah, it has us. You just want to turn it beat up.

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