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Season 1, Episode 166 · 4 months ago

Bold Predictions Eagles vs Vikings NFL Week 2 with VikesUncensored Podcast | NFL WEEK 1 Overactions


We have all the bold predictions for Eagles vs Vikings NFL Week 2 2022. The last time the Vikings came to Philly was in the 2017 NFC Championship when there was a skol whopping heard around the world. But lets not talk about the past and those Nick Foles 2017 NFC Championship highlights but let's talk about Monday Night Football NFL Week 2 2022. Let's talk about Kirk Cousin in primetime. And what better way to start the conversation then to invite the frenemy, the guys from the VikesUncensored Podcast to the show. How do they like their Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North this year? Do they believe this could be the year with a new HC? And we deep dive into the Monday Night Game.   

The Santa Booed Crew also breaks down the NFL overactions we have seen since NFL Week 1. Like Jalen Hurts going form 40 to 1, to now 16 to 1 to win the MVP. We bring in our guy @tonestakes to break down all the new lines and how is the Vegas treating the Eagles. Going to be a great show 

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Good evening and welcome to another episode of the Santa Bood first podcast. Go Birds. It's Vikings Week. That wasn't as good as that wasn't as good as I got to get a few more drinks to me. Cigarettes, cigarettes, you smoker. Good evening, welcome to another episode of the Santa Moved First Podcast, coming to you live from beautiful downtown. Will have grow the lovely crack Bell Production Studios. This is your pilot for the R Mc for the evening. Jim Marcus. To my left, the elder statesman, Donald Kennedy. Martin, someone's got to turn every week with the guy. It's like a rookie mistaken his left. We got the AP. What's up, Stafford? Business? Fact, back to school night. He means business. That's right to his left. The Don Sense, a Dj you did you say his sense, but no Dojo again, the sense of the Dojo. All right, that's cool. We got the president of the Baker Mayfield. Sounds like you're being introduced. Dj Left, the youngest Martin, so so, Andrew Martin. What's behind the glass? You got nate money. Mass keeper was lying on the air. What's going on, nate? All right, boys, week one time to overreact everything. He olds the whole league overreact to everything. Um, we are gonna have some guests on later. We're gonna have our guy tone on at the end for all you gambling addicts out there shaking. I know there's a game in the night, a big game, so we'll get some picks on. We're also gonna have a podcast from Minnesota, behind enemy lines, come on, like we did last week, the Vikings uncensored podcast. So we'll see what those guys are thinking about the Monday night game. But first let's get in the overreactions to week one. It was a win. I'm gonna sound like d here right the defense. They were guests. We we all agreed that the defense didn't look good. They were start on the training camp cupcake Park. That's where I'm going. That's where I'm going, direct by products of camp cupcake. Would you rather have? Let me ask you a question finishes. Would you rather have a bunch of guys hurt because like out their answers kicked in training game, or would you rather have them come out slow the game? It's called a happy medium. There yesterday you have something. You have something between what they did and what it used to be like the offense was have you had to be. They were in football. The defense was not in football shape. Tell me they were. Nobody was one week one. None of them plays. So it's it's still it's still sort of like ready. They were ready for that game. We were not ready. Did they win? Did they win? They if they had one. They didn't. They didn't, though. They didn't, though, did they? Did they have another possession and it wasn't because of their defense. That stuff stuff them. What? The defense lost the game for them, though our defense didn't stuff them. Answer question doesn't matter. If they had another possession. If, but they didn't happen. So who cares? You comfortable in the last two minutes of that game? I honestly never thought they were gonna lose. I didn't. I just really even if the lines came back and I was I was. Yes, I was. I was not there worried at all and they lose. No, we're not. You're judging in the outcome. That didn't happen. It happens in sports. Oh my God, it didn't happen. That we're talking about right now, though. Yeah, we once, and looking at us we're going, yeah, we're still be ready and we weren't for that game. They were ready. Physically, they were ready and law so much. They were ready. We weren't ready. We won. If there were two more quarters, we would have lost. Oh my God, if they're, if they're there, they're still oh yeah, maybe they had a chance.

How can you? How can you say they're ready? They lost, they let up thirty eight points at home. How are they ready there? Because maybe they're details, but our offense is pretty good. Wait, he's pretty good as they were. I'll say. I'll say the Defenseij said it perfectly during the preseason and when we were watching hard knocks. Dan Camp He's a coach. Yeah, I don't think Dan Campbell's a coach. That's why I wasn't worried that they look real ready. That was so stupid. But they had the most most one side kicks last year and and and look at their record. They were like fourteen. Dude, your bottom. I don't fault them for trying. You onside kick there. Why? Why? That's a horrible move. It's that they hand the momentum and that's why you kick it. No, it's not. Look what happened in Braska. Northwestern in that college game and now you got fired. Exactly. Yeah, he's, but I'm just saying that's such a stupid move. That's Oh, my balls are bigger than your balls. Let's say that I don't have confidence in my team, so I'm gonna get them. I think I can't get the Eagle. I can't believe we're arguing. However, many years ago, the first game of the sea, you're really talking about some shock the eagles. Oh, I can't. That was just that was a ship. That's the Eagle. No, because it's the first destruction of it's not. Because it's the first play in the game. You can recover from that. You can't recover first half. How about the shafts in halftime in Super Bowl? That was that's if it doesn't have if it wars, it's good. Yes, exactly. The same thing with the Philly special in the Super Bowl. Like if that didn't work, we're all like you, like, let's think about I just want to keep yelling at all that down. There's no logic in this group. Where you get from. Just do you have a collar on? It doesn't mean that the lines we're gonna come in pump this first time. They saw exactly the hard knocks. Yeah, right, at the end of the day they won. Yeah, maybe it wasn't pretty. It wasn't. It wasn't pretty at all. I will agree with that, but you could tell the eagles were clearly the better team. Like getting your preseason out of the way, your first three games and it's bullshit. Yeah, it was an ugly win. You could look how many injuries were there in the first freaking game in the season. Don't give this bullshit. Back in hurting pretseason. It happens. Dak Prescott stuff for two months and somebody shoot up like he's got. But don't give it a shot after the injured in the first or in preseason. Happened to your season. All you need do is slapping to a slip. Wait, Barnett did day. Oh Yeah, thank you, he's stuck for the year. Don't give it his injury ship. In the beginning of the Super Bowl, Champ Scott whack whack yereing their. It's week one. We walked away with it. Think move on with your life. We walked away with we're gonna keep my teams. Don't play your speech in the locker room to get them whatt of you guys think that played well? No, zero, look in the fourth quarter. Horrible, but I don't think they have anything to do with condition. Than you. You know what I think? That's what I'm saying. Don't Howard drop. You know what I has to do with God continuing to the lift by this scheme where I think? I think when I see Hassan Reddick dropping back in coverage. Come on, winters are getting like they're no pass rush. I hate the game. But Oh yeah, the bots are back. They're spamming. The spamming made it. made it. So when is it win? Let's continue to overreact to week. Here we go and I'm not we're done with the eagles. We could continue. We're done with the with week one. You got more you want to say? Talk about the game. I'm talking over reactions. We can get into the Games. Overreaction to the whole week. The packers are maybe not that good. Niner state cowboys seasons over. Sorry, state now, Dude. That's the thing. It was the first game.

The bengals walls to the freaking steelers. Yeah, there was a lot of bad football. Yes, because nobody has a preseason. Yeah, that's just the league. That's what you gotta realize. It's not just the eagles every time I get off. It's not. It's not just for ten minutes between at the end of the day from one another. It's not pretty, but you know, you don't care how. I don't care how they come by. The League looked horrible when when they're winning. There was really only one team that looked like they were dominant, the bills. That was it. Do you know chiefs? Actually, you're right, the chiefs looked really good too, but the cardinals, who they paid Kyler all that money, wasn't the eagles were getting spanked and they came back one. They were down and half. Do you want the Super Bowl? I think they beat the Jack. They were losing to Oh you're right, you're right, and it was. It was seventeen nothing to the jags, wasn't it? Fires? You say right, but we're doing are he smells really good. I just I just got a whiff of like Cologne right now and it smells good. I think it's the AP back to school special. Do we want to talk more about? Yeah, because I think there's some things that we got to bring up. Yeah, I think. I think. Look, I said in our group chat that I still don't think hurts. His arm is good enough. But he won the game, Bro like if, if he if he wasn't a quarterback, they don't win. The other things, too, is that only one person was getting open, Brown. The other thing is he had no time to throw the both both lines. Smith, his love as much as I love it, he couldn't be press coverage the line and that's what it's knocked on. Draft came through the depot. Look pretty good on that. But he hasn't arm, he can't make the throat. He's inconsistent. When he's very inconsistent, when did you see that throw? The other throw to a j brown that saved them on that went at his ankles. If you look at what I know what you're gonna say that the fenders sitting right there right now. If you throw that ball high enough, the safety is gonna come and hit him. It was. If he hits him in stride, it's a possible touchdowns. Brown is getting knocked out because that's safety Wilson even in the picture. That's why he's there. So He's the biggest receiver on the team tasket. That's safety. That safety wasn't even in the picture. Yeah, he is, his life, his life. I don't know. Nobody argues that. Nobody argues at and I don't think there would argue one game. I would hope he wouldn't. I hope he wouldn't. If he's on this, I hope you would have. He argued that it wasn't just because it hurts four ts against the Jaguars. That's not they almost lost. They was lost. I was too. I seen that. I was like, Oh, like, all right, Jacks, once his offense kids going to find a way, like for Smith to get open and got her. I think it's gonna. That's that's that's that's the optimistic part you have to take out of this game too. They put up thirty eight points with using sorry, you're right, long, sorry, all right, still, that's pretty good on the road when you don't use a three fists on your offense. I mean, you think about it. Yeah, he question and Devante Smith were non factors. Yeah, here's the thing, that God was had a good game, but he, I mean God it's had better games. Need to realize this team might not win the sexy way through, like long passes. WHO gives a ship a touchdown counts as a pass or a touchdown counts and running it right up the middle and scorn. What's the difference? Well, people don't like saying that out of your quarterback. I would like to see if my quarterback, personally, I'd like to say, was going to break that catch. He had one guy to beat. That would have been a touch the only drive that really pissed me off, which was more play calling in my opinion, was the gold mine. Yeah, that was after the A J Brown pass. That was a j Brown, but then like poor execution. Well, maybe it was. Where do you think if they had a bigger back like trace hermon? I think. I think. Well, he'll probably be playing this week and I think they don't think so. Why elevate it yet for he they've been saying that he's not getting a touch in the practice. I'm gonna say this. I'm not like a huge Kenny game. Well, doesn't do much for me and the goal mining can get touched him, but he doesn't. I'd rather see a...

...bigger back. He's yeah, but Gambell is your Skat Guy. Yeah, okay, they need, they need, they need, they need that big boss of Scott. Look, I I know he knocked on him a lot. He's actually really productive. Like I know he never goes down at first. Yeah, he's actually very he's tackle for loss. Always fall that one touchdown where you con't know. But but when? But Smitty, when he's on the field, usually good things happen. When he gets he's at the table and he's Rudy. I think it's bigger than him. You Really? I mean, dude, he works out. He that's disrespectful to Darren sproles or Boston. Disrespect. He's a tough runner. He's he's productive, productive cheeks, maybe against the down and often. Yeah, we do. We want to switch over now and when we can continue with the NFL overreactions. But we get the guys in from MINNESOTIA. Now everybody's singing the kirk cousins crazy. There's a week. Yeah, bring them on and bring them on, Dun. We gotta get jaws music when we bring it. We should have played the skull again. Hey, guys, what's going on? We've got rhino at Lance right from the Vikings uncensored podcast. Good evening, guys, my name is Jim. To My left, we got deek, we got Smitty we got DJ, we got Andrew Behind the glass, we got our guy nate. Um. But yeah, we're we're we're yellowing at each other in here overreacting to reek, to week one and how the eagles are good or bad. Um, and there's plenty of other NFL overreaction to go. But we want to get into the game. Um, you know, there's definitely, you know, maybe a little a little heat between the vikings and the eat a little bit the past couple of years. But first tell us about your guys podcast. How long you been doing it? When you do it? I see your up there. I think your last episode was episode seventy five. So congrats. I'll make it to the seventy. Give us a little bit about your show. All right. Well, we started the show Vikings uncensored, uh, in March of one, kind of right about the time in league years started. Um, I had done a little bit in the past, but the show I was on ceased to keep going, so I wanted to keep doing what the podcast things so lance and I started vikings uncensored. Like I said, back in March one. We've up to episode seventy six. Will Eric Friday night. Uh, on our youtube page at six PM central time. That's Friday nights are usual, usual premiere for the new shows, unless we happen to do a live show here and there along the way. But basically we uh, we talk all things vikings, throw some NFL stuff in. Um. You know, we're not one of those podcasts that are just unicorns and rainbows and all the homer stuff. We actually you know, if something's going on with our team that we don't like, we call it out and basically tell it like we see it. Good. We'd like to hear that. We we are similar here. Um, try, we try to stick to sports. That's a strong Minnesota accent. Actually from North Dakota, so it's not yeah, I hear something that. So we try to keep the sports. We go off a little bit here and there and we certainly have our feelings of our teams and we have some Jalen. We have the Jalen hurts UH president of the Fan Club in here, and some detractors. So that's good. We like when guys are open to their teams and really look at them. It's not just the purple shaded glasses, I guess on your side. Um. So let's get into what what your thoughts are for your team this year? We did our round table of how we thought the NFL. WHO's gonna finish with? Um, where for playoffs? I personally think your vikings are taking the north this year. Um, I have a little bit of a vice against Owen Rodgers, but maybe we'll bring it up. You finally scored some points, you know, on my side. So how are you guys feeling about your squad this year? Go ahead, land, so I'll let you start. Uh, so far, so good. You can um glad that the gloom is gone with Zimmer Satan Devil left the room. I was so uh, Kevin o'cone..., he schemed up pretty good last weekend against Green Bay. The momentum carries over to week two. I know that the Eagles and the Vikings have a lot of a lot of proofs here. Honestly, the rest of the fels, oh, yes, kind of like giving me the Willys over. He gives me that you're having a little connection issue. All right, yeah, hurt. Okay, well, since lances grows up, but I guess I'll I'll hit my my side of it. Um, kind of like what he was saying. You know, the last two to three years, especially of Mike and Zimmer, were not fun times for the Vikings in general, the team, the fan base, the players, Um. But bringing in now Kevin O'CONNELL from Los Angeles, bringing in that McVeigh style offense. Um, we were promised a lot, with hope and hype and everything in the in the preseason that, you know, things were different. The players were coming out saying it's a completely different environment than it was before. And at least through one week anyway, they're they're delivering on what they were promising. Um. You know, when we were talking to we both also have us at least making the playoffs. After seeing how the packers were last week. Granted they were missing some pieces and stuff, winning and division is definitely in the Roman possibility for us. I think it's happened. Yeah, what the factors displayed this weekend. I think your chances went through. Forget about just what the bears were never in the picture anything. I'm actually surprised the bears did what they did. I mean, granted, they were playing in Lake Michigan the way, at local TV. Um. So one of the the Big Pires on your team Justin Jefferson scares me for Monday night. We'll get into Monday night. But what do you think? I made a statement before the show. Two thousand yards for Jefferson this year. You think that's possible, that that's what he came out and said he wants to be the first two thousand yard receiver. Uh, and I think it's it's absolutely possible, just seeing what we did, what he and what he did on Sunday against a very good green bay secondary. I mean they were placed when he was wide open by twenty yards, you know, and he before. He mean he had sixteen hundred plus yards last year running an offense that did not cater to his skill set, as we affectionately like to call it, uh Clint Kubiak in his coloring book offense, because it was pretty basic. And but now O'CONNELL is scheming to use him like the rams use Cooper Cup last year and if week one is any indication yet, Justin Jefferson has every opportunity to hit two thousand. What's the feeling in the city? There? Here in Philly, we're very, uh, passionate. Well, I was gonna say we're very fickle too, though, right like whether whether we had a win this weekend we were arguing over, you know, how bad they were. It'll win. Um, the sense in the town there has everybody on board. They think the Vikings are gonna make a run here. I think the the hope is high for it. Now, granted, we're the Minnesota Vikings. Our hope is high every year and then towards the end of the season a lot of times they tend to find the most excruciating way possible to rip everybody's hearts out of their chest and stomp on them with a boot, you know. But we've we've been there a few times ourselves. Yeah, more than a few. So I mean I think by and large the fan base has brought into it. There's still, you know, you've got that one segment of the fan base, the guys that Um, some of our buddies who have a podcast affectually called the everything sucks all the time crowd. Yeah, but you know, and and it's so it's a lot of people are still taking await and see approach to I mean, you know, they're like you guys were talking, you don't want to overreact to one game, but things look good at first game. So it's we're on the right track anyway. So No overreactions on your side yet. there. Is there anything that you think this team needs to do that that you know you're excited about, that we haven't seen? You know, it's only weak one. Again, we're all overreacting to week one, but it's or any part of the offense.

I think you have a pretty steff defense there. You get some great linebackers. Um, anything on the team that throughout the scene and you're gonna be like, Yep, this is when it's clicking. That's what we're waiting for. Go ahead, Lance, if you're there, we go. We got fixed. Oh, I believe your your Internet still chopping up real bad. Maybe you want, you should switch to your other Internet, if you can. Maybe try your phone. Your phone might be better too. We'll give him a second to work on that. But Um, from my side of things, I guess. Um our run defense is still a little suspect, I think, and that's concerns me for this week. Um, we gave up hundred and ten yards, I think it was, to the packers who weren't really trying to run much, but Aaron Jones had like a nine yard per average on his rushes. A J dillon was like four and a half. It's more of the stuff out around the edges where, Um, you know, where you guys seem to thrive. I think with the run game, whether it be with Jalen hurts or, Oh yeah, miles sanders, that's right, yeah, and uh, running quarterbacks have historically given us fits. So for me that's the biggest, one of the biggest concerns I see coming into this week. We were in Philly. We're nervous with Jalen hurts getting so many runs per game. We see nothing but injury coming out of that. We're hoping that miles sanders is able to carry the ball a few more times, you know, not so many designed runs for Jalen hurts and more some more designed runs for on the backs, be it sanders or one of the others, and just try and move the ball down the field that way. You know, we have, um, what's considered by most to be a very stout, productive offensive line, even though there were some holes blown through that this weekend. But with the running game, you know, offensive lines love to run block as opposed to pass block, because they get to be the aggressor on that that type of place. So hopefully we can establish a run early without Jalen hurts running the ball so much and get that ball down field and pop a pass here and there with with Brown and Smith and got her. I mean that's always a concern with, I see with pretty much any running quarterbacks, is the shelf life, I think on a lot of these guys gonna end up being a lot shorter than yeah, your typical pocket passers, you know, the the guys that can maybe move but don't take off running unless they absolutely have two kind of stuff. But one of the areas that Um and you can correct me if I'm wrong, that I feel like eagles might be able to expose Monday night is the secondary. I mean, listen, like Patrick Peterson and the prime was one of the best quarters but like, I don't know, you know, I know your secondary got some decent safeties, but like, how do you feel about like Peterson being able to match up with a j brown or your opposite or to the opposite, like matching up with Devante Smith, and then even like your linebacker playing like Georgian heicks? Don't get me wrong, he's good here, he was decent, but like in the coverage against like a Dallas got like what concerned you about the Vikings Defense, because to me I think the area the eagles can expose as the cornerbacks. Are you fixed, lanstring, try it. I'M gonna say Lance, if you drop off, you h yeah, you're your your connections bad. Okay, I'm just gonna drop out. Let Rhino take this one. Yeah, all right, Um, I got Egypt of the unit's Um. All Right, anyway. Yeah, I mean Patrick Peterson. I share the concerns on that because, you know, we saw him last week against Green Bay being out of position and a step slow. It seemed like a lot. I mean that opening drive when you know Green Bay had a touchdown, Christian Watson had him beat by ten yards and then he you know, right through his hands. Now he he did get a little better as the game went on, but he you know, and also he didn't play during the preseason at all. So I don't know if it was just roster or if it's just age starting to catch up to him. On the other side, uh, Cam dancelers has improved every year...

...he's been in the league. He's, if if you put any stock in Pff rankings and things like that, he's actually consistently among the top twelve to fifteen cornerbacks and rankings. So I mean I like what he's doing. Now our depth is a little shaky right now. Are Rookie cornerback Andrew Booth had a quad injury last week and he isn't he wasn't practicing as of yet today, so I don't know. They're thinking he could play Monday, but I won't know until we get, you know, kind of a game time decision thing. But I mean that that is definitely an area of concerned. I think that with Brown and Davanta Smith, I think that, you know, they could potentially cause us some problems in that way now if we can keep hurts in the power getting and get pressure on him and not having him time to find those open receivers and it makes it a little bit of a different story. But those, those are the matchups that on both sides of the ball right our receivers versus your secondary and your receivers versus our secondary. I'm not as Adam field has been a very good player, but I'm not as concerned about him. Um, Justin Jefferson, as good as we all want to say, Slagh is. I'm concerned about Jefferson cover double covering. I want to see somebody else beat us in Jefferson. I'll be okay. If Jefferson is not beating us, Oh God, I don't worry about that. I mean, how do people feel about Jagor out there? Um, I mean the expectation, the expectations here are are nothing like they were when you, when you guys, drafted him and we brought him in here to be a punt returner. For the most part he's he's our fourth wide receiver right now, returner to welcome quickly. You'll see what he's about. Yeah, well, I mean we've had a revolving door for punt returning and that kind of stuff the last few years and we had a kid we drafted last year, and you're Smith Marsett, who was supposed to be our punt returner and then he stunk up the joint in preseason. So that's why we made the trade. Rigor Um. He's he's got two directions on a punt return, lateral and backwards. Well, with Smith Mark said, it was let it go over his head or fumble it. So I I do have a question. I don't know if you had to step out real quick. So I don't know if it was asked, but but were you or any of your other guys from the podcast at the NFC championship game? We know we weren't. I thought even a guy that couldn't get good self coverage might have been at rocky statue. No, well, he said none of them were there. So No, we we uh didn't make the trip of that when we were smart. Move, way, way to save your money on that one. And you know, you know I was. I was sitting here throwing stuff the comfort of that couch. Yeah, actually where you got. Yeah, what was your what was Minnesota's attitude? Basically, we're like, oh, they're going there to super bowl. Where you guys confident? You were just going to come in and Roll School Pretty Eagle? No, I mean some people, I'm sure we're. But like I mentioned, I've mentioned before, the Vikings historically have always found the worst time possible to just blow it. And so I mean and of course with that year, you know, we were going with a backup quarterback because we had, we you know, we had traded for Sam Bradford from you guys, who probably got hurt. So we had, you know, case Keenum, who had had been up to that point and has been since, just a journey and backup who came in and played lights out basically up until that championship game. Well, you guys wouldn't score too right. We're in the first drive they scored and then once he threw that pick six, starting to fall off at that point. And Yeah, it was. It was a rat. When you guys went on the Rocky Stadium and did the scroll. Yeah, we talked about that when you did that. I don't agree with doing that kind of stuff really because I don't like to tempt fate, especially with this team, because, yeah, for us, for us it's it's all a good fun. I mean Philadelphia Fans did a bad a bad rap, and I mean part of it is is warranted and part of it it's earned. For sure, it's definitely earned from us. But Um, you know, at the end of the day, I think that, Um, if we talk a lot of...

...ship, but we take a lot of ship to right and and and that's and that's just philly right. We can yeah, just back it up. Right, you talk a lot of ship, if you come here and you back it up, and then the problem was that you came here. Actually everybody, because actually leads me to another question. Because because didn't? They didn't, they didn't. Viking people put uh, they put a jersey. They put a Jersey on racking. Yeah, but if we're being honest, they should have been confident, right. For sure, I think we were like the whole. Yeah, absolutely, but were absolutely unders yeah, and you guys were rolling with a backup quarterbacking. Yeah, absolutely, and it's it's all the good fun, though. Like I said, it's all good fun. We talk, you guys talk, we talked. I have one little other question before you go. I just want to ask him a right on one question. How is out in because you see, you know revery nice and I think here in Philly we were all kind of in your face because they were yelling and screaming right before you came on. And everything is calm. Everything is calmed down because you're nice, mellow tone. Right, you got a nice phone, your voice doesn't raise or anything like that. Um, but my question is is that, how do the Vikings fans feel about eagles fans, because here in Philly, like you guys, are like number two of the hateless. I don't think I don't think. I think Washington. I feel like Vikings is a strong number two, I'll say. I'll say out of the division. Yeah, I'll say out of the division, the Vikings. The Vikings are a strong number two because nobody's come to Philly. Nobody's come to Philly, just like out of the division. I think there definitely not. If you yeah, recently because Um, full, full, uh disclosure here. Yeah, that's exposure, not disclosure. Yeah, back in the day, um, because our eagles were so putritly bad in the early to mid seventies, late seventies. Well, not not early Seventies. I was born seventy. I was actually a Vikings Fan. Oh my God, yes, because, were you seriously? Why? Because they were one of the teams that would actually give the cowboys some competition and I wanted the cowboys to lose at all costs. If the rooting for another team, if it meant being a fan of another team, I rooted for that, for that team, and I love the Purple Peanut, the Purple People, Purple Penis. That's that's a whole another show all together. The purple people leaders. I love that defense. And you know who was on the defense I'm trying to think of the seventies vikings. Like who was that? It was jim well Carkingen was there for part of it. On the defense. You had Jim Marshall, who had Allen? Jim Marshall. You had a couple of different guys that floated around, Gary Larson in the middle and a couple of other ones. Yeah, I guess after that, because I'm thinking the moons, I'm thinking that Randall's yeah, that would have been like, I'm sorry, I'm an eighties baby. I Apologize. I don't remember the seventies when they had one bar that goes across the helmet. My bad. Yeah, and I'd like Black Green too. I was a fan of the blakes back in the day. Just stop, that's just stop. You know, you just dropped like five like stop, stop. My my last question. I'll be quick. I hope you're in no relation with this guy, but I'm not sure if you're aware, but the there's a Philadelphia big time sports fan that travels around the Games and we've had him on the show before. He gets all rounded up and you know, yeah, the face fan, Philly sports guy. Now there's also a vikings guy. I don't know if you guys have seen him on Viking scenes with the pigtails and the Viking helmet. Viking we have a lot of those guys actually. But yeah, alright, but this guy that I always have seen, he's a big jacked up dude. Yeah, I know who you're I know who you're talking about. What what are the Vikings fans feelings towards guys or a guy like your version of yeah, what what do you guys that? Um, he's probably not listening. Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure he's not listening, but probably we we. We've actually had he was actually in the one of...

...the Vikings Chat group that I belonged to. He lasted about two days because the only thing he did was self promoting himself. That sounds good. Didn't really provide anything of any depth for you know, intelligence, football discussion, anything like that. Every every post he made was something about how he's the face of the fan base. How is he's this, how he's that? He's whatever. If you wear shoulder paths. I didn't ask. He just has the pigtails of Viking Helmet. You'll see him. He'll probably be only yeah, he was the one that led the skull chant on the steps. That was him down again. That was great, but again now I just wanted to get you know, what was the view on as Vikings, because I have affectually referred to him before his dime start, Hulk Hogan. So that's that's all right. Yeah, I think we're uh, we want to get a prediction out of you before we get out of here from Monday night. Do we want to go first? You can. What do you Monday night football, Rhino? What's your prediction form for Monday night? It's gonna be, it's gonna be. It's gonna be a one score game, I think either way. Now, when Lance Knight did our preseason predictions on the final record and stuff, this was a game I have US losing. Um Now, seeing what we saw last week, you know, makes me feel a little bit better about our chances. I'm not confident that we that we can pull this off just from the Monday night thing, but since, uh, there's only one of me and there's a bunch of you guys, I'll say you're definitely out numbered. But we did the same there. Before we came on, we were talking about who did we pick at the beginning it. Could we do the same thing, go through the schedule and I think you I picked them. I picked the Vikings. I think he was, I think most of his pick eagles, thinking it's the home opener all, I think all of us on this side of the glass, on this on that side, but I think some of us were getting little shake the waiting room there. Hey, Hey, J before before. What was your pick again, I'll vikings. JIM BEFORE RHINO GOES, go ahead ask him the normal questions you asked. You bring the set of questions you asked every guys. All right, yeah, we we have. We have a standard set of question some of them are more local, so I'll save the local ones because I don't even know if do you know what scrapple is? Have you ever heard of scrapple out there in the Midwest? I can't say that I have. Okay, yeah, so we'll say we have. We have more general ones. So, chicken wing, are you a chicken wing fan? Oh, absolutely, flats or drums? Drums right now, right now you're losing protest. There's only one right answered. It's my answer and that was not the right an U M J or Lebron, Oh there's not even a question. It's Jordan's. There we go for two. Um, I'm trying to think the other ones in hard and local. Asked them. If you think we got Ben Nart questions. It's a yeah, it's question. It's the scrapple question, the Greatest Eagle. Yeah, I think right. What what the? What the? I guess a known food out there. Like what's the what's a local yeah, local food, like you know here's like cheese, stage, like water, ice, stuff like that. So problem depending upon where you go. I mean up in my neck of the woods it's there's not a whole lot of, I guess, what you would call a staple type food. It's just a lot of odds and and now don in Minnesota. Of course, they have the Juicy Lucy at many in Minneapolis. What's the the juicy Lucy is basically an inverted cheeseburger. It's they stuff the cheeseburger with like three four kinds of cheese and then make it that way so that when you bite into it, the cheese kind of lab us out all over the place. It's got to be different cheese, though. With cheese, you know, I mean it's like I had a Minnesota Act when I said that. You know, but no, that those are really good. There's a couple of dueling restaurants in the Minneapolis Metro there. One claims that they created that, then the other one claims they created it, so it kind of goes back and forth. It was actually on diners, drive INS and dives. I Probably Hey, rob, you said you're in North Dakota. Right, Yep, I got a question for you. Carson Fain, yes or no? I'm an in D S U of Baman. Then the season ticket holding and everything else. Carson Wentz here. It was phenomenal.

I think the biggest thing that happened with with him when he got to the Eagles is when he was in the FCS he was so much better than everybody else, he could do pretty much whatever he wanted and it would he could make up for it by just from sheer talent. But when he got to the NFL that differential and talent was gone. So He uh, you know, it's kind of like a straight a student in high school going to college and not and failing out because he doesn't know how to study right. And I think that was a lot of wins this deal he was just too reliant on his natural talent when he was in college and high school and everything else. When you get to the NFL and everybody's that talented at damn the M v P until he got hurt, so that he was pretty good. He wasn't respected in the lock. They didn't like him. I mean, I'm talking about what he didn't know. I know what I'm telling you, like, like. I think that goes to Ryano's point. Is he was so good in North Dakota he thought he was just gonna come in and take the League in store and the way he acted, he was close to being the face of the League for the first year. It was. Yeah, yeah, until until he got hurt, he was close to being the face that he was. Yeah, but he didn't have Randy Moss, and I did he but he didn't have Randy Moss. He was close to be the face of the League. Like we were like, you're really comparing on the randy stop, like I mean, I mean, and you know we can talk about wins forever, but all I'm saying is, like people forget what he did here. Like people forget what he did here, like he was a good player for us why? We'll let you go out of year. The question related to our questions that we norm when we asked, we normally asked the greatest eagle of all time, Greatest Viking of all time, and I know we're kicking up, we asked for so no, that's fine, I got when I'm done here and going to watch the football game anyway. So, yeah, here greatest right. It was time to go. Um, I'm I guess I will go with my favorite player of all time, because saying the greatest of all time is about a subjective as favorite player, but I absolutely loved John Randall when he was here, you know, undrafted free agent that came in and became a actual, you know, Hall of Famer Guy. Had A motive that wouldn't stop. He liked to trash talk. He was just I loved everything about his game and I'll he isn't, probably isn't, the greatest Viking, but he's my favorite, we'll put it that way. Face paint was legendary. Tom We had to get you in here. I can't even gull chance. I want to say thank you, Ryan to give us some time tonight from the Vikings on centered podcast. We really appreciate you given us some time. Good luck Monday night. Actually, you know, we hope you lose. You know, I'm gonna say the same thing to you guys. So good, just not too good. Yes, exactly good. Look the rest of the season. I told you, the Vikings are gonna win the north and Aaron Rodgers is a Dick. We're just gonna leave agree. And for the record, I think we're gonna see you guys again later on down the year. Yeah, we may be meeting January. Hopefully. Said philly again next time. All right, thanks, guys. Appreciate the time. Take care of all right, and right off one guest, we come into another guest. We still even get to finish our rans about reek, one but reek game of thrones, because tone save us. I'm gonna get that man a juicy Lucy. Yeah, I was trying to get you, guys like we had the single. We saw the tone signals implete. I was kind of given you. Now you were Nice. You were Nice. You're nice. Otherwise, how's gonna keep coming on? Because he knows that you see the screen behind you? I see it. Yeah, I know that. That what we looking at it, and he can ye, I didn't say. I didn't. I didn't send it that. We've seen that. He's talking about the image. Look at the chat. Look at the chat image. Yeah, I mean that guy did look like Duc Dynasty. Well, I think we got it. We should always does that. Do need a razor? But they're not listen to this again, I don't know, but well, yeah, I mean, I could care less what they think about me. Yo next week. I tried to reach out to who we played. Gus. We're playing the Washington commanders past. I I'll tell them when sucks too. They were good guys.

You guys were being nice. Yeah, I was trying to say, like, let's cut then at all. They would be a nice I mean Dj. I'm glad you asked the question because I started the Potom yeah, we gotta get a little live, a little. I was saying stuff, talk, taking shots on the little time. All right, did did we kick off? Did We? Because do you have any fixture tonight, before we get into it, that we want to try to die? And I went with yeah, I went with ekler. Ekler, over forty perceptions and over I think it's thirty three and a half per cyards. Tonight. He doesn't anything yet, but already halfway through the first your picture out there on twitter. So hopefully the folks you can yeah, and you can met some of that stuff live too. Sober, all right. Yeah, yeah, there's no yeah, there's no other gambling on the game tonight. Who you guys take winslight? Did He? Did? We not hit on the Carter this last weekend? No, we did. I to them. By the way, you had a phenomenal weekend last weekend. Let me said, yeah, if you I no, no, no, a couple of your bets I took the hit, the ones that I the week I litally took all your winners' gonna take me take this weekend? No, dude, no, you had to on my side at least here. Why? Yeah, I had a good weekend last weekend with tones, tones, takes. So what are we looking at for this weekend? And on Thursday is always a little bitter. Alway to get too heavy into the UM. You're still looking at reports and everything. There's and there's a lot of injuries. Um, speaking from a fantasy perspective, I have both deandre swift Ed Nigi Harris on my team. On one of my teams. It sounds like they're both practicing. They both say they're going to play, but that that, you know, that hurts you, guys right. You're waiting until Sunday morning to get all these line ups. WHO's in, WHO's out? Um, but what are you looking at right now for the weekend? Two players that I locked and I locked in already. First one is Chase Edmunds, over twenty three and a half receiving yards. Its minus one fifteen on draft kings. He had forty yards last week on four catches. Baltimore allowed forty three point seven receiving yards of running backs lay season, seventh most lays. That trend continued to jets at seventy eight receiving yards between between hall and Carter. So like that, Chase Edmund's number. See He's getting a lot of looks out of the backfield and he's a guy who can bust that on one one catch with his you know, with his speed. So that's one. UH, next day and next one. I got Michael Pittman over sixty one and a half receiving yards, minus one fifteen on MGM. Other books have this at minus five on draft kings and minus one forty five he has. He's questionable with a quad, but I think he'll end up playing. Um, I'm not too you know, not too worried about it. UH, Jacksonville allowed a hundred and fifty eight yards per game two receivers last year. He went for Nine UH receptions for a hundred and twenty one yards last week on thirteen targets. Uh. He's a man that Mott Matt Ryan looks for and he hit totals of seventy one and sixty four against Jacksonville last year and he said this mark in eleven of his last seventeen overall. So there's not much a competition for pitmen to get some some looks in that games. I think sixty one and a half is very reasonable number, especially a minus one could team. I think the Jacks actually won that game. It could. I mean the Jackson. I think the Jackson. They should have should have beat Washington. Yeah, yeah, they are there any games? So with the injuries, are there any games? What's what's The bengals cowboys game at right now? Like the bengals seven? And do you put anything on that game? Because the BENGALS got him? Yeah, I din't said he got embarrassed. But Pittsburgh at home, the Cowgo, the cowboys are beat up. Are you riding the Bengals with that? Is that too many points? Still? I would probably take the bengals if I had to make a make a decision in that in that game. I wouldn't go over seven and a half, but I would probably do bengals. Maybe, maybe even throw him in a teaser team. Yeah, I mean they should definitely win the game, like you said, especially after that bad performance the head last week. In a teaser where like the packers. Yeah, the packers are playing in Chicago this week at home, but you based so, even though you don't like Rogers. Rogers Chicago. He owns it, he said, he declares that he owned it. If they should just give in for the rest of the year. Yeah, and and you also have a team that's off, off a win, and...

...a team that's off the loss, and the team that's off the loss is a better team. So I mean, yeah, there's no question Green Bay should win that game. So yeah, and he's in there at home like he's he's like if you if you looked at the numbers, I'm not, I didn't look it up, but if you look at the numbers of Aaron Rodgers Against Chicago, just overall, and then Aaron Rodgers versus Chicago at a home that's like it's like it looks like it's probably like a video game. Yeah, he kills Chicago. There's a couple more that look kind of Wonky to me. A lot of these lines are kind of how about the panthers and the giants? Baker Mayfield sucks so bad. I think the giants three. The giants still suck. I told you. I told you last year. I told you last year that the giants we're gonna win the division. Maybe this year. The Buffalo is getting ten points too. That's a lot to me. Yeah, why? Why is there two games on Monday night? Anyone know that? It's just they've done that. They've done that the last few years. That's usually. That's usually week one, but usually do week one. Yeah, I don't know. It's weird. And of course sags are a later game. Yeah, I wonder what hurts his rushing yards are? He had nine last week. What's his I'm curious. Is that over? What's his rushing to? Have you looked into that? I haven't looked into it yet. Last time I looked there wasn't any pross like that game yet. So that yet this is kind of for both you guys watching week one and all there. Is there something that you're gonna probably be looking towards every week, like somebody's rushing yards or receiving yards or uh, for me, not too much yet. I still base some stuff off of last year's numbers a little bit and probably as we get to maybe like you know, three games in, then you can kind of get a decent sample size of kind of you know, throw last hear stuff out. I mean definitely can look at usage gets, Um, you know, stuff like stuff like that, but after one game, I mean yeah, you look at it, but you don't go too too much into it yet. I think the stars, the stars that you know perform. What about Tyreek Kill? Like he'll perform. Yeah, yeah, you know like the stars. Jefferson performed, you know, even even a J brown performed. Like all the all the stars did what they were supposed to do in week one. Week two is typically a trend week, so a lot of betters bet like what trend is happening of the week. So the line, there's a lot of kind of not weird lines, but they're kind of high lines, like there's a lot of nine and a halfs and tens, like kind of abnormal. But Um, like there's, like you said, like you said ten, like Buffalo. That's a lot to buffalo. There are good I think, like, yeah, like Buffalo looks like the best team in the league. Yeah, they don't mean like they just they don't have a lot of holes. I mean they're from top to Bob's really good. Oh God, he's just gonna be ring chasing every year. He's just gonna sign a bunch of one year deals and then, and then there's overreacting because the teams that were supposed to be good that loss are now favorite heavily like to look like the rams, Cincinnati, the nine. Well, the rams dropped in Super Bowl, the broncos. What do you guys? Eagles jump to favorite? So ridiculous. Favorite. Are they the first team in the NFC? Uh No, it's puff, it's buffalo chiefs, Tampa, Tampa Eagles. They have the same odds as Tampa and L A. Tampa looked better than I thought they would. I wasn't not impressed. Campbeah Tut their defense, their defense there's somebody who hasn't played all preseason. Don't practice. Brady, he looked pretty sharp to me ATT yeah, but it's, yeah, good, yeah, like they're all like when all their receivers are healthy, and that's a that's a big if. Looked okay. Yeah, for net looked good and then if Godwin, whenever he comes back, like they have an offense, like they you know what I mean. They just they just as the opinion. Yeah, I do. playmaking. Wise, yes, I think I'm taking I can't say that. Yeah, that yet it has nothing to do with im talking. I'm taking Goddard over their tight end. They're not really much of anything. Yes, over letty. Yes, because lenny gets hurted.

Running game created a brown and Mike Evans. I think that's a toss up. I'm taking the whole core over the I don't think it's I'm taking Evans and he gets more of yours. The first time a J browns played in the past like more. I take a j over revans. Yeah, alright, alright, but I was gonna say you're taking God whenever Smithy and I'm taking Julio over quas Watkins. But we got we got the tight end and the running game locked up any offensive line. They did not last week after the first half. The Eagles figured it out, but look, they got a hall of fame quarterback. Yeah, he is the call of fair. It's Tom he did not get him in the end several times. Yeah, I mean, look, I'm so glad to see Dallas just absolutely laying it's not saying anything about that because I'm believing Karma, like everybody's not saying. I forget its tone. It's tone of Penn State. Did he go to Penn state too? He he just looks like Franklin. Good, he doesn't do college. I've already asked him. It's too much, man. I can't keep driving a lot tone. We gotta come and do a live podcast from your house. He don't he doesn't like you. He doesn't like leaving it, doesn't like you, so we have to come to him. I'm like same Hanky, I don't leave my basement. Yeah, I haven't looked too much at Um. I've been kind of focusing on college, but I haven't looked too much. How bad is college football don this year? I mean the tea that was good. That was the best game, but really, everybody yeah, every other game has been like besides side L S U Florida or L S U Florida State, not to change the college football did you find it a little here? That Alabama no Ordan team? I understand. They barely beat Texas, who was in the top twenty five, and then they jumped Georgia back to one when they beat a division to school in Sanford. Well, I mean they lost, they almost lost the text, but there Texas isn't ranked. Not last week they were. Yeah, they were, they were, they were ranked. Now they were on ranked last week. Okay. Well, at least they played a Reputa school, Stanford. Give me a break. I mean the Texas last their starting quarterback to who did? Who? Did Georg your play last week's favorite team look good? Yes, we did. We do that. We can do it right now, Smitty. Go ahead. Every week we're like basically a SCUMBAG, but we're gonna call it cool. That's saying. is going to give, and this week's saying is going to uh, legendary coach, and Notre Dame Marcus Freeman congratulated. You haven't won a game since you've been the head coach. Coach two games at three you're such a not eight or something like that. But they couldn't even, Oh, I'm sorry, two games that he that he had, that they had a he was a week old head coach this year. Yeah, they look horrible, but they look horrible Marshall and and they lost their starting quarterback. You should have smoked on that. And and and not are shame and you're getting the cold. They'RE gonna they're probably. They're probably not gonna cover this week either. They're at home this week. I think that like eleven point favorites. I don't think they're gonna cover. No, they're playing somebody, okay, like it's a notable, like it's a team of college I've heard. Alright, let's get let's get your picks for the game. Let's get your money tone. If I had to make a pick on it, I liked the over. I like deal over for sure. If I need if I had to make a pick on the game, I'd go Minnesota. Money Line, things plus one, twelve. I just as of right now, I just the game of Minnesota. Check him out. We'd like to get you on the vikings on censored with with Rhino and lanes. Wait, wait, I just want to point out, though, that I didn't realize it on the names, though, but I would have could have sworn the guy with the big beard was Rhino. He was, I know, but it would make sense rhino. He looked like a bigger and the beard and like, yeah, the make suns perfect in the window if we could turn the he wasn't. He wasn't awful. He just had a bad connection. Yeah, maybe he was better than what you do. Yeah, he just couldn't hear him because his accident was heavy.

I wanted him to talk because his accent was heavy. Yeah, yeah, he did BIG MINNESOTA AC in Asoda. So you got to to picks. So far, Tom was like two props so far. Yeahs are you? Are you having a hard time looking for seeing value now? They just a lot of them didn't come out to today and honestly, I didn't get a chance to really dig into it. So, Um, you know, I'm gonna Start over the next next couple of days. But those are two that kind of caught my eye. I mean I'm kind of looking at Nick Chubb. Two to go over his rushing yards he wanted to have. You know, that's the lead for me. Two weeks a lot of your guys that you've been playing are all my fantasy teams, so I like it. I just keep against Baker, just keep yeah, you can under against Baker every time. You'll win. There you go under, under passing, passing yards, under baked plus one say under bake. You were giving him too much, too many dad jokes. Who's WHO's winning that division? Like packers? I like the Vikings Win that division. Thank you, because you guys gonna be yeah, yeah, you drink the same sward water and Phill it. That's that's just in the border. Must be great. Mind stick alike. It's all right, you guys can dollar. Kids are making you want dollars so you can get a happy meal. Pizza. Dude, he's putting foot on the table. You know, it's tough in these times. Packer, steak, packer, steak, Vikings, you're taking up. Rogers is a total Dick. All right, thanks for giving us some time this week. Maybe we'll be more organized next week. We'll see next week. The commando you have to find we wear. We go commando for the commander. Smitty has fired off. They're getting sued, actually the four fans. Yeah, yeah, but I don't want to go. Actually, I'm trying to. I'm not trying to fall off my seat. The fans are sewing, though. Actually, yeah, the four fans are selling clean, won't they? My daughter? My daughter wants to say hello. We got does she have a pick? If she doesn't have a pick, she can't come up. Do you have to pick an eagle game? No, you don't have a pick. No, she's sitting you're sitting down here watching me the entire time. Come on, like, yeah, what are we gonna see? Some tones take smirch. Yeah, yeah, I'm yeah, it's it's one of the things on the on the dockets. So way down the road, we got a number. I'm I'm working on a new logo for us with a T shirt this year. I'll be reaching out to your buddy. He gave me the card at the graduation party. So yeah, all right, tone, thanks for checking in, checking in with us this week. Good luck this weekend. As always, followed tone on twitter at tones takes. He'll be posting his picks all weekend and baseball is still going on. So on some baseball picks. He's putting seven straight profitable days of baseball. I'm down for you, but I hope, hopefully, not for long. I'm bowling through this. I'm not giving up. So mookie Betts killed me last night. All right, yeah, yeah, alright, thanks, guys, taking easy a right, see it. What do we got we we gotta wrap up here, man. It's already about to be a second quarters. We got our M v P them. I don't even know if we're gonna be. So we're gonna be doing the MVP of the week. Yeah, WE'RE gonna be setting the knees to the birds players. I hope we will be seeing them in their lockers. Little Santaboo, first sticker. So who's the MVP of the week this week? Smitty U M v P offensively, I think was pretty easy choice. UH, first game as an evil right, most yards ever by wide receiving their debut a J Brown and Defense Arthur Jan Brown. We had to go with Bradbury because I think he made the play of the game. The defense wasn't stout, but I think that was. I mean, if you look at the game, that was one of the differences. That's right, you know, congratulations to them. And so a J and James, if you're listening, your sticker will be in the minute. Yeah, all right. Let's go around the table. Predictions. You first and for to night. Oh, dude, frock for Baker, welcome...

...back to the show and lose again this week. Uh, I don't know. WHAT'S THE EAGLES? Vikings, Eagles? He pulled that out of his ass. I know that I said the eagles earlier in the year, but after last week the vikings looked very good. The Eagles look good but bad too. So with that I'm gonna go in a squeaker. I'M gonna WE'RE gonna GO VIKINGS, thirty four eagles, thirty one. I think the defense finds its screwed this week. It's closed, but I think the Eagles win. I know I picked the eagles to win when we did our preseason predictions. Dude, it's just off during the during the week, I felt maybe Viking's my two somethings. Go Birds. I want to go thirty eagles. Oh, I should go on. It's an interesting one. I I love the eagles. Before the season started, Jefferson looked really good. Last week. Our defense did not. Don't forget that one. Oh my God. I'm not worried about the running. The game. I'm worry, worried about the passing game. Monday night home opener. They'RE gonna get up for it. It's gonna be Scary Eagles. If this was, if this was either active vikings or not the home opener, I probably would go Vik I'm giving them the juice for that. Here's the thing, like we talked about, let's not overreact from week one. This team is very good. Yeah, I agree with Brian. Now we're going to meet them in the playoffs. I do too. We are he who wait? So so it's I'm the only one with the vikings passing and nothing charges. But who wins? Um? It's tough, man, because I think cousins in Primetime. You just can't fade that trend. You really can't. Um, I know, I think I said Vikings before. Um I would take I would take vikings. With the points, though I wouldn't. It wouldn't surprise me if the birds win, but I would think it's just because they don't have no like. I think Jim, you on the right thing. We have no pass for us, so we don't. We can't get to cousins and he has time. Their receivers are just too good. You know, I don't care if you bracket. He's matchup proof. Yeah, he's gonna get it. He's gonna get that. That's fine. If he gets his and feel will only get sixty in the running game gets eighty, that's a win. I hate fantasy football. So you want to hear? Just scored, Xander Horvath. He scored less, me too. You better pick him up. scored. He's a fullback. Touched out machine. Touchdown, Tommy Bardell. Oh my God, Dude, a one yard thought shown. Screw Sander, four, four, bad, whatever. God, Dude, I have eckler. That couldn't do ship less or something good. Touch him. He ran it in. It wasn't even a pass. I thought it was a Oh my God, Dude. Al Right, on the show. We don't care about his fantasy team. Look, Andrew's crawing it out. So, so over. Alright, folks, thanks for hanging out with us again through another episode here. I hope you enjoyed US yelling at each other in the beginning. I hope you didn't come back next week. These guys. We're kind of putting us to sleep, Um, and I hope you make some money on tones picks this weekend before we get out of here. Are Are? Are? I didn't even say anything about our sponsor, foxors in the beginning. Wow, damn. But do not forget Sundays during football season. Mama Mes Pizzeria, the sand is the santas Sunday special. Easy to say when you're not drinking Um. Give Mama me's a calling. Sundays. Large Plane Pie, stakes, Droum Bowie wings, a dozen wings and a two lead drink. And you didn't say the large, large, large plane pie. Alright, I'm sorry. Plates and Napkins, free plates and Napkins can be included if you if you ask Mamamy's pizza summer then and and and and POPs, fine...

...whiskeys. Just get me a little bit. Proprietor Jason Fogg, proprietor umses Perkins, together an excellent product with the history this guy on it at off professional. All Right, folks, again, thanks for hanging out with some another episode of saying the boot first podcast on this beautiful Thursday evening. Let's go birds and be excellent to each other. See you next week, row birds. All Right, I'm a little late with the music. Sorry, nobody who cares always listening anyway, just wait. What's what's the one from? What's the hold? I know you don't. Yeah, wait till then. Fine, on the road to the big time, and I like fine. He goes fine. Story fines down one to fine. You in alone, aline, and my sorry goes. Fine. He goes fine. On the road to big gun. He had to now beat as Hel.

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