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Episode 64 - 'Falcons Preview'


Poison Ivy Deke returns

We from money, football fag or two here to another episode of the Santaboo First Podcast, coming to you live from the yellow jacket media studios. That's right, you're now part of yellow jacket media. Big Group of folks over here now. Two hundred five lives back with us. Crack Bell was here, money pot culturally biased. What else? We got? The Madness podcast. All hope about you. I can't name them all, but we got a pun of them over here. Now back with some of the old gang. Good to be here. And with that we also have back with the old gang, Mr Engineer from last weekend, Taler, tk, producer, all the stars Tk. What up? I definitely didn't like the persona of Mr Engineer. Now you didn't like that? Yeah, my first names and good enough for me. There we go, the voice from the heavens. We should have had you in a mask. Yeah, like in the N S when Hulk and Rutzel is the Patriot right, do the reveal? Yeah, nice to the review. I was always powered by POPs sponsored by MGM Agency. In short, Phillycom at Maloney. Check him out. Up to ten quotes in ten minutes. We got you covered. And now the voice that you heard a second ago. That was that was Brian Flatterer, AB. I don't know if you want to continue to go by AB. It's the name, that the connotation that AB brings with it. I'm actually enjoying it more so keep rolling with it. Will keep with it all right. And we also have back with US after his winning his battle with poison ivy to the death, to the death, yes, Dick Morn d good morning, good morning, could to have you back. Thank you, good to be back. And then we also have Dj. What up do you? Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning. All right. So was your duty as a son to put calamine all over? I mean, I would just like to say, I mean I speak for my little brother here, Andrew, and my mom, that we survived the Deck Martin Poison Ivy Crisis, two thousand and nineteen. It was. It was horrible and I'm sure it wasn't shingles. Right now we're not shingles, and somehow DJ touched the same stuff I was handling into was N my dad passed out on the him and said screw you, son, grandson's getting it. Although I would like to say one thing about poison ivy. The government should give up waterboarding as a torture and what they should do is strap somebody down, take a wire brush and gently raked her body with the wire brush and then Rub quizs vy all over the guaranteed your victim will be talking within twenty four hours. I'm sure guaranteed us this. Yeah, waterboarding is child's play compared the bullets and Ivy. That's so twenty century. You sure you're not a little soft? You make a little soft. Yeah, okay, see, we went the rocksborough remedy. We would kind of rip it right, it off, Leach on it, Uh Huh, and that would kill it right. Should poor little so I'm sure you can apport a little POPs on it. That might and that could have helped. Knocked out. There's a little popu throw to put it help too. Yeah, it was brutal. I hate it. I missed two days of work for it. Well, even if you're at work, you're not really working, so that need doesn't need. Are You missing? What are you missing going out that over here? I'm sorry. All right, so we're back. Season is started. We'll talk a little eagles red skins. Then we'll get in the Eagles Falcons. One thing I did want to touch all now is the whole Mike's got thing, just to start off, and I think mainly because the legend now, yeah, offishal legend. And then we started this shit the name of our podcast and a boot first is kind of a poke it all the the bad vibes about Philly and all the Shit we here in the air waves about how our bad fan and we throw snowballs at San and Jimmy Johnson and batteries a JD drew and every fan base is terrible. They are they box. For some reason it all comes back to Philly and Philly's always horrible. But you look at social media. Now, with social media you start to see more. There was like a fight at the panthers game and you love it. There's always that wise ass that chimes in and says all Mandy's Philly fans travel poke it us and says the Philly fans. But also, being season ticket holders and being down there for tailgates for the last twenty years, there's always knuckleheads that do stupid shit that give us a bad name. I'm all for you coming to ARD in our house, where you know the team's Jersey,...'re going to hear it, you're going to take some ribshots, you're gonna get some tickles, you're going to get the asshole chant. It's all part of the game. It's own part of the good fun that a telgate and football is like a its own little micro cosm of probably some older things that don't need to be done. You know, maybe we need to come out of the stone ages with some of the things that happen there, but there's never a reason at a football game to get in a fight over a Jersey wearing. No, that's how this allegedly they were. They were starting to say it started right, but then you hear that there were comments with me. They were racial slurs. Thrown it at Mike Scott and so then at that point I got no problem with him. was was the Shawntellor thing real? That wasn't true. Now well that there. There was the calf in there, there was a redskins t shirt on there. They've done it in the past with cowboys and you know, that's all good to me. Till I'm fine with that. Kylin newback did some deep digging and made sure that wasn't he did a nice job. Yeah, covering it and being fair with it. Yeah, you know, because they're that yeah, there were a couple things thrown around. I mean, you guys heard the interview, I'm sure. Yeah, the tailgator, even what he was saying the audio before. You're right. It's all about good natured fun. Him screaming what he was screaming. That wasn't good natured fun. No, would give me a mict. You know, I've been the guy that, you know, if I see a girl with a she's got the Eagle's Jersey on and the guys got the giants chairsy on, I might yell dump them. That's the thing, but I'm saying it with a smile. There's no malice. I don't want to cause a fight or a brawl. Yeah, it's just crazy that that one on. But we talked about Mike Scott last week going down there. Yeah, yeah, the Dirk, because we knew it was his plan. And are any of you guys surprised that that happened? I was a little bit really yeah, I mean you see on twitter Mike Scott Interacts with the fans every day and it's all good stuff. But like you just think that Philly like fans would actually go after him. I wasn't expecting that they didn't even know who he was. Right, that's part of the proud I don't have no idea who. I don't fly that. How do you not recognize him? I agree, he's what six nine? Follow basketball. He's six, learns some, but he's so distinct with those tattoos and everything like forgetting. Me See, forgets the tattooed, forget even the tattoos. I've seen football players out that I didn't know who they were. Not Surely easis, but you see a pro athlete and there's part of you that goes, all right, that guy must be somebody is six eight and he's to und forty and he's Jack exactly and he's rocking a chain and, you know, a nice watch. He's somebody. I'm not saying you shouldn't give me a hard time, but that they're just unable. The guys that tried to go at their lucky he didn't knock them out or cause more than also, you could have easily destroyed them. And you hear somebody yelling, Mike, you can't win this one like you, and I think that was his guy, because he's right. He can't win it because you knock you guy out some clocks. There's a lot of I don't even mean getting his ass Peter, I mean I think he knocks a fan out. The headline is much got bache a face. It's knocked out by a face and he's got line is much got gets knocked out by a fan. So he can't win. From reputation six ERS PR perspective he can't win. It's easy for us to sit here and say step away not known. Hearing what was said, I can see where he's gonna get heated. But I think they say they didn't know. Maybe a little hard to believe, but if you're a type of fat that your focus on your one sport, you're not gonna go know whom like. He wasn't a starter on the sixers. He was popular. He liked to interact with fans. So I don't know that the castle. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. If there's thirty guys they're maybe a couple of guys didn't know who he was initially, but once he's walking over there there's more kids. Ground started for right. I might not be able to recognize a flyer off hand if I'm going to Tailgate, but certainly somebody says, you know, it's whoever, I'd go okay, Ye, on who it is. And I don't know if the guy said it in his interview on the radio or if it was new back picked it up, but he said that once somebody realized, like our heart saying, once you realize who it was there it has to be somebody of stature for you to care to say something. That's my part act when he carted and caught in that interview he tried to sound remorseful. He wasn't oh, we're not, we're not going to come the Games for the rest of the year. Okay, but you had never never seemed like he acknowledged what he did was really sorry for it. But it's you're going to get knucklehead fans everywhere and it's I don't know, I don't know what to say. I just don't want this to reflect on all Philly and the thing that was funny. So I'm in work and some guy comes over and starts talking about it and these guys aren't even from Philly. They're Philly fans. They're all from Delaware. Well, like it's all the Philly fiss the extended Delaware Valley don't and they are season. They they telled all the time normally. What you hear. It might be listening to this. What are you doing? That's fine by me if you don't like to turn us off. But there's always when these things happen, it seems to be the people that go for that one game a year like they they get really charge off for that one game here and then are done. Well, they feel like they got to get sixteen games of tallgating in the one game. Well, these guys, I've been doing this and they...

...can do it for a while. That Lot, like we usually we usually tell getting walk covery, a lot will cody, lots fun. But it's not that. That lot that they're in is like Lord of the flies over there. Yeah, it's a zoo and I'm so I'm surprised. That sounds like these guys do this on the regular. Yes, and the fact that they haven't, something hasn't happened already, is what surprises. Well, but they might have been in voice before and we just didn't know because it wasn't. Yes, celebrities in a celebrity well, it's some point here. Here's they deserve most of the culpability for. But at some point the city's charging me forty dollars to go part to to go park. So, you know, to do all that we're security like. I'm not saying they got to watch everything, but you know, if you parking citizens bank a lot, you can't even put a grill out. They come and turn you know, close it off. They let us do it last week. Yeah, I heard, but but that lot they let you do whatever you want. These guys are running amuck screaming at people doing whatever they're doing. I mean, isn't each lot like independently owned? It got to be. So are city parking lots. There are city park lot but somebody owns it and somehow the eagles are getting a cut of everyone parking revenue. So there's there's me a little bit of fault there, but some of it's Mike Scott to write. At some point your a pro athlete. I get it. I think they invoke this and they started this, but he's got all these idiots coming out of them. He could have blown a knee, blown an ankle. His career could have been changed dramatically over this. He's got to walk away if there are a certain point. Yeah, and you know, take the hit on the pride and just walk away and don't get yourself in trouble. Stay out of a lawsuit because, like you were saying, if you knock a fan out cold bodily damage, you're getting sued. Yeah, because it's at that point it won't matter who started what. Yeah. Well, but now you've got everybody kind of reacting, and now we're going to clean it up like Iraq. Are Former colleague all no more beer, bong baptism. Yeah, and they did. Yeah, and they run their they run their own circus down there too. I've been by there and I'm not up criticizing those guys, but everybody does their own thing, and now everybody's going, no, we're not going to do that anymore. Like, you know, you get people calling for them open the lots at ten o'clock. I mean, I don't know what the answer is, but I'm just saying stop beating a knuckles, stopping any lace. Yeah, way to go down there. Look again, it's its own little world. It's a world where it's okay to crack a beer at eight o'clock in the morning, nine Colo in the morning. You know, yeah, you got the younger kids there, but the language might be a little looser with the younger kids there, with the cursing. There's things. I've been the wing bowls, these things, your self contained shit shows. Yeah, right, but at certain point you need most you need to just kind of respect each other. But the people, think of the combination. Think of the combination. You got drunk people, you got people wearing different team shirts there. I'm guessing they were in the twenty five to thirty year range. No overlay. They were older uni really. Yeah, so that's that's completely on call for yes, not to not to trash younger people when they get drunk, but they haven't learned their lessons yet, you know, they haven't been through that enough to figure out it's not worth it. Somebody's my age. Yep, you got to know it's not worth it. What are you doing? I was just going to say that word. I think fifty something you can't handle liquor by now. You're not and being in Nice and not being an idiot. I mean it's just it's the scraceful and it's uncalled for. I agree. I was thinking the same thing. As far as the age goes, if they were DJ's age, in their twenties, are right, learning lesson right, you're older in us. Some of those guys had adult sons that were there. Like I can't imagine my father acting like that in front of me and I can't imagine you doing that. Run A Djim absolutely not flying here, but there's no way, and I would trot you that in front of my son. Yeah, when it's just yeah, it's you know, you got to be a parent. It's some time. Absolutely. You would think like us as Philly fans, would we hear so much crap? We get all the time, but we just keep feeding back into other things. That nice, like a limit to it all. We I mean we have a podcast named Santa Budod is. We revel in, I know some of it, we like it. We don't want to lose that. Today it's at home gry known as hardcore fans. To put our shoulder yes, but I mean I had guy say to me that's why I don't take my kids to a game. M Y buddy, I've known that these Games again for thirty years with my parents. I've seen a handful of fights, but, like I have no problem taking him down to the Games. You know, you know you're they're going to hear some things that they're not going to hear at home. But, Bro, I wouldn't. I don't want people to fear taking their kids to fear the cost of taking your kids to down. Absolutely, but the environment, it's a game. Well, the supporting that you should be able to bring your kids. You know it's supposed to. We don't want to bring him to a Woutang concert or a Metalit, I get it, but you should be able to bring a football game. It's suppocus to be fun. I mean I've been going since you know, yeah, I was single day just yead. It's still in great school. I mean Andrew's been going so,...

I mean and I've seen some stuff. I've seen fights up there, but like, I don't I don't see why you can't bring your kid though again it. It should still be fun. Yeah. So all this to say that anybody outside of the filly area that's listening to the podcast and bad philly fans don't take us every every fan base has s, knuckleheads, everything base, but we seem to bring it to a new level. Yeah, whether I don't understand. Come on, getting the kid that gets tassard. All of this stuff just gets us like horses hunched, horses eating dogs, dirty, eating the worst shit. Yeah, I can't get out of her own way. You know, there seems to be a will get a nice little pause where things great and bad egg sticks out it. Actually, I have a quick question. has anyone ever died as a result from like a fight or a tailgate? Here's here lift the lakes. A couple years, a year or wasn't less? Sure was it? Now? It's really it's within the last two or three years, because lakes. You've heard stories from the dodger game, dodgers and giants arrivalries. Yeah, the gang. And imagine that happened here, like a national news out of a game or no joke. Yeah, like if that happened here, I can't imagine. Yeah, all right, let's get into football now. We'll wrap up. And I know that topic has been beat since last week. I should probably beat portrayser where it is. Has Been that talked about all week long, but I just felt like I wanted to say something about it. Don't let it reflect it all Philly fans. All right, so red skins eagles. I will first impressions from all you. That first half Godd say. I don't want to sound cocky, but I was not nervous. Also say, what's up? I'm sorry. First impression. First impression, first half. Not impressed at all. And if they had been playing a better opponent, they would have lost that game. And it's down. There's only a handful of teams that could have won that game against just happens to be Washington's one of them. Yeah, I agree a little bit both of them. I mean the thing is, I figured they they'd have a little bit of rust. I didn't think it would be that much, but they came out second half firing. Yeah, you know, they kind of what I said. I didn't think they'd have a problem scoring points, and they didn't. Yeah, I I just kept thinking pretty loud's back door cover, though. But Yeah, oh, that that was going to be obvious for yeah, you knew it was going to be a garbage touchdown, garbage time killer, everything. Yeah, the jet coverage concerns, though. Yeah, yes, there are, which will get us into the Falcons game, but I that first half all I can think it is pretty season. They needed to play press. Yeah, I didn't know when I was at the thing. Had I think when the seventeen nothing happened. I thought I saw you jumped down from your sea see me. Yeah, I thought that was you. was good season, I take it. Yeah, but I think that come out and yeah, turn it on the second and I'm still and deep. If you listed in last week we were talking about sprawls Flan and I still don't know why we're trying to make sprowls happen and he came out as the starter. A ended up having a decent game, but I don't want him as my starting running back. I don't want to see him that much. I don't care if he's a starter. I don't want them to beat a featured back. Yep, you know, I'd rather see one of the other too, right, I'd rather see one of the other two beat a featured half. And I think you got to get Jordan Howard. You do, started early, you train, you know, you traded him get into that mix. I mean exactly, trade it for him, exactly. You know, you guys know I'm all about the old guy with Darren sprawls in this and that, but he's not the feature back. On this team and shouldn't be. Especially when they were splitting them out in the slot and stuff like that. was like, I don't know about this, what is going on? Yeah, and then you try to create the master's a decoy. Yeah, with the with the linebackers, he's got to take somebody with them out there. See my feeling that there. I felt like in the first half they were almost like dougs, almost telegraphing the offense, like you knew what was going to happen in certain players are out there, and it seemed like Washington, whether when they'll told them or not or straight on. That's it seemed like they they were almost a little bit and Doug which is and maybe it was just let's knock the rust off here. It was a slow start. It could have been a quicker start if the show now that the last person with that gets caught depending we always just gets against them. But he took that fit in your hard personal right and that's what you're going to get conduct and that's and that with them. He's gone against one of his old teams. Yeah, but you got to be smarter. Are Right not get good. He's thirty. Should rough two years old. I think. I think he made up for it, though. He Yeah, I'm not gonna eat that fight with I'm with that. So the second half they came out and they looked great. Second half, like you said, flat they didn't have any issue scoring points. De Sean ends up with a buck forty two touchdowns. They was like one, one hundred and fifty eight or something something like that. I'll shown gets a couple. Yeah, Sanders almost had one. Got A call. Chack. Should for the kid. Want to see him get in there.

But the secondary was a concern because case Keyton. They didn't make them look like Pete Manning or anything, but he got some yard. She had some nice passes. So I think we need to tighten that up. Yeahs he had time to he did pass rush. Well, that's what that was, sir. Great, he had a lot of time back now was much, sir? How much was it the secondary or the pass rush? You know, get a lot of time and with the weak or Backfield, you have to get pressure on the quarterback. You can't, you know, you can't have expect these guys to cover somebody for three plus seconds. It's just not our hat. I remember watching a game and we were talking up in the stands. I don't know about you, Jim, but we didn't notice any blitzing in that first half. I think he might have was maybe once or twice, and you can't do that. If you if you're not getting press shoot, you got to realize, you know, all right, let's shut up, let's see what we can do. But I think I think Barnette led the team with the most. Yeah, a pressurely, three hurry ups maybe, but yeah, it was. It wasn't there. I don't I don't remember when Malik got hurt because it wasn't. I saw card off the face, so limp off the field and I was like, it doesn't look too bad. He's walking like limping off. Well, you know, under his own power. And then, what was it? Tuesday, it came out that he's significant injury. Less, was frank. Yeah, and they Chad Lewis his career. It was frank, all right. So I not much else to say. It was the redskins right to division. Game is a good win. Good win. Start off a little slow, turned on the jets for the second half, came out got the win they did. But they can't do that tomorrow. No, no, no, and they can't give Matt Ryan that much time either. No, he's gonna the game plan for them would be him throwing the ball forty five times. Any quarterback in the NFL, and I'll venture and say all starters in the NFL, you give them time, they're going to pick you apart through and most backups will do the same thing. You have to get pressure. I think part of the success last week for kingdom was he was getting a ball out quick to yes, yeah, that's that's the formula to beat the pressures, to get rid of the ball quickly. You know, you go, you try and hit your first option. Otherwise you got you go to the flat for the dump and get the ball out of it. What concerned me a little bit was how many times you got beat deep down field with rustle. I don't know why Iris Souls still playing on the outside corner he does. He doesn't seem fast enough. I mean he's a great tackle or you can tackle on the open field, but he can't keep up with now. He's not nice. He needs to be a safety. Yeah, converted to a safety. I doesn't have to speed to keep up, but I don't understand why you don't try to do that. Just give it a shot. Even that on the one long touchdown we got bought where he got beat. There was no safety help. Yeah, that's true too. It was like what's going on? He got beat again the Kingdom. It just overthrown. He got beat again. Yeah, I don't I mean they use Jenkins as that, you know type, like the hybrid linebacker type up the line, nickelslock corner sometimes. I don't know why you just stick with that and then just move re soul to safety. You give that a shot. You know, maybe they just didn't fear the redskins receive. Yeah, said the figure. Let's get Malcom up on the line and try to stop that running game. It seemed to be the only thing that had darious. Guys gets hurt. Yeah, and they just seemed then and we get a couple big plays which made all their numbers look better. Yeah, why is a PNOT playing? He is this week. I know he is an why not play them week? I don't get that. I don't know. Redskins are a weird team. Something else must have gone on there, because that explanation didn't make sense. If they said it was because he took up a roster spot or something, that they need it for special teams. Okay. Well, I mean Gruden also said he you know, he said if we're running an I formation, okay, in there. Something must have happened there. You know, he wasn't even to suit it up. No, but something must have happened. Yes, Mary, reason or something where they didn't want to embarrass him. I don't want to put it out there. Something funky or or maybe he mouthed off a little bit. Thinks I should be the starter and maybe hit grooding with the switch. Sorry it, take it back to there. Or maybe he's trying to force his way out. Who knows? Well, I'm not. Now he's you're not happy? Now he's a starter. Now he can pack up some yarded Darius is done right. Yeah, yeah, that's least right. We just got into contract with them too. Then he ape. Did they EXEC I thought he's signed for like another year or two. I thought, I don't know, a lot of players getting hurt on Sunday between last lose him a league. Yeah, and then guys goes down and then tyree, tyree kills I re kills. Nick Falls. What a shame. That sound really suck. That suck. We heard seeing that. We heard it. We heard about it from the lady behind us. Tharn the game. We like, like that's brutal, like the furst it was that. There's a touchdown pass, wasn't it? Yeah, it's on the touchdown pass. Yeah, yeah, and I think it was just separate. It was his other side because he broken his clappical before. Right, this was the other side. He thinks I'll be back the season, he said. I heard for what ten weeks. Yeah, he can't come back to at least week ten. Yeah, yeah, tyree. Yeah, some other guys banged up, but I think like Joe Mixon with a names, hearns with an ankle. He came back, but yeah, they came back.

Hunter Henry, he went down. Yeah, yeah, he's in my fantasy tight ends. So now I'm screwed. That guy hasn't played a full season yet, has he? He was done. He got hurt, like she always see it. And Yeah, get back to the Falcons game, though. You mentioned the secondary is going to be our secondary is going to be an issue against with his team they got great receiving corps with Julio's new Calvin Ridley. Julio always plays well against us. He doesn't score against us, but he racks up the catches, he wraps up the yards. He misses the big catches, he does, which is fine by me. He's missed a couple against us, yes, but he's always getting over a hundred yards. I think you like the last three, last three games anyway, a couple of whom I had over a hundred, a hundred, twenty five, hundred thirty. Doesn't score. But playing in Atlanta, I feel like we always stumble a bit in Atlanta's it's going to be a different story down there. And the guy that covers him, well, gentlem mills, an't playing. I think he's had the most success against who is mills ever covered? Well, somehow he certainly not Julio June. Well, well, the whole way doesn't damage. Well, yeah, but he's damage limited. No, no, I don't like it's about the Games ever covered. Anybody will. I just I see it different. I think the Eagles win, not to jump the gun or anything, but it's not going to be the same. If they come out flat again, they're not going to win. They have to come out early and score. You know you got a weak defense down there. They have to. They have to do damage early and put Matt Ryan on his heels passing the ball. Then you definitely take over the game that way. The weirdest places the eagles have always played. For me it's been Detroit. They always played bad there, Atlanta and Seattle. I mean it's just a tough play. I don't know what it is, but it just seems like a tough place for them to play. I don't think it's a tough environment. I mean Atlantas you know, it's a big stadium, a good crowd, but it's not nothing they can handle. It's not going to be a good crowd there week down there. I know George is a big thing down right, but yes, well, Georgia tech is in Atlanta. I'm not sure how far DUB is a wife high. Apparently the fans of Philly or making a trip down there said greenly maybe down there. Maybe that gives them a little boost, you know. Yeah, so it's it's easy to as an out out out of town or down how to get tickets, but in just a lay just play. So weird in Atlanta, I feel like. I think when was the last time were there? That Monday night game with chip Kelly down there. Yeah, and that game was brutal. It was awfulness. Yeah, but yeah, I don't know, it's just I feel like they always play weird down there. Yeah, that's what I that's what I said to I feel like we always stumble down there with we're not a really good dome team. Yeah, I think our record and a dome is like Nice, like seven and fifteen or something like that in recent years. We are not a good dome team. Well, we were the one one Sunday, a couple one Sunday that mattered. Yes, that's right, we were. And then the Falcons are coming off a bad loss. Yep. Now we agreed that we think the Vikings are team in the north that people have to keep an eye on. And they came out and I remember looking up that at the score in the stadium. semiously, twenty one, nothing, I think at one point, a lot of turnovers. They scored on every turnover. So I I'm sure if the Falcons this week coaches were drawing it in their heads, got a limit the turnovers, got a limit the turnovers and that made them not really be able to even try to get their a game going in Atlanta. Atlanta is going to be a desperate team this week. You don't want to come out oh and too, because it's difficult to make hey if your own show after getting that defeat last week home opener all end and all those things, coupled with the fact that they got this chip on the shoulder from the eagles because of how we've beaten them the last few times that we played them. You know, they bring it down last second drive at the end of the game, they get it inside the red zone and they just can't punch it in for the winning or go ahead score at the time. So I think all those things combined are, you know, just more reasons why the eagles need to come out early and score and shut them down. Get those three and ounce. Don't give them chances to get into a rhythm, keep that offense, Julio whatever, off the field and just control the game. Yes, a DEVONTA Freeman, their big running back. He couldn't get going. Matt Ryan had to throw the ball out. I think he's gonna have to throw the ball a lot and our game as well. Trying to think if we should get into the key matchups now, do the confidence scoring or maybe let's take a quick take a quick break for our sponsor and we'll get back and we'll go through my confidence scoring and get our official predictions for the game. Insure Phillycom, we...

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But he's one guy. That's if I had to go with one like yea devante against any one of ours, I agree with you, but I think after Devante, Edo Smith didn't do shit last week troupe. They don't have Tavin Coleman anymore. But I can I can see if you just looking at the starting lineup, I can see where you go. ATLANTA. Yep, we're going behind the glass. Yeah, obviously devante's the biggest threat and the entire game. So it feel like that. Yeah, makes up for the whole you know, ranking of it pretty much like GE's to Atlanta. So far. I'm going eagles. Also, I like the versatility that they bring. Yeah, I have to agree with a being tailor. I think Devonte Freeman's kind of a game changer here. He can do everything that the eagles running backs can do. EDGE GOES TO ATLANTA WIDE receivers has tough. Can it going to be like a tie or push? I mean I don't know. I think if you feel strongly about will give you a time. Now I'M gonna need. I'm going to give the edge the eagles because I think the Shawn just changes the offense so much for the eagles. I think it just adds more to the playbook. So I think I think the eagles give it. Get it there. Stop spoiking. Right, come on, we're in the middle of the show here. I'm going to based on the fact that Julio doesn't score a lot of Tart. He gets numbers, he's get he gets the catches, he gets in a pretty touchdowns, but he doesn't put the ball in the zone against us. So, based off of that, I want to go with the eagles. You know special especially what a D Jack and what he brings. Yeah, I'm going to say Julie is obviously the biggest sound on the field on either side of the team. So I might have to do Atlanta just because of that. You play. I think I go slight edge Atlanta. The same factor. Julio Jones is so just so fast, so large. If you can be in impact, and you know Sono is not exactly Chop Shit. Yeah, he's good receiver, very receiver. I'm agree with you, guys. I think you gotta go at lanting right Julio. I think Julio is probably the best player all around on the field tomorrow. If you go down to the next level, sinw and Nelson are pretty what's the same guy? To me? I'd say sinew and two Shan. Well, not actually the Shawan and Ridley. I'm sorry. Yeah, so then if you look at the Shawan and Ridley, Ridley had a good year last year. You know, checkon year player was. Is this third year now? But U Djacks is kind of a toss up to me. Depends on the day. If Matt Ryan is looking at Ridley, really going to have a day right. So I think slight edge to Atlanta. So we're going ATL ON. The receivers will go tight ends. I'm giving our tight ends the edge. I think that's an easy one. Yeah, Hooper's a decent tight end, but not knowing match without no match hooper. Every time I hear Hooper I think a jaws, MR H they're che Mr Hooper, Hooper, chief Prody, Damn Flam or deek. Yes, I also go eagles, Eagles. Yeah, the eagles are easily to better tight ends. All right, last last point. In the offensive offensive line. These are we're going round robin here, round robins. They drift. I think degels are the best sell on in the League. Yeah, so I think I think eagles, Eagles agreed. Get a lot of head nuts. Eagle absolutely. and Atlanta lost one of their lineman last week. They have lined two of them are coming off injury from last year. They got a rookie at one side. So yeah, I think we're going philly there. On the Defense, defensive line, I like us more. I really want to see how Timmy's gonna be able to play now that leak Jackson's hurt. I know they picked up a guy from Miami this week. Yeah, don't expect to see much from him, hope being the rotation I'm assuming, but I don't expect him to make a name but I think still going to go with us. On the defensive line, slight edge, I think Willie Jackson. That's just a big loss. They're gonna have to do some juggling on that line to you're going to have to eter move Brandon Graham on the line, maybe move fletcher cocks around a little bit. It's just I don't know, it kind of throws off their whole plan for the year. Yeah, it's a big loss. Yeah, that is a big loss and you know, I just think right now, until they get their act together a little bit more, he's you know, he's gonna have to bring pressure that the line's just not getting it done yet. So Atl at you like that, Mc you liked that McKinley kid down there. I think the Eagle saw the better defensive line you have. You have the top three Interior Lineman in the league. Yeah, true, yeah, I don't know that. Yeah, I don't get up. The young still don't get to the quarterbacker enough. They don't bring enough pressure. How are he's none of that.

They until they have to, you know, not that any starts bringing some from other help. We got slight Edge Eagles linebackers. I think they're both think to talk about the time. This is where I might be okay with going with a tie. Yeah, viciesley's be their best player on defense. True, font common back off an injury, but yeah, I don't know that I'm impressed with their linebackers. Nor am I that I pressed with our line packers. Yeah, anybody won't feel strongly one way or another. We're going to give this with a push. Give it a push. All right, all to draw. Secondary might be similar. Vantagel and the secondary. I think a'Lanta. YOU THINK ADVANTAGE ATLANTA? Yeah, yeah, a little bit. I would say. He was put. will go to Lenny. Guys, get this. Do we want to do kickers? We do kickers. Last week I really say kickers are out Tom with kickers coaching. Last one who's got the ring got the better coaching. He said that. It's going to be your answer going for I'm fine with it. I Trust Dog. Who caught up to twenty five point lead exactly? Doug makes adjustments. Yep, all right. So let me do my quick Matthew. We got one, two, three, four, five birds and two three Atlanta and one push. Looks like we got they got the Eagle's winning lease. Go with that. Yeah, we'll give actual predictions and there key matchups in the game. I think the one I wanted I want to watch keep an eye on his true font and djacks right. They they're familiar with Jackson with his time down there in a seuth playing with the Tampa with Tampa Bay. I don't know if it's going to get heat it like you did with some of his former teammates last week. And hope he keeps his common doesn't get us another fifteen yard penalty and then at going to be our secondary and Julio. I just don't know what we're going to be able to do to slow Julio down. Well, if we can pressure Matt Ryan Make Him Dance, then holy is going to have a long day. If Matt Jones, if Matt Ryan has time, it's going to be holy well day. Yeah, yeah, I think a bees hit it right on the nail. I mean if you get Matt Ryan Dancing back there, he's not what he usually is. So as long as you can rattle him a little bit and early, I think I think the eagles will have an easier night for themselves. And key matchups on your side. I'd like to see the defense get, you know, more pressure on them. Get the ball out, not exactly where he wants to go with it, something like that, but the defensive line in the linebackers, they gotta they gotta bring something. I want to see a little bit of more of Jordan how or too. Yeah, yeah, what was it? Seven yards of carry less yeak. I mean get him the ball. Yeah, he looked good, but I want to see a little bit. You know, what I'm knowning game now. What I noticed about Jordan Howard when he has the ball on first contact, he never goes backwards. The guys always going forward on first contact, even secondary contact, the guy goes forward with the ball. You rarely see him get pushed back. And you know that's a bruising type of running style and you got to bring that. Yeah, less sprolls and more Howard and Sanders in the running game. Dalvin cooquet two touchdowns last week and had a pretty good game at Atlanta. So you do have to go all yeah, that's that's how you start. That's how they started off last week and used the bruiser and I mean as you saw in that fourth quarter last week, the rights and's defense was guessed. Yeah, we're done right, and I think maybe that's what the game plane wasn't everyone might have been pissed off about it, but dog knew like if we established the running game, even if it's not working, you know, get that defense tired in the fourth quarter, that opens up the past plays down field. It to Shawn and you know, maybe they do that again this week. Hopefully not with scrolls as much, but I wouldn't mind seeing that. Are there any plays to get back to last week's game that stuck out in your head where you were like Shit, we're getting back to doug of Yep, three years ago. I will say the outside runs where they just do the sweet plays. That pisses me off because it's just reminds you so much a chip Kelly. They're really don't have that jet sweep. I hate. No, and not even that, just just you know, they're in the shotgun and he just goes gives it the scrolls and it's an outside it pisses me off because it reminds me of chip Kelly doing it with the Marco Mary and Ryan Matthews. I'm like this isn't like it doesn't work. That was like that. That bothers me. So that was the play that bothered me, but we bothered me even more about it is they called a timeout. Remember, it is the to and they called the time out. Yep, and dead dog comes back with that play. Yeah, I said exact same thing. I said the exact same thing, but he took a time map to come up with that. Yeah, yeah, that was first half. Yeah, that was preseason, though. I think we season. I think so took the preseason off to yeah, yeah, I just yeah, it took the Shawn and half time, tell him all,... get their heads out of her asses to yeah, to get it together and come back out all right. Hopefully it's not a slow start this week. Hopefully they can get off like that if they can establish the run like Minnesota. It was easier for Minnesota last week because they started off with a pump block and scored, Yep. And then, and then I think, I think Ryan through an interception. Next door is at fun. But there's another turnover and they scored on. So then Atlanta was already back on their heels and had to start throw out a Minnesota could just pound the ball at Cook. I'd love to see that start for US Minnesota's run game, I give them an edge over ours, but I think if we can establish a run game keep Julio off the field. I want to see our defensive ends. I don't know which side. I think the rookie is a right tackle, so I guess he'd be going up against beg. Then ye on Atlanta Logle, so maybe BG has a big game on that line. Hope keeping them and check. Maybe a strip sack here there. I didn't look up the line for the week, but let's get last I heard it was spider inviting. Yeah, saw there's not heard. Eagles were to eagles to. HMM, all right, that's dreams. Eagles line over under one. So that screws screws. That screams offense for both. I smash that over. Yeah, that smash it over with that also, I they think somebody's not going to be able to score. Yeah, yeah, and I'd say that's it land. I I think it's a shootout. I want to start off with their predictions and I don't care. I'll go first. I'll go firstly. Said I don't care, so I'll go first. I think we're going to be up late Sunday night watching to the very end. Jake Elliott. No, I don't want to bring Jake it. Take Elliott into this. Yeah, I think the eagles. When I'm getting I'm looking at it like a two thousand hundred and twenty seven. HMM. I hope it doesn't come to the foot of Jake Elliott. Clutch, please, trout, and that he's clutch not inside that fantasy proven that he's clutched. Yeah, it's probably hasn't e he can hit long field goal right at one last moments. All right, maybe I'll give me to clutch. He misses the Super Bowl and the sixty the Texans, the sixty one yard there with the Texas. Sixty one yarder against the giants. The Texans was like a thirty three yard fielal. All Right, I'm showing my kicker BYAS move on sign. He's clutch and I haven't I got eagles. I think Eagles also, when I'm looking at it, three thousand and twenty four style game that lane and may have the ball last though, coming down, because that's just a way it's played out the last few times. If they've gone against each other, they're playing for the two point con version. Indian the game they miss it. Tell I get my twenty eight twitch I boys would choose up next. I kind of see we said that lines forty or fifty one. I kind of see another backdoor cover. Eagles, thirty eight, falcons thirteen. I think the SCO Geez. I think the Falcons are there's something wrong with that team. You saw it last week against the Vikings. I know the Vikings are good, but there's something wrong with that team. You're ready to say that now. I'm ready to say that. Okay, I have another team and I guestion and I do think the eagles are going to fire on all cylinders. I know we talked about it. There's a lot of weapons there. Maybe the matchups don't quite correlate one on one. When you add this some of all the parts, Eagles are dominant. All right, yeah, I don't see it that way. I I think it's close. I think it's comes down to ever has a ball list and unfortunately, I think Atlanta pulls it out. I think there's just too much animosity build up towards this eagle. Seem the way they played against the celest tube two times and they're at home. They don't want to go into and I don't know. I think we just play weird in Atlanta. I think it's I'm going to say thirty eight, thirty three. You are smashing that over launch, you dirty birds. Yeah, unfortunately, the dirty birds. All right, how about you little guys in the back day? You gotta get a prediction for a game now, I don't know, too close to call. All right. Now, you mentioned that the Falcons. You think there's something wrong. They're have that team's Oh yeah, K, you got a prediction? My bed eagles cover the two point spread. covered. The spread teller doesn't like to give no, he doesn't give points. Another team last week that everybody was loving a darling this season. Those brownies told Hey, hey, shoe, that look good. Don't believe the height Acre head, three turno. A girl looked like shit. Yeah, titans bating. Surprise. They won nine games last year. Are you that? Yeah, that game was in Cleveland, right, Yep, yeah, Bolter are definitely be in them in the mile coaster...

...beating the browns of no, that wow, the colts had a had a good yeah, they they had a still good. Yeah, shocked by that. And the best game of the weekend. We were in here watching. It was that Saints Texans Game. Yeah, the Monday night guys game in the week. That other back door cover, other bad or color. What about the bears? A lot of hype with them. Need some offense. Yeah, I was right pross. I didn't buy them either. I don't. I try thought it a little bit. I just think that's defense is so good. But I don't think Mitches all that. He's an okay quarterback. He's a good all the road. I yeah, he's a game man. I agree with that game manager. I don't. I just thought that defense was going to really show up, and I mean they did, but I thought they're helped the offense a little bit, but they almost pitch a gout out of me. Yeah, but they didn't really have a fuel position or anything. They just yeah, I don't know. I just saw Chicago is going to be better than what they came out and showed. Its week one. Who Don't go again. Too many this week got that bum your favorite, Aaron Rodgers, are rated most overrated quarterback in NFL. Aaron Rodgers, sure about that? You see cam the last two weeks. That's a good point. That he's nice. Thirday rated player in NFL history. He just had to sit through a lightning break and then horrible camera and that bad game. I mean that was just came. Did Not look good. Just James Winds didn't. I was gonna call him justice. He's been he's off and on. I don't know what the heat. His second half he looked much better, but he's not. I can easily see him not finishing the season with them. And people thought Bruce Howen's the quarterback whisper. He's going to get in there and I thought jams them to yea, but he better fix his relationship with Oja Howard and Mike Evans, because I'm getting nothing out of them from fantasies perspectives. So you better figure that out. Yeah, all right, we got like two minutes left. Do we want to say anything about the AB SAGA? We are in here? Last week, as it was all unfolding, we said on the air like if he goes to the Patriots, this is going to be ridiculous, and that's exactly what fair enough, he ends up with the Patriots. Now that the theory that he played everybody to get out of Oakland. I kind of believe that does it. I think he's off. Yes, I mean I think maybe there was a little bit of play at the end, but I think he's seriously, there's something wrong with him. Yeah, there's too much guaranteed money for that to actually be a theory. That is walked away. So I'm not buying any of that. That's true. But them, look, look what happened. He you know, five minutes, five minutes after he gets caught by ookl and he's right there in the winglet sign it for nine million guaranteed. Im He's few. Think you can get that deal twice, then God bless you. Butty millions a lot more than nine million guaranteed. Yeah, well, bought it. True. How much was it? Thirty million guaranteed from every was a signs. Yeah, yeah, he left. True, left fifteen on the table, as his patriots deal is fourteen. Yeah, but a lot of it is incentives. Like they structure his incentive so if he he needs to have one more catch than last year, one more yard, and this year one more touchdown from last year, they're three separating set him. It'll get him extra money and if he isn't on the team next year they get a third round pick. I think, or something like that. Yeah, but I'm with flat. I honestly think he's got something. Yeah, he seems like he's definitely all kilter ball. Yes, he doesn't want to play Fo. He's definitely off kilter. I don't know if it's that he doesn't want to play football. I think he's just such a devon. Yeah, and thinks he's all any I think he thinks he's better than what the League is telling him. Like, I feel like he wants to make an example. He's on the field, he's one of the top receivers and absolutely. Yeah, so I don't know. Are you getting, I don't know what stuff twitter that? What is that? Are you getting stuff on twitter with your name? Little bit? Yeah, people, and yeah, a little bit, not as much as there. WHO's the other football player that has it? GOES AP. Yeah, the buccaneers guy. Yeah, that's funny. Yeah, we'll see what comes of all that. I mean do process right, we'll see where he goes. It doesn't sound like the NFL don't make a move yet. So he can play this weekend. Correct. I think they needed to put them on the example list. There a night plan on playing them. Yeah, they're playing on playing them. And they these new allegations that came out against a bet. The NFL's got to do something to clean up their image. They're just letting people back in that you have to question should they be playing or not. You know what, where's your where's your head at? This is one of listening like this one's a little fishy. and WHO's at the running back from Cleveland that was in Kaream Hunt, cream hunt. You got to do something about that image, to clean it up, because they're just letting people back in Scott free. What you know, no ramifications or when your actions. I think the tyree kill situation is horrible, that that should a wedding jaws. There should have been something done with him. But the Antonio Brown one right now is a little fishy. Yeah, I do. You real is read the allegations like...

...very specific yeah, I did, Ye know, very specifically. You know now, you just dude should be out of leak. He was referencing them in the text message. Yep, I got out and have them. Absolutely not. But for this story to come out after all this stuff that's been coming out with him, I mean that's a little well, it comes out when it comes out. Yeah, it's a hard accu station, like you know, when when a woman has to come forward with that, I mean it's it's so there's a degree encourage that comes with that. So I don't think you're ever there's never an opera new time and she'll come out and she's public. I don't know if they saw a video on that surfaced on twitter with like in his DM's Antonio Brown had some guy or girls say like, I know this girl's lying, then I have proof, something like that, and be was like yes, and you know, let's see. Yeah, with that could be his friends. Yeah, I know, I don't know. I mean there's it's weird. It's a weird situation. Well, I do think they should probably shelve him until they figure it out. That's yea. Seems like it's the right thing to do. But the NFL, I think they've been bearing a couple times with some of their moves and acting too quickly and having a you know, take some steps back and cut back on their suspension. So maybe they're holding off until they can do a little further investigation. If he's getting paid right, if you put them on the examplest, he can get paid till you finish your investigation. I don't think he'd have a problem with that. And and it might, it might infective affect his incentives because he can't be on the field to get those yours as catches, those touched right and after last week, the week, does the England really need him? That's another point. Like they, if you're Tom Brady, you're looking around going I don't need them. I'll take him again. He's one of the top receiversonal league. If you can start to be a headache to me, I'll throw the ball to atle him. I'll throw the ball to Gordon. Yeah, I'm fine with it. And and and I always tell players, you know that I coach over to heres. Don't be a headache to a coach. The coach has enough things to worry about, you know, with an ivy, with all the things that go on in a game, practice, whatever different personalities. Coaches have enough to worry about. They don't need it. You've got to bring a boatload of talent to the tech to the table for the coach to overlook that headache that you're also bringing with them. Sometimes it's addition by subtraction. That's how you dealt with. This guy didn't pretty much to. Yeah, he brought en off the table. You can go to be a diva. No, it was adition box, all right. So we got a birds win, except for DJ. Big Win according to fly and big win, big win. We'll see. It's hopefully. I would like to go to bed early, you know, like the game's over and you can wind down. I don't want to have to be up to twelve thirty and watching the very last seconds. But we'll see where we are next week. We'll be in here give it another MILLONA MVP and talking about that lions game. All right. So thanks for joining us for another episode. It's in the boot first podcast. Follow us on twitter at Santa Boot first, and we'll see you next week.

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