Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast
Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

Season 1, Episode · 4 months ago

NFL Week 1 with Jordan Spector Art


Jim and the guys are back to talk about NFL Week 1 with special in studio guest Jordan Spector. Jordan who is huge Eagles fan is showing off his new art piece LIVE. 

HE has painted some of the biggest icons in the sport and all the Philadelphia Legends. His paintings has been all over social media with the likes of Philly Legend Allen Iverson, HOF Drew Brees, and the late Great Kobe Bryant. The big unveiling is happening live on Santa Booed First podcast

Still to come later on the podcast NFL Week 1 and Final predictions on the season Also prediction on tonights Thursday Night Game, Bucs vs Cowboys. Going to be a good one tonight. 

#NFLWeek1predictions #NFL2021 #TNF #Cowboys #Buccaneers #JordanSpector

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