Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast
Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

Season 1, Episode 11 · 3 years ago



"So you're saying there's a chance." Eagles playoff hopes.  Miami should be a get off game for the offense.  Favorite Christmas movies.  Sixers work ethic or lack of.  Support small business.

Are Now listening to another episode of the Sadom Dude First podcast. Thanks for checking in with us this morning. Brought to you from the lovely yellow jacket media studios, sponsored by INTRORE PHILLYCOM THE MGM Insurance Agency. Check them out. into her phillycom powered is always buy POPs McCain's Irish whiskey and away we go. First, let me get let well do the introductions in them. Will say a couple thank yous for last weekend. This is one of your hosts, Jim Marcus. I'M gonna go. I'M gonna go to my right and go to Dko, always seems distracted at the beginning of the show. Hey, Dick, you're ready. You with us today? I'm ready with this. My headphones are work and we're all good. All Right, okay, boomer Nice, did you log in your prodigy account? Yeah, microphones on the yeah, all right. Well, look were the girls from Dek. We have Flann Bron, flanny would flat buddy. It's going on, and we have with us, gracing us with his presence once again, Father Mare Cavara coome more than everybody. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Christmas. It's too early. I don't know she really get start saying very Christmas thanksgiving. You're good. Was the pun intended when you said the father was gracing us? Yes, okay, intentional play on words. That just sometimes my brain works assarily. The more's just it's I was pretty good. I just want to make sure. And then back on the couch we got DJ. It's like Thanksgiving. He got relegated to the kids, to djs back on the cops this morning. Morning it is just like thanksving. Yeah, and you got the little kids with it over there. We got Andrew Barton in the room again and we also got protty pretty marcus in the room hanging out with this morning. All right. First I want to say some thank you to monkey's uncle. Last weekend and the folks that came out to see us. Was a great time up there in Doyle's town. 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Must be twenty one plus to enter and we go to have to verify that something now. But listen to the show today. We're going to throw a secret word and at some point during the show and then we'll ask you to either hit us up to our facebook or twitter with the secret word. All the people that have the word will put up in a dual random drawing and, thanks to Jason Fogg, pops will be sending you some holiday cheer from Santa and POPs. Don't you have to tell them the secret word now and then when we say it later. Isn't that how that works? Now we're just going to make them listen and then at some point in the show, deequal just yell secret word or something like that and we give the secret word out. It seems reasonable. Just like everything we do here, it's well fought out. Flann, okay, well fought out. We're new with this secret word give away. I did he was. We were literally pouring into the driveway on the road. It is like, all right, we'll go with this. I think. I think for next week's Pott will like track Flans tweets. Let's find it. Find a bad take by Flan. Listen, I am a game show connoisseur. I've been hurt, I've been told I speak like a game show host. So you have a big jeopardy fan, so you know. All right, well then we'll you'll be on for next week. Will figure out what next week's secret word or game or right bad take. I'm just thinking able to throw a pops video out there and have jason do something, but every week up to Christmas will be given out a bottle of POPs nice. All right, who else we have to thank for the small businesses? Matt Maloney. Matt Maloney, our sponsor, MGM agency again in sure Phillycom our friends, you covered. We got you covered. It's right. Sorry. Our friends at Patty Wax. We will be doing the show to list week of the season against the giants. Come down hang out with us at Patti Wax pregame and then we're going to hang out and watch watch of the game. More details as we get closer, but that will be the next big event for the Santa crew here. I think that's it for a small business friends, Krick water saloon. cheft him all, though he's not a small business. He's a friend of the show. JP jpt. Yes, thank you jpt, for our t shirts and Katie Cooney for the brain new design. All right, I think we hit them all.

Now let's getting the sports. She related to any of the coonies that we know that are in the media or no? She's just now. No, I don't think so. Okay, I don't think so. I know he was doing a show here for a while, but now I don't think there's any relation to to Bob or Kevin. I was thinking to Kevin Yes all right, Eagles, here we go. We got a little help from the bills and Thanksgiving Day. Talk about that a little bit. I took a little help there. I took them at six plus six and a half. That was a nice little cover by the buffalo bills. It was. In addition to the win, I'll say I enjoyed the outright win a lot more. He and you didn't bet two hundred, Holl's not. I didn't bet it die. There you go. So I'll take the outright win. Well, I enjoyed watching Jerry Jones leave the box right early. I was nice to did you see the aftermath with the the locker room? And Yeah, people coming into the locker room. You could hear screaming in their locker room. They were saying I missed that part. USLIE. It was Michael Bennett. I was just going to say to you. Was it. HMM, it was Michael Bennett. How does that guy have the right to yell at that team because he's won a super bowl? Because he's Michael Bennett. It's what he's done. s been on a team for how many weeks now? Three weeks? Like. All right, maybe not the right, but who's actually listening until my guess is the better question. He's the veteran that you bring him in. Is that? I actually think it's kind of leadership. I mean you bring him in as the veteran voice in the room, and I think what he was yelling was lessen. We get one shot here, there's all this talent here and we're blowing it and that sort of thing. He was yelling at the coach it all. I don't know that he was. I think he was on at the players, but I think it erupted into some other stuff. I've read the same thing DJ did. It's it's good, like let's see them continue the fall Castar in that pot. Oh and five against winning teams. We should have handled our business last week. Yep, let's Seattle. I'd be feeling much better about this team. But now I think we've been saying it's going to come down to that Dallas cowboys game that the week before Christmas. That'll determine who's going to win this division. Maybe I mean Dallas. The way they're rolling, they could, I think right now the eagles could lose that game to them and still win the division because of common opponents. In a bunch of other things going. You know what the tie breaker would be? I think it's the jet scheme. Yes, I think it coming down to that. I think that it could come down to, you know, the winning lass against the Jah. Heard that he said that in the beginning. That loss is going to come back to bite them. Really might, m but um, just as far as the cowboys, you you could see this coming all year. Their flaws and especially with Van Dersham, Remember Skip Bailey's just always say, you know, Shawn, the drives are defense in the whole team. Vanderresh tribes our whole defense and without him they've just become a completely different team. Their defense is all for right now is really, really bad. So that's why I even think the next game against Chicago is going to be a very tough game for them. You know, Mitchell for biscuit probably be able to move the ball on them. Their defense should be able to continue to shut them down because they're completely out of sink on offense right now. I know they're still putting up yards, but none of it is consistent. Yeah, a lot of it's coming at the end of the game and mop up duty. So they're just going to continue to implode. And you know, when we get to the birds talk, I think it's really going in the opposite direction with them. No, hopefully we're getting healthy. That's Seattle gave ever some surprise injuries there and Brooks wasn't an injury, but it did. Do not play. I don't think anybody's expecting even at the game. We're in the tent and the one Miller like ten and they have like veteran. They have that former players that are there for all Gers, like Donny Jones there a few weeks ago. I don't know who looking for Donny Jones autograph, but Chrit Michael was in there and Brodie was down there. He had his Ashawn Jersey on and QUITN's like that's my man, he's gonna have a big game today. Said Nice, not playing. What do you mean he's not playing? That he was played and he was even confused. Like what's going on with Alshan? Sounds like he's playing this week. Sounds like Nelson's knee, Kapp or is ego, whatever it is, it was injured. He'll be back this week. Brooks will be back this week. Brooks will be back this week. You know I'm gonna say Rob Pravo to him for, you know, he's battling mental anx body and for him to share it with people. That's really brave and there's a lot of people that battle different mental littlenesses and I just I kind of look at him as as a hero for putting it out there and telling people what was going on, because that was something he could have just had, stomach bug or whatever, and he put it out there and he kind of hit it head on and, you know, I think that helps some people because people talking about that sort of thing and good for him. You think lean not being there kind of adds to his assiety's well solutely right to that. You know, pably, he said, living up the expectations of the big contract you just signed. But I think, like him and lane, it wasn't everything. It was a probably the fact that he's playing Seattle, which is very good, you know, very good defensive line, and then couple with the fact that now he had to take on the out of responsibility of helping a rookie. That's what that's what triggers anxiety, the stress so mean knowing that you don't have your right tackle and your...

...responsible for your position and somebody else's, you know, especially not wanting to have your franchise quarterback injured and everything like. I mean, it all just look like it piled in on itself. So soon as they say no less, I knew it was. Yeah, that's the first thing I thought too, because it usually, if it is a stomach buggy here about it, it comes up pretty quickly that you she's not playing. Yeah, it was kind of a perfect storm of things coming together to trigger his episode. Well, yeah, and his episode aside, Don't you blame the coaching staff a little bit? Like we talked about it last week, dillard. You know, they asked him about it and he meant, you know, uses the analogy of trying to right lefthanded when you've been writing righthanded. That's not good prepping. What happened? If I ti've I thought Vitie was our Phill in tackle. He's what, not ready to play, I mean and his the line on him is he does much better when he's given a week or preparation knowing he's going to start. Well, but where's, where was that at? Yeah, you know, I agree. Vity has been at disappointment this year every time he's been called upon to come in and and do something. He's he's let us down, make sure, and makes you Miss Juan, doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, I mean sling and was Newski. Yeah, I met one Castillo, though. Well, yeah, to coach on I mean, yeah, the others a coordinator. Well, that one of the offensive the offensive line coach, Juan, not to defensive coordinator. Yes, yeah, I think and I would think that vity would, with all this in and out with Peters during the season and last season, that he would have the mentality of I've got to be ready, of course, because I never know when this guy's I'm exed, not that I never know, I'm expecting this guy to come out at some point in a game. I got to be ready. Forget that, isn't that your it's not. That's your job. That's yeah, exactly, back up players. Yeah, your job, your one being right away. Yeah, be ready. I mean, listen, I get it. Your third string quarterback. You're not ready. Okay, maybe, but you know, backup Lineman, I don't yet. You need to be. There's there's no reason you're not ready. No, right, glad you guys really brought this up, because I've been, you know, studying film on them all year, trying to forget you know what is all them. I think we all kind agree. Yet, you know, we point to the receivers, but just all years something has kind of felt off, you know, especially since that buffalo game, and when you look at it, their whole thing comes down to they've had not only multiple injuries, but if you look at each position, you've had three or four players having to play that position or multiple positions throughout the year, and that's kind of what I figured out has really been holding them back all year and why these next five weeks or so important. You've had, you know, whiteside, who everybody is, you know, jumping up and down on. Well, he's a rookie. He's had to play the Z, the slot, the why he said, to go in and out, and each position has a different route, Yep, and having to learn all that your room here. Yeah, you're not going to have confidence, especially just catching the ball. You look at any rookie, why do they struggle? It's because they're thinking about the route more than thinking about catching the ball. Look at their own line. But Peters going in and out, you've had two or three guys having to play that. Then you've had to have them bump up and down the line, so they haven't been able to just find any consistency. That's why I still don't know if it is a good or bad offense, because they haven't been able to be set in anything, which is why, again these five weeks you may say, Oh, they're bad opponents, but it's going to be a great chance for them to build up some consistency. I think right now Greg Ward has been huge. Why is he such an advantage? He was a quarterback in college. He knows every receiver route. You could put him anywhere, but they're probably going to put him on the inside. I would think have whiteside and I'll show on the outside, and then you get aggiler back to the slot, a position that he knows the routes and is comfortable. So if they can just somehow stay healthy and keep that consistency, I do think you're going to see them get on a really, really good role right now. But that's what I've noticed the whole in the wait a minute, each position they've had three or four guys having to play and then one guy's had to play a different position as well. Yeah, I think that's what's throwing them all. Right there. They're all great points and I've been safe for two years now. Greg Ward should have made the team coming out of camp. All he does is catch the ball you throw with Tomm he catches the ball. Well, you could have kept if you didn't keep sprawls. No, MAC collands got in the way because he plays special teams, but he doesn't play them very well because you never hear his name announced at the stadium. Yeah, but the point of JJ I wasn't one of the people to think we got to bash Jg. He's a rookie. loookie receivers just had the struggle. But I talked about a guy like Mac Hollands. It's been here for how many right years now and he can't do anything on the field. I know I almost bash the coachy note. Of to Father's point. Yeah, it's difficult for him to learn all of those spots, but why couldn't you at least focus on one of them? Like you know, they didn't focus him on anything where he's I'd be okay if he couldn't pick up all three, you know, wide receiver positions, but you didn't get them really accustomed to to any of them... that's just bad coaching. And the ward thing does puzzle me. Yeah, why was I sitting here? He's been sitting there on the practice squad. You you've had him in house. He should have been on the team. Yeah, out of camp. Yeah, I think they've. I think it's your point in flat. I think they've overthought way too much every thing, which happens all the time. Look, how does a night scoop by? It's because you overanalyze, like part of it is probably looking at analytics. Well, Greg Ward was a you know, college quarterback. Puts the you know the track record of them becoming really good wide receivers. A note. Tarle prior had a couple. Yeah, good years. I Know Edelman was a quarterback, but you know they don't speak that name anymore. I know, I know, but I'm just but you can see what made Edelman is so good? Yeah, because he knew the right he knew he runs his routes precisely every single time. He doesn't mess them up because he understands them, because he was a quarterback. It's like it's some shock. You actually don't see it more athletic quarterbacks becoming wide receivers. They know every route to run. Yeah, but the the running the round precisely was kind of people are Bashing Carson after the game last week and I he needs to step his game up right. He's not playing his best ball. But then you show some a breakdown like Dani Orlovsky, get a really good one of you know Jj. The quarterback knows the spot he's supposed to be at. The Wide Receiver knows the boy supposed to be at, but he gets to that spot, he sets and then he takes a little hop and even a little extra hop is going to throw off Carson and we we've been seeing he's been throwing the ball behind guys a lot over their heads. I joked that the screen that he tried to do to Mile Sanders last week. He just he's in his own mind it sometimes and I just don't think he's he's over analyzing things. To all those turnovers last week, it's because the offensive line, because it bid receivers, but two of them were on Carson. You got to get rid of the ball. If you're going to hold onto the ball, hold on to the ball tightly. He's got a this team needs to get healthy and, like I agreed the next five games if we can get healthy, regardless of djx. I'm not even were thinking about him for playoffs, and that's point. You can't. You can't think he's gonna be back for the playoffs. You got to maybe don't play. Only one we're not getting back is Howard, right. Everybody else is coming back. Arts, hurts is also question, or it's might not play tomorrow. Yeah, really, he's got a hamstring problem. Great, okay, I'll him aside. The want the previous injuries. The only one not coming back as Howard, and I think even Le Bloc is coming back. Yes, let's draw you. Yeah, they do. You know, they're getting healthy at the right time. Now we just got to get Howard back and I with the opponents that we have coming up, it's a great time to get that consistency, that stability. Hopefully the Ligne, you know, starts to come to gather. Kelsey's had a rough year. Hopefully he gets it together for the for the push, and when have at Carson getting some confidence to because he's back at lacks comp yes, right, right now. Yes, he thought it's all mental with him. Right now. You like you brought it up jim him holding onto the ball if I feel like he just looks down feel too much for that big play and I feel like he has to force it because he knows you know, well, yeah, this might be our only chance to get some going here, and he just holds onto the ball too long, waiting for something to develop and it's just not there, and that's why you see all these sacks and the fumbles that he's losing. I mean, I mean, I think it's all mental with him right now. I think he just needs to get some confidence under him. I don't love all the hits he's taken either. Yeah, you can not smack a little bit not slide rid of the ball. Well, I'm saying even on the runs. I mean, yes, he's doing with vic did, where he's taking a hit as opposed to bit baseball sliding. I mean, you know he got head first. Slide. Is Not a good look. No, no, it's not not at all. It was good for Pete rose. That was good at speaking of Vic, what did you guys think about with like Vic Speaking Pete rose? What are you doing? For a second there, I thought the same thing. What did you guys think about what Vic said this week. That how Carson's going to fail in the soul. You gotta go through the rest of what he said, but the headline was vic says Carson will fail great further. He says because of Nick Falls. He's still got the nick full shadow over him and he's he's didn't win them a super bowl. The only way he's going to get out of his own head is the would himself a super bowl. How that work for Steve Young? It's a good point. Okay, there's other quarterbacks that it's you know, people have come out of the shadows or they've had predecessors or things have happened. I mean Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, we are about Aaron Rodgers, another one. You know, even Phil Sims went back to being Phil Sims after the hosteler thing. I mean, I I don't know. Is Michael Vick and expert on Philadelphia? I mean I know he spent some time here, but does he really have the pulse of this town, in the city? I mean, and if you watch I know I watched him a couple times on different shows that he's been on on Fox fs one, he's just a yes man. I mean you ask some a question, he's just going to be like, oh, yeah, like he doesn't really ever like disagree with stuff. You do you think he was playing to the crowd there? Yeah, I mean get if you would have at like I heard this on the radio when...

...they're analyzing it on thing. He was on the fanatic they were saying like. I mean, if you would ask some it the other way around, he would have been like no, he won't fail, like you know who live up to the expect like it's just the way he is. I'd love to hear what Marcus Vic has to say about it. Is He back on twitter? I don't know. So I miss him dearly. I think he blocked me anyway, one of the many. So well, I marcus vic blocked you. Yeah, that. Wow, that's an accomplishment. I know that is. You should wear that as a badge of honor. I so I as the Games going on. I don't know why, but you're sitting there on twitter and I like to pick up on what some people are saying about the team. So I wrote down a few posts that I saw during the game and after the game and just want to get some some reactions from you guys. Kind of blow this team up fire Hollie, Make Carson available via trade. Call Indie for Frank Reich. I know exactly, but yeah, you know who that was. Yes, because he has those takes every our friend rob yeah, Robbie, we're not talking about you, we're talking about your brother in law, robin dare gets a little gets a little heated with his carson takes. Is he gets. Okay, there, way off the right. There's another one. I don't know that you you're not going to blow the team up, but I do think there might be something to at some point, and I've heard this discussed before, of turning over some of the receiving corps. You know, you might need to be done with Al Shan. You might need the rats out, yeah, and kind of refresh, but I think you have to do that anyway. I'll Sean's close to thirty. Didn't he sign a for Yar deal? He did that SAS when give only year two and it at right correct. So you can't get rid of them next year because it's dead money. I think it's like twenty million and dead money. So you got it next year. After that you might have two part ways with them. Maybe. Is it a team option or player option? For for it's always a team option. But the CAP is next year. He's locked in, so I think the bonus money was put onto next year's cap up with the way how we'd finagles that. So you've got him next year and you got to make it work with them. It's not it's not a blow up, but there's definitely piss you saw they extended lean. Yes, extended Brooks. Great moves. Your boy Jake Elliot's going to be here for a few more years. You gotta cut ties. You know, maybe you cut ties with Agilar I. Maybe you know you do. Yeah, do that, but maybe that fixes out Shan's head a little bit too, because I think I think misery loves company a little bit. DISTINK if he's off of each other, if alshone's the one in the locker room now that's really happy making the comments, and I think you gotta go. You can't eat that money and look to trade them. No one's going to eat. You're still going to yeah, and cap it's still going to be a cap it. You can't do it. But we talked about the offensive line and then being being more consistent and getting older that left side of the line. Now he got dillard. Yes, we'll see what we can bring the next five games, but you're going to need another guard. Kelsey. You got to start thinking about Kelsey. Yeah, he's been talking about retiring right, so we need to spend money there. One to or three year contract. Yeah, he got the extension. Yeah, I think that was a team press. Doesn't matter here. You're set with Lane, you're set with Brooks. Your offensive line set for next, I mean years. Say, Malo is fine. I think he does his ecent job. I mean, you're not going to move on from him. I know you can't have it all pro and every position. Know you can't. He's quite outles. You draft them, you could have a serviceable he could play center too. I mean I think he might actually be the replacement for Kelsey if Kelsey decides. He's done so well. Hopefully Kelsey puts it off for at least two more years. How about through another track? I've had enough. carshion is far from elite. He isn't even good. He is average. I forget who that was din these people. Yeah, the season is over. Carson needs to be better, but also needs help. He's a franchise QB and will lead us to several super bowl victories. So there's still some. All right, well, this is out there. There's several thing I think we all kind of yeah, I don't know about this, as you get want it took so long, we all just Oh, I'll keep winning while it's not that easy. Now, you know, everybody thought the OI phillies are going to win multiple world series and it didn't happen. The should they should have. But while they should have, would have, could despite of what the Patriots have been able to do. It's not that easy. No, I mean they have take them out of the equation and look at the NFC representative for the last twenty years. Yep, it's been, I think, a different team every year. Yep, so it's a seahawks. They went to yeah, they went two years in a row, but I know they did too. But yeah, but there that was nine hundred ninety something right. Well, I mean you said twenty yeah, all right. Well, twenty years was ninety nine. That would get. That was a ninety Christ Neil's nine five hundred and ninety six. But yeah, it's been...

...a different representative out of the NFC just a about every year for the last twenty to twenty five years. Yeah, that's how hard it is to get back. Yep, and especially if you're on the on the losing and you got to hang over from and that disappointment in the letdown that you got conside with. I got two more bad takes here. If the eagles were smart, don't play the rest of the season so you can have a good draft pick next year. Oh No, no, now you're already you're already beyond that. Yeah, you're a God. Yeah, exactly. You're still in the mix for division. Yeah, here's my favorite one, which plates sparks and conversations draft better, to be honest. They yeah, discussing winz is like discussing trump. No, well, I can see that point a little. People either love them or hate seems like a yeah, no, we've turned him into the quarterback. Shouldn't be. But what is he done to be polarizing? It's just this favo his media. Is What we're doing. I'm saying the situation hasn't been ideal, but I don't think Carson Wentz has done anything where you look at him and go polarizing. Even if he has bad games, the guy holds himself accountable. He's not pointing fingers. He's trying to be a leader, he's trying to get better. You know, if he was sitting there blaming people and bringing the thunder and open the team apart, he's not dying any of that. I if trump was border bad daddy be better. That is true, but I think it's the polarizing effect that he has on people. You know, you have you had the fans, the apologist, the excuse makers, and then you had the people that want to get rid of them, people that want falls back. I'll well, you know, that's the problem that this city is always, you know, the most popular person in town has been the back of back ground and the back not back on a super bowl, not so much of this year, not this year exactly. What I did notice as was watching the game and going through all this social stuff, there wasn't a lot of oh well, we got the Sixers, that's what we were saying about. They've that's not six of seven. They have against the schedule that they I know, I know, I know you got to beat you got to beat the tennis teams to play. I know I got talking at it as the next last night, but they're not smoke the next couple weeks ago. They're not, unless they're not blowing the teams out that they should be blowing out. They let them hang around. Well, and make it interested. They didn't have a half last night. That's not the way they should be playing. All right, well, they won buy six last night, not six and a half. That was disappointment. They should have won by sixteen. Thanksgiving Turkey back back back on the wentz first trump to beat, if it is. That would be funny, though, if you just see whence tweet out a photo like trump did, of the rocky. Yeah, fix it with this face on it. You know, battle and all these criticisms. The awesome now I would love that. I feel it. We generally don't do politics here on Santa and I'm not going to too far, but just act presidential, please, regardless of whether you like him dislike him. I'm not going to get into have we ever seen the president tweet out his head superimposed a rocky symbolize that? He's not had a White House deny that it was doctor. Nor I don't think they denied that. There was no way to deny that. What I stay said it wasn't. Didn't they know they said it was, but then, but then there was a report that he said something about his chest being fabulous or something. Everything's fabulous. I don't know. It just gives me a heady. Yeah, I agree with you. Be Presidential. I wonder. Sometimes it's his son and like he doesn't even know what twitter is. It's just so definitely just treat it. You Be Barren, yes, or junior now, not your youngest son. No, he definitely do this. The Guy Lives on there. It's it's a which is what's scary about it. Yes, all right, back to back to the yeah, let's get back. Yeah, well, I'm going to say we're in cakes. Is Not trump in any way, shape or for. He does that straight. I think. The point when she's a they're both rather red, though. Or yeah, orange. Yeah, Carl Carson could use a little skincare to but that's a whole nother true. That pro active or so Jesus, that's a steroids he's doing. It gives you back at he's not doing star. We're throwing a stereos accusations. He's a deeks having a kid eat a source with that? Yeah, just an adulation the weather. That's yeah, child coming yes, yes, that he did. There was a sex of it and I think they're having a boy and I think they somebody tweeted underneath the first tweet. Underneath it was like don't let Agga our catch it, or Ye, don't let it be and in Nelson's planning a wedding so he can have a reception. I've seen that. So that's pretty good. By we're going to take a quick commercial break. 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So today's secret word is the chocolate. All right, because Andrew didn't get any today and I was Jones and for some. There you got. That's the secret word. Will Post the episode after we're done here, and DM US tweet at us with the secret word. Put all the names in a hat, pick a random winner and we will get you a bottle of POPs McCain's Irish whiskey. Fine Irish whiskey. You have to sell out your how colonies. Yet spell it right. Yeah, it's bout gets challenged. Is that a hard word? I feel like people miss spell chocolate a lot. Yeah, maybe in northeast watching who they might say it wrong, but I don't feel like they spell it wrong. Do they chocolate? How do you say? No, I say chocolate. So I didn't dawn. I hear people say chocolate. You know that's will fall when it doubt. Look it up, as my mom used to say. Look it up, look it up. Look it up. Yes, funking wagonals insycle. Got To be able to spell it to look it up, don't you? It's gets get the H curry gets H. Oh, yeah, nobody has dictionaries anymore. No, I mean we have a dictionary, we don't have a encyclopedia set. I had one of my room. I had a whole thing, is cyclopedia Britanic Antanica. We did the funking wagonals. Ah, yes, as a kid, and it was like Mr Fucking Wag forty, you know, it looked like the Supreme Court. Yeah, like you know, the vault, and it was wikipedia before wikipedia. He was all hard. I mean Wikipedias Guard. While that's true, to remember to drink your oval team, wow, son of wow, the brody pretty. Do you even know what encyclopedia is? No, dude, that's the best curses. He's not a yes, and it's cyclopedias where you hide. Everybody knows. We had it in sight. We set had a set of Britannic encyclopede teep Encyclopedia Britannic. Could tell you rather yeah, that they were. They were so old. There was more old where they they were just on the outside of the pages. Well, that's not a that's not a byproduct of being old. That's just they were from like the seven. That's a prop byproduct of them getting wet and you're not drying them. Well, we didn't know this. See from the S I'm looking to see you got any mold on you? I'll from the S. I gotta know that decade the go. Yet Dj does kind of look like Ralphie, now that he mentioned that quite you know, it's funny. I got called that at my other job. Did you yeah, did you embrace it or yeah, I ran with you. Should. You should run with it. It's not a bad thing. It's just not in a bunny outfit look like a pink nightmare. Tommy says that's his favorite Christmas movie. That's my favorite too, not all of them, all day long. Yep, TBS. Who Else? Christmas Eve? I watch it all the time. I go what Elf, Elfas? Yeah, but if you can watch any time a year, I feel like and he die hard trains father's I like favorite Christmas movie. That's not a Christmas move. It is. Come on, I'm just we got Elf at the kids. They will off at the kids table. You guys are going to say, yeah, figures, it's a wonderful life. Oh my gosh, something other than black and white. Dude, that's a gross movie. Favorite Christmas Morove me wrong. My favorite Christmas movie is watching my eyelids close. After celebrating three masses, I'll stop.

Give a movie. We stopped being a carmogin the grinch. That seriously, how obviously one of my all time favorites. Jingle all the way. I think it's a stay. All right, all right, Little Arnold Phil Hartman is his sterical in that movie. Absolutely starry heads and he was a great talent. Yep, feel Hartman Lam. What do you got favorite Christmas movie? I'm a Christmas story fan. To him was story. Yeah, the George, she's Scott. Christmas Carol is also really good too. Okay, no, no griswolds fans here. I'm a Griswolf and say it's a place. It's Cliche to say that one. Yeah, everybody. Everybody loves that one. Yeah, me. You literally have a Christmas sweater for every quote for that movie. That's the thirty anniversary that it isn't it this year, and I think it's coming back there. Put it out on theaters for a little bit. It's cool. I remember seeing that in the theater as a kid. I think we'll have some Christmas cartoons and show starting tomorrow and I think Satan Clos is coming to Tim I saw nice is playing tomorrow night. Tis The season. Yeah, sure, bunch your marry assholes cheese, wasn't that it? Is that the secret word? Jelly of the month? All right, it's Myriami game. This has got to be to get off game. Will get back to the sexer's but we don't want to look past this Miami game. If they're going to get things right, this is a game they can start getting some confidence. Miami is bad. Yep, capital be bad, worst rushing team in the league. They've traded away pretty much all their defensive players. That meant anything. So if our receivers are going to have a good day and Carson is going to have a good day, need to be thrown it all day. I feel like they've always played well in Miami, especially. Yeah, suddenly, they've always played well when they go down there. They're not losing. It's not that big of a trip. They're not losing any time or anything like that. But I mean, I I personally think they're going to come out and just smoke him. Yeah, it's also an eagles home game for the most part. Yep, as well. I mean it will be yea, even if they come outside. I mean they'll get booed. Yeah, yeah, true, true, they will. I don't know if he's follow Chad Johnson on twitter, but he was at the airport. He lives in Miami and he was at the airport yesterday and he said they were just eagles fans coming in by waves and waves and he said it was really quite a plain load. Yeah, he said it was really cool to say that is cool. Yeah, well, Ojo, oh the chip bag. I didn't realize. I didn't realize it was just stink. I was still through. Brodie's got to take here about Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't know want to say it and I'm like here, but what's go ahead and say that. Take about Fitzpatrick. II heard him say something about Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don't know if he the league. Oh, he's. He's to be in the league. What you're Madden League or the NFL? I say, Madam Pooh Oh man clapping back. Huh, I think these could make you walk home. It's now you can be a hood ornament. Well, you do eat. It's going to be Fitch Magic or Fitz nightmare tomorrow. Who Wins? Well, I do think they have to. You gotta account form at least you can't. Oh, you can't overlook. We're overlooking at they cannot like the secondary needs to be on point to shut him down on tomorrow. I don't think it's that hard, but they've can't ignore assignments. They've got to stay all over him. They've got a pressure him. But I think they'll be fun when it will show you kind of seem they have. I mean, after you know, they all watched Dallas play on things giving the cappy. If you're on the eagles and you watch that, how you don't go, wow, we have a real shot get to in this division, have a home playoff game. How could you not want that right? Being boldened by that, sure they motivation has got must have gone up a hundred percent the other day. It had to have gone up the the I would hope it. Yeah, I hope watching that game and not only that, the fact that they lost, but they looked bad on both sides of the ball. They just couldn't get anything going on offense after that first drive. And I'm not the buffalo marched up and damn, but they had what was it, twenty six on answer points. I mean you really gotta feel good about the Eagles right now after Thursday, with the way that the als locked and if they don't come, if they come out flat tomorrow, they got big issues. Yeah, I was just going to say if they can't get anything going tomorrow, than they can't do anything on anybody. Now. They got serious. Probably they got issues if they don't, if they come out flat, and I hope it's fits, magic doesn't show up tomorrow and I don't think. I know he destroyed US last year in Tampa Bay, but I don't think he'll have that type of game again. He doesn't have the receivers like he did in Tampa Bay. He doesn't have I mean they didn't really have a running game either. But yeah, he doesn't have the offense you did in Tampa Bay. That was quite a set of receivers we you think about last year, Godwin, EAVANS and Seawan. Yeah, yeah, he's if you give imagine of cars and how that. But it is the funny how this season has changed. I like think about where we were, you know, July and August, saying,... know, the offense is gonna Basically gonna have to outscore everybody, going to put up thirty, and now really looks like their defense is going to carry the O and all says. That's why this game is so important. If they somehow good on a run and when five in a row, you take five in the row, assuming the deep, it's because the defense is playing well. You know to if five in a row you have a hot defense, crazier things have happened when you get in the playout, especially if you can get that first round home game. That's this game is big because I think the defense can get arrest this game to like you said, they've been carrying this team, even though we haven't been winning the last three weeks. They've been carrying his team. They held the Patriots and the seahawks till below average games for them, but he at some point, somebody at the defense has to say he'll guys help us out here. MMM, get, give me, give me thirty points. So score some damn point and I'm we were talking on the lay up here, Bodie, and I think I'm looking at a thirty five ten game to feeling good. Who He's the he doesn't think so. Thirty five would be nice. I don't know that the only for thirty five. I was thinking like twenty eight fourteen or something. I mean it's only one touchdown off, but it would be nice to see. I think that's what they need. Yeah, really to to start rolling again in HMM. Yeah, see a lot of Jji. Yeah, a lot of bossins his former team to, you know, a little, little revenge on running the office. Of Two wins or one, two too. Let's try it. Yeah, you get two wins not only by being bad, but I'm usually because you quit most of the Games. Special when we get that, I mean Baltimore was up, I think put forty points in them in the first half. Yeah, last I mean they're they it's they're beyond bad. They're just they're not a competitive NFL team right now. They're they're missing. I think all defensive back, the whole Defensive Backfield, is all like third, second, third row is the only name you record. Yes, and the second edit it is been. He's I think he's playing safety. For him in this point he started in cornerback. It's such a good opportunity for them to just get just take shots down field too. I want to think game. I want to see some down field throws to regcord is really I really think it's going to help them. Tre mendisce is. He gonna be all world now, but he's really just going to provide stability for all of them, because if you got to get out on you got to get, I'm sorry, Agilar, back on the slot. There's no reason to send him down the field anymore. Tomorrow's game is the game where you just try anything you want to try because you can, you can afford you know. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, because it's a bit of a team. Tomorrow is where you just let anything you want to run, you run it. And if you're talking about guy like urt's that is kind of bagged up. Do you even need him playing? I think that's why I'm going to hold him out. I don't think he plays tomorrow. I don't think he plays. He probably won't even play until the cowboys game. Well, that's it through. Is that any hips week? I had a tweek before Christmas. Okay, where's The you? Ohe And you see it all the time as ir. They have handsering that a week, then they rush it back and it gets worse than they're out four games. Like just don't even test it. I there's no point. It never works out. Well, ever, nope. You think they'll flex the is it? Is it this Sunday I game? Cowboys says already. Is it already is? They're not going to flex it. Where's IT for four? I think it's a four. They might. You think they'll flex it because it could be for the division. They could. Yeah, The Dallas game is a four hundred and twenty five. That's absolutely getting flex and that's yeah, game at night is already had. Yeah, could be a divisional game, though. I think that's going to be the fruit of division that game. Did you see the Redskins on Black Friday? You could have got a ticket to both the eagles and the giants game for like a hundred bucks, I think. Yeah, but come back that they have to. I think clowns worth had said that the Eagles Dallas Sunday I game is always their most watched. Yep, every single year. It's whatever, really much. So they've already played on Sunday nights. Maybe they don't want to do too but I mean they'd be crazy enough. The Fox might not want to give that up either. Try Right, that could be at it's already at the national game at four hundred and twenty five. Yep, so I yeah, I think Fox is going to see, well, that the trade him something or playoff game or so it's a Boumy. Figure it out, all right, little sixer's talk, shure right up a little sixers talk, Joe llenb the Goose AG to start there. I think that game. I'm waiting for deep to just well, you saw when I put up on facebook. I did, but not everybody ever was us on felt booklet's don't ever compare him to Chamberlain again. Oh my gosh. Okay, boomer, he's I've heard people, many people, compare on the chamberlain, including some analysis on TV. Yeah, I mean I hear the Elijah one all the time. But Nah, now he's just he's not there yet and I don't know if he ever will be there. Aspect, and I know it's the way to go. It's the new wave and blah, blah, Blah Blah. But but this load management is a bunch of crap. I mean there's there's no need to be resting at twenty five year old man. You know it. At the time they rest at home. Well, it said early in the sea mentioned.

He had already said two games of suspension, was out in injured game. It's so that's three games. Intend that you're sitting and now you got to sit the fourth game. What would you why? But what is he doing after these games that he's so out of shape? Is he going home and eating like ten MC RIBS? He was doing a two very pre game, hey, but he stopped doing that. Right. They said he's improved his diet. But to your point, I don't know what what's going on there. I mean he dropped twenty pounds and I know he hit. He did a big you know, one of those circuit trainings, but that doesn't say put you in basketball shape, eiter, because he looks out, he looks dinner and he looks great. Maybe he's just that hey, he says, am that's just the thing. The only way to get into games shape is to play. I was well, I don't understand why gassoul occupies some spot in his head. I mean there's something consult just can salt codeans. That's why he always he competes. It's the same thing with why did Horford playog horfor computers? The one who doesn't compete is Anthony Town yeah, and he doesn't compete destroys those guys. He's got to overcoze these guys that push him. I was talking to me and with that. We're walking the dog the other night and I was saying, you know, all these athletes, they come in and they lose weight and then they're like not the same guy, it seems like. And I'm just saying like, don't lose weight. I mean, look at Ryan Howard. He lost all that weight and he came back and was never the same player. Went loses the weight, he doesn't look the same, he's a little off and now you have him be losing weight and he seems a little off. Yeah, but Howard, though, how they out of shape. You know, we all Skinni he also, you could argue he blew as Achilles because of the weight. So it's hard to say don't lose the weight. I mean, I don't know. You want a bunch of that spalls a little different than than basketball to yeah, but it's John Cruxons, bunch of John Cruxon that he says a bathis players he see's played for a long career. He's got along again. Baseball a different property any other sport. I don't mind him losing weight but he's got to be in basketball shape and he's also there's just something lacking, like I'm starting to worry about Brett Bratt a little bit because there's something lacking there. Where you're big guys playing poorly, you're not telling him to get inside. Like there's no accountability with this team and there has no seven years, like with with those two players. There's no accountability. But the to Toronto game. At this point, if he's playing so badly, pull them out. I yes, it him like say, that's why I have Horford right. Well, yeah, that's why you're not that he's the same player. But yeah, that's but that's what you do. You sit him at that point. You to pull them out of the game. There's no reason to keep them in there if he's playing poorly, because he's not helping. And do you ever like watch him be like it? Look at his body language. Yes, it looks like he just doesn't care. Like last hands are on the knees. Yeah, last night was a good example. At the foul line or when they're shooting free throws, he's just standing there like crouched over on his knees, like he's like, I can't wait to get like. It just looks like he Cain't wait to get out of there. And there was one where they were walking. You know, he they're going up the floor and instead of like spreading down to get in the post, he's literally walking with his hands on his hips like a you know, I don't know what you want to describe it as, just walking, literally walking down the court. Yeah, I n yeah, I wish she's just care body or just completely disinterested. Yeah, his bodyline. I wish you just just look like you want to be there at least. I mean just look like the dominant player that you are. So much for Christmas, because we know how great he can be. Exactly. You see, it was an off night. And what do you have? Thirty points and twenty rebounds. Yeah, twenty seven and eighteen. That's I think. That's the thing about and bead is everybody knows the potential on the yell side, and that's why he's soaked disappointing, because of his attitude, because in a way he doesn't play or doesn't compete, to use your word, against the better players, two guys that are in his head, so to speak. You know, that's what is so disappointing about him is he doesn't overcome these things. That's what was so known for in Philadelphia. You know, you look at Lynne Ross, you look at Randall, it's like they had all this talent and they were could and so at times great, but they just never got you know, we have the potential to some of the greatest players of all time. Yeah, in this town. And well, I'm not kind of excess randle because of his background. You All said no coaching, and it's well, that's the thing he lost. He lost both his parents within a year of each other, and then the quarterbacks coach he had that, you know, took him under his wing and really progressed him the years that he hadn't grow. Did is go see O Scoville and then he ended up dying and then he fell off from there. Wasn't grooding is oo see, though, for his last years later, one year, talking about the mid S, where was game? That was in Rodney. Pete went nuts in that playoff game. But yeah, Body Ryan would just tell him y'll go make his five plays and we'll win. But really, back to him beat. I just think there's maybe it's coaching, there's just something they jimmy be fick. You know what, Jimmy but the right honestly have s true, he's probably was. Jimmy Butler needs to get over himself at some point. You know, athletes... need to rest, they need to recharge. Just because they play to eleven o'clock and then he shows up at five am the next day, other people don't, doesn't mean they're not committed. Doesn't mean they're good. Not good teammates. You know, maybe he's got that switch where he needs three hours of sleep and night. People need to reply, you know, refresh from plenished. It's one thing if they're showing up hung over and they're not ready to go, but just because he's there at five in the morning for an eleven o'clock shoot around, it doesn't mean you're a better teammate. But there it sounds like it. That wasn't the issue. He sounds like the US a Ky, where a lazy team. He's he made it seem like they were mode and there's nobody. Butlers had a problem everywhere he's been. Yeah, he's not a problem in Minnesota. He had a problem in Chicago. Yeah, he's not a good teammate. I mean miss him, though. I definitely miss them. But what do you what does m be need then? What motivate to you see, and they is the Games, playoff time. He gets all excited beginning of the year. He's always talked about going to be defensive player of the year, maybe MVP, but you see these games where he just looks like he doesn't even want to be there. Bright is, you know, done an admiral job. But they I don't think, is that should have a coach. He might not be. He might not be, but again, it's also November still. Yeah, that's hard part. It's still November, it's still early. They're not struggling by any means. And if they're still in fifth place COBB in February, March, Oh then there's a problem. Correct that when football season show be ahead of them right now. He saw the disparity between those two. I mean, and they should have beaten Toronto. It's Ay like the last three or four minutes about that. Were stuck on ninety seven for the longest time, and that's what bothers me about, like I just don't see how a good coach allows a team to go ten unanswered points in the final what? Two minutes? Three minutes? I just don't see how that's allowable. He's still trying to figure out rotations. I feel like to yes, yeah, I mean there's these a lot of kings that need to be why, Oh why, why is he taking this long? Because you're because you have basically a new team. I mean you've got Horford, you've got Josh Richardson, Yes, placed your bench, and that's why I'm trying to give Brett the benefit of the doubts. Still whens he had a full team for a full season. Well, it's always in and out with guys. Well, the full team is just load management left. I mean last night Richardson was out because of an injury. So why are you rest in Horford? Also? I don't get that. Like you got you can't rest tools. It was the new starters. So is he ever going to figure this? Yet, though, will find out. How long do we give them? I WASNA say, when football seasons over and the spotlight is clearly on the sixers. If if they don't make it, what is this town good to look if they don't, if they don't make it to at least the CERN conference finals? Oh yeah, I will say I'll say the finals. Yes, I'll say the finals. If they don't make it to the finals, he's got to go or he's on the hot sea. The eastern finals or to find. I'll say the finals out they they're the best seeming these, are they? They should that. Yeah, well right, they should be lesson. Are Struggling? Really are fully healthy? They are. Listen to struggling, as we say they are. They're thirteen and six and the best team in the conference is Milwaukee at sixteen and three, and then everybody else has fourteen and thirteen win. So they're not exactly that bad right now. I mean it's just they've got a they've got a win. They've got to learn how to win some of these tight games. Yeah, really do. And I felt like last year they got better at closing games out. That was always theres you. I think could the end of the year, but they're starting to fall back into that habit of not being able to close. Thing that bothers me is that they still have a turnover problem. They still can't figure out to keep the turnovers down to him and it's like like they're average in like sixteen, seventeen turnovers a game. That's ridiculous. Almost through my remove with the TV when bend did that lab couple, like lab had like just I don't know. It's still making you look. That's still making me up. What game with that? That was the raptors game. Yeah, we threw the easy two points and it just does a lazy lab and they still look Oh yeah, yea. And then the three he was passing it to somebody. Yeah, yeah, I know, lazy passed. And the final six seconds, I'll just grabs the ball. He does. He's not aware of the clock and just heaves. Yeah, I didn't get that out. You'd six seconds. No, I did get a good shot find someone their awareness, like it's almost have if, as if they don't know it's the final two minutes of a game. Like. Well, doesn't that come to practice in preparation? I mean I played, yeah, High School Ball, and you have to know where. You don't have to know what to do with five seconds left on the clock. There's got to be some coaching there. You got to practice those situations. You do are they? I don't know. All I made a great point the other night when he was saying he's like, you know, you really want to have load management. This team is good enough where they should be up by twenty points against most teams in the third quarter when can take ye, yes, they shouldn't have been in a close game with the next last night, and that's been my point, that they're letting these bad teams hang around and some of them beat them when they should be blowing on them out by twenty plus. Yeah, that would... a good thing. Would be actor manage. Why Watch for them? Should be for the rest of the year's do it right, do it light, like seriously, just yeah, it's just, it's at Tshirt. That was our carol deal, mottom. Do it right, do it light, do it wrong, do it long, all year long. So anyway, do it work. First Twenty seasons. So seven nice cheers to that. Oh Ryan's going to be in the Blue Division next year. Not to change subjects. So they lost to wash and they got whooped on by washing. They'll be a Carol Ryan game next year, all right. Oh boy, bring up the PODCAST. Ta Uys. You guys are coming to the northeast. I think we are. I wouldn't. That being I love do it, do a show from Northeast Stadium. I love that field and that stadium. Yeah, I would have no problem shoppers lawyer. I love it. It's much better than the South Philly super side, which has the same field. Yeah, that's the one right off of the ninety twenty five. Yeah, it's right next to the Sel Maris what you have in the field season, syringes, as I call it's just it's not a nice field paraphernalia. No, well know, they have every small story. They have this, they have trash, because if we're that's just no sees whatsoever. But then you see like all types of other trash all of the field. But like, well, least there's a sun flyer season. So anyway, continue. I don't know what I'm talking about. All right, what did I want to hit on? We got here there. I got a couple other notes that we talked a little bit about the cowboys. Did anybody think Garrett was going to get fired? No, no, not at this point. He's not being fired any bays gets easier. He's unless he gets another head coach job, he's gonna have a job right with the cowboys again and called clap on his way door once he gets fired. Thank you. He could get fired if by the last game or two of the season they're out of it and sure he could get fired den, but as long as they're still in the mix he won't be Farre. We don't have anybody on the staff they can replace him. I mean you get the young offensive coordinator that they're night looking at. Great in the defense, we're not going to bring in more to to beer. Well, here's his room, coach. I could see him being fired the Monday after the eagles game, if the eagles when, because I do think they're going to lose to the bears, and then if it was the last that's probably should mathematically eliminate them if we've taken care of business. So that would be something. Yeah, but now he's I mean you could tell much jones loves it. I mean the guy has that hears in the US. That was going to be my other point. I hope that never happens because it's all as Jason's there. We got nothing to worry about and you can see why Jerry loves I mean he Garrett will put up with whatever he does. Yeah, because they they do have talent on that team and if they can't put it together and run away with this division at this point. Then you got to look at the coach. Listen, I if I'm a guy that's looking for a job in the NFL, that's the job I want. I mean, that's sure. It's a dream scenario. You gonner to spends money, you got a passionate fan base, you got a lot of pieces in place. PARTELS wanted to go there for that reason. Yeah, but he only lasted so long because it's Jerry's going to see. You got to be a coach that doesn't actually, it's funny. That's what I used to think. They actually had a fine relationship. Bill was just burnt it was burnt out. You could tell. Any didn't coach again after that. He was just like after the Seattle game. Yep, he he talks about it in interviews. He said it have nothing to do with that. It's just he was so emotionally drained. It. It does it, it messages you up. He'd had a heart attack, yeah, before that to right. So he wasn't in the best of health and I think he used his age. Is like, you know, I have two super bowls. I'm just good and if I was, if it was me, I've just retire up to Saratoga. You kidney force racing and the still lakes up there. So, but that's what I used always think. He actually him and Jerry got aloon got along fine. The other one. That's the only ones that really did get along. Where Johnson and Jones? There's a trip. Yeah, I was oil water and thanks odd because they were roommates on the Arkansas Championship team. I think they would probably have another two super bowls if he had stayed. I really well. Yeah, well, they did have wonder last year. Harry very wrong. Don't give that sish was that he had virtually nothing to do with that. Yeah, I agree. If anything, he had everything to do with them breaking down. You can see how much troy aikman despise them. But one of my favorite coats of all, timer from is from bowery when he was Oklahoma still. He said, put up half a hundred on the score board and Party all night. Some his poetry, when you say it, almost cheese. All right, predictions for the game? I gave mine at already. Thirty five. Ten Eagles. Yes, it's an eagles win and I think they do went comfortably. I think we start to get back on that on track both sides at a ball, although the defense has been playing pretty well lately. I want to go with seven. Already said at two thousand and eight. Ten Eagles.

Looks like perfect weather for the game. So I'm going thirty two, three three. That's three hundred and two, not thirty two. Right, Lissa, three thousand and twenty three. We got any kids table back there? Well, I think you said that's thirty two. I still don't trust this team. I think the offense is still going to struggle. I think the couch does. I think it's a count. I was like, you do look like m beat over there. Just floated it in there. Not engaged is a kind of still gritos from brody almost as much as it be. Dude, is Dj all right, but I still don't trust to seem I think the defense keeps them in the game. Oh my God, you guys are going to you're calling this a close game. I'm going to say twenty three, sixteen. You are calling that even where Eagles win. All right, that's a close game. I don't I just don't think they're that good. I know there's a lot of optimism with guys coming back, but they haven't proven be to me. I'm hoping they have an extra pepp in their step from Thursday. They're so inconsistent. You never know what team you're getting each week. After you agree with that, I'll so frustrating because it's the talents there and you know what this team can be, but you'd never know what team you're getting. No better team to show it against than the dolphins. Yeah, I guess. Yeah, what are you guys and your brody? You guys, you goose when, that's for sure. But to be twenty six to sixteen? There you got a fairly close one to he likes. That fits. Magic right, must, must beat. Like what Andrew said. I can't trust the offense yet. That's Dj unless Andrew said it earlier. Touch of negativity. That's what this is going to what do you got, Adre? We're just smart that the whiz him is on this cow. Okay, yeah, he's too shy. Okay, you gotta got a thing. It's think for an hour. Think, Dude. Just throw out numbers. Eagles, winner, lose. They're winning, he says. are a lot to a little end of my kids. These forget it. Think you your first name and work with thank God. Yeah, I don't know what is that much is seventeen? Three Eagles, okay, will be nuts. Rolls up there. The girls are starting to call me and Heather Jim and Heather, and I'm not stippreciating coming from I do not call your parents by their for I just joke. I like giving him crap. I call my mom mom, yea, or like, I'll joke me, like mother. Well, like I, like most. Some are bear it. Like the one there. One time we are visiting, give the pillow. Talk at the one. Oh Wha, you just scared. Come Andrew, and it was heavy. The one time we opened New York, visiting his body and his buddy told me and Angie. He's like, you know, Give Your father hell, but be good to your mother. So trying to live on, trying to trying to live up to that. All right, I got cold. Talk about called Ralphie. Ralphie, yeah, Ralphie. All Right, Tommy, you want to give a prediction? Seventeen, I'm on the kids table. Thank you, Eagles. There's wisdom in this room. I don't think the bard somewhere. Yeah, I know, and we won't hold your giants. Fading agets you, but are you thinking of they are they phoning it in, or they done? Or the giants? I think the e looking to be an upset. WHO The giant? Giant. Yeah, but did you hear the news about Garrett? If he gets let go, he's going there. He's a front runner for the giants job, because the giants are can get rid of you think they get rid of Sharmer that quick I do. He's takes. Yeah, it's a good coordinator, terrible head coach. Get to both. Yeah, and I don't think the eagles are that good. I know you guys are pumped up that they got a chance and can get a home playoff game. Only you want to play anybody else that's going to make the playoffs. Is shermer really that much hot water up there? I think he has to be. What years here in now. This is only for only a second, I think second here. Wow, you say that there's no I don't know. He's used Barkley completely wrong. I mean, Daniel Jones looks okay with what's around, but I think he gets one more here. You put him in such a bad spot. That's what I figure. He's got the new quarterback. They only give him another year at least. Yeah, here's the problem they run into. They're gonna have a top five pick and there's going to be quarterbacks there again, so all the talks going to come out same. Redskins are in the same boat, like hoskins. Is a disaster. And they're gonna have a chance to take barrow, who's probably not going to convert to the NFL all because you didn't have never heard of them before this year. Yeah, and then he's going to you know what, if he boughts on you, they can't gettleman's not gonna give up on his boy. Dady Jones, though. No, I don't think so. But the questions are always going to be...

...there. Now it's a good quarterback class this year. Yeah, why? Yeah, it's too going down. Let me it's yeah, I mean got the kid from Oregon. No one's even talking about him. He was a second best quarterback if he came out last year. No one talks about him anymore. He's probably most NF already guy in the draft. When we get the drift talk, I know I'm early. Never too early to talk draft. We'll see. Ye, how about those fills? We're gonna get Garret Cole. We feeling good. See the rumor, the Boston Rumor, which one? That Boston's looking not unload salary, get bets and David Price. Yeah, I don't like get rid of them, trade into the fills, move every CIGARA and I forget who else. I did not see that right. Saw always night and I think John Actually tweeted something about I get Sagara and probably some prospects. Yeah, have to, I would think. Oh, I'm absolutely, I do that. Absolutely, I do it. Yeah, mookie's a center fiel, all right, correct, and that sobs your center field and you have the best sell field in the league. Then if you and then, and then you put king ray back to his comfortable position. Yep, track and base. Trade says are not short. Not, it's a second base. She's somethingly genie. Yeah, trade says are move on from says. Are they non tender? NAP. So they'll have to get a back up catcher. They're still talking Cole Hammill's. They're still talk kings. Gonna got to pitch again if you can get David price and you can bring in Garrett Cole. Yeah, and they're linked, done and they're linked. Todd Gregorio. Yes, I think an upgrade over shore and somebody Girardi's comfortable. I've also saw they're looking as if they if they don't do that trade, they're looking at a Brett Gardiner to WHO's also a free agent. I think I'm stacks. This is a Philly. Yeah, yeah, that's a done deal. I like him. They talked these old three years. They've tried, try to get it for they've had so many traits that fault fell apart the last second. So they're gonna they'll get them. Yeah, but I'd love to see them become Yankees south. I mean that's what you hired Girardi for. So, yeah, Girardi, guys think it's kind of a and if you and if that's Girardi pulling the strings, telling you know, Clintack Ay, this is who we need, go do it, I'm good with that. They're gonna think a lot of money. You think they're going to butt heads Clintech and Girardi? I don't think that Clintech has the cloud to butt heads with him. Not, I think what everyone went down. I think you're already wants. He rendered him in effective. Come correct. I feel like Girardi wants someone that till I feel like Girardi wants to run everything. Well, I think he does run everything. I mean you have the hot the the manager that hired or, I'm sorry, the owner that hired him. Right, so they basically it's a power play and they've given Girardi the power, justifiably so. So, you know, Clint tax either going to do his bidding or he's going to be gone. I'm good with either. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that fly. Guys are looking all right. Yeah, they look good. They want the big yesterday. You see it. It's sexis. What's his name? Anyway, this getting this get in. yeahst it off his nose. Interview. He's all blood coming out. It's awesome. He played to it to a periods like that. Yeah, Yeah's look, it look like what Marcella's wife, Marcella, why, Marcellus whillas his wife, look like in pulp fiction. I mean that that's a bad scene there the blood all over the place. I just watched that movie. Was a great star. All Right, I think we can end on a pull fiction note. Why not? Sure, don't forget. You panted worse right, small business Saturday. Don't forget to get out there and support the small, local businesses thanks to getting a bunky's uncle for last weekend, MGM Agency and sure phillycom POPs whiskey. Don't forget the secret word. Once we post this, start dming us, tweeting at us with the secret word and will put you in the running for a bottle of holiday cheer from POPs McCain's Joe Jacket media. Here small another small business. You're looking to do some work. Come jump on here and we will see you next week. Chocolate, chocolate,.

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