Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast
Santa Booed First - Eagles Podcast

Season 1, Episode 1 · 1 week ago

The Eagles vs Tampa Bay Wild Card Playoff Game | Sixers and Joel Embiid MVP Season


Jim and the guys are back to talk about Wild Card Sunday and deep diving in to the Eagles vs Tampa Bay Playoff game. Breaking down all the X's and O's and giving there best keys to an Eagle's win. Eagles vs Tampa Bay has had a memorable history in the playoffs. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.   

Joel Embiid is putting together one of best MVP Season we have seen in along time. 30 straight points in over 8 games which is a Sixers record. Can we get this guy some help Please ! Not to far out of 1st in the Eastern Conference. Jim and guys talk are we wasting Joel Embiid MCP Season  

 We got Pops and Momma PIzza, we talking Eagles vs Tampa Bay Wild Card Playoffs and MVP Joel Embiid. Always a good time 

  #Eagles #TomBrady #JoelEmbiid #WildCard

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